07 Oct 2009

Fall/Winter Movies to come

When I’m at school I never get the chance to watch movies. The theater is within walking distance, but not only am I a poor poor college student, I mostly just don’t have the time or would rather do something else with my time. However, I went to a few movies this summer and saw many many new trailers for movies set to be released this season

Different plot… but I swear it’s the same as Disturbia.

I need a refresher for this story!

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  1. zomg wrote:

    brothers is about to be awesome!

    Posted on 10.7.09 · Reply to comment
  2. Heather wrote:

    Marit and I are going to see Where the Wild Things Are. She is super excited. =)

    Posted on 10.11.09 · Reply to comment

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