11 Feb 2010

MTV drops Music Television

This morning my alarm woke me up to some very disappointing news. MTV was no longer Music Television. They have decided to drop the “music television” from their logo, which used to appear at the very bottom. I think we all thought that would happen sooner or later, but I at least thought that MTV would have tried – given some attempt at least.

Instead they pumped out the Jersey Shore and Teen Mom. While reality television is entertaining, what happened to the intended purpose of MTV. Music. Music videos. Will they still have the MTV Video Music Awards? I mean how are we supposed to know what music videos are out and what nominees we want to win if we can’t view them like we used to on their channel.

Personally, I think this is the wrong direction for MTV to be going in right now especially at a time when music needs their fans and their viewers the most. MTV is giving up. They are onforming and I would hate to see it turn into this trashy channel.

How does it feel to sell out now?

In 2007, Justin Timberlake accepted his award at the MTV Video Music Awards by saying,

“Play more music videos!”

How dare you ignore Justin Timberlake

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