23 Jun 2009

Jon & Kate Plus 8 go on hiatus


The season was signed for 40 episodes but only 6 episodes have aired. Due to the tension between Jon and Kate there hasn’t been enough material to produce more episodes but also the hiatus was suggested by the network for obvious reasons.

Maddy does NOT approve.

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  • When the bride feels reassurance in her friendship choices because one of our King’s Cup categories is pizza chains. Obviously, we didn’t disappoint.
  • When you heard it snowed today at home, but you’ve got a mild sunburn.
  • Pizza Parties 4ever. 🍕
  • Twins!
  • Current status: living here and lounging for the weekend #ashssexybach
  • This look of pure joy that @chenxleslie captured also looks like I’m really scared 😬
  • There will be many more palms in Palm Springs today!
  • Could live in this shade of dusty rose 4ever
  • We just missed the timeframe for brunch at @lemaraisbakery this weekend so that means we have to come back

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