24 Apr 2009

Nerd Boyfriend

“What do you look for in a guy/girl?”

A nice personality is the response that most people give but that’s not always necessarily true is it? The truth is, there’s always going to be someone with a nice personality. It might not be a personality that you like but it’s nice and it’s there but I bet you could be a little more specific. Sometimes I change it up a little by saying, “a nice personality and someone with a nice FACE.” but honestly at this point I don’t really know my type as of yet.

There’s guys that want the girl next door and there are girls who want the bad boy but there are also girls (like myself) who also want the “nerd boyfriend.” Peaches Geldof recently shared with us in her column in Nylon about how she absolutely adores nerds and then I realized there are SO many girls out there who want that same thing. They are seriously underrated, ie: Adam Brody? Michael Cera?

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