03 Dec 2009

How Does One Become A Hipster?

You might find yourself asking that question quite often if you attend Seattle University or live in Seattle. In no way is it a bad thing at all to even be called a hipster or to be associated with “hipsters.” The idea of it is something that interests me only because I find that the group has evolved so much over the years. Seriously the hipsters today look a lot different than the hipsters in say… 2004.

My brother often likes to make the joke that I am a hipster myself. Agree to disagree, I have no idea if I would put myself in that category. He sent me this link today from Paste Magazine with the article “Evolution of the Hipster 2000-2009.”

To view click here

Enjoy the lulz!

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  1. Megan wrote:

    Oh, I saw this a few weeks back. It is so funny and 100% accurate. I feel that most people in the Portland/Seattle area are typically the Williamsburg.

    Posted on 12.19.09 · Reply to comment

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