29 Jan 2010

Don’t Push Your Luck MTV

We all remember how great The Breakfast Club was. The movie is still circulating practically every week on television, but when something is this good, shouldn’t we preserve it? MTV must have thought that they were doing so well with new reality shows, The Buried Life and Life As Liz, that they would continue on this train…

They recently ordered a new series called, “If You Knew Me.” Oh don’t we know what this is already about… probably featuring one special person from every clique in high school and “breaking those stereotypes.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for that. I think people are so quick to make assumptions about others, but this idea is also recycled way too much. It’s safe to say that nearly everyone in the world does or believes in one thing off to the side that varies from their typical norm.

Oh… just read the description.

“The show will take five high school students through a so-called “Challenge Day,” a program aimed at breaking down the barriers dividing different social cliques.

The network has asked for 12 episodes.”


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