1. pandabox33 wrote:

    This is insane ! What kind of guy does this ? This is shameful. It was overreaction on his part. And kind of the proof he needs to get out of the house more and not consume porn so much but have relations with real people…I have been really mad at my parents and I would never consider doing something as damaging to their reputation.
    And what kind of parent let’s their 31 year-old still live at home, without a job, and cleans their room ? Arg.
    Couldn’t help but laugh. It’s so exaggerated ! 🙂

    Posted on 10.16.09 · Reply to comment
  2. Travis wrote:

    This is the sick twisted effects of pornography. This moron feels like a victim and is seriously F***ed up in the head to think that his parents would “understand”. I actually think this might be a fake post, kind of like some of the failblog pictures because no one is that idiotic 😛

    Posted on 2.20.10 · Reply to comment

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