12 Oct 2018

SF Eats: Universal Cafe

One of the best parts about moving offices frequently is that I always get a chance to discover the new neighborhoods I’m in. Before joining my recent company, I had to fetch myself lunch almost every day and sometimes I’d get a little cheap. Other days, I want to eat well. I want something that tastes delicious and for Elisa and I, that was Universal Cafe. It’s one of the few places where you can have something resembling breakfast during a work week lunch so naturally, we took advantage. Also, we never ran into the issue of getting tired of this place because it felt like their menu was changing often.

I will forever be a breakfast fan. Only in the last few years did I start ordering hashes and I’m convinced that you can never go wrong with a poached egg. How is it possible that it tastes good on everything?

06 Oct 2018

Can We Be Better?

photo cred | Associated Press

I recently read this article that struck a chord with me and made me want to share a similar story with all of you. The article is about how a video went viral of a homeless man shaving on the train. You can imagine that it was probably some millennial that filmed it. This person not only did it so that others could join in on ridiculing a stranger, but they also tried to sell it to other media outlets. The story was frustrating to say the least.

It’s more than just poor taste. It’s dehumanizing. There is so much to love about social media. I enjoy it because of the communities that it can form and the positivity that can be spread. At the same time, being in this space, I know that the internet can be a dark place. This is one of those moments and it’s heartbreaking to hear that someone used this video to try and gain viral status.

In San Francisco, I meet different kinds of people regularly. It’s through work, through my candidates, friends of friends, etc. I recently met someone who was trying to explain to me that the neighborhood we were in, though somewhat more gentrified now, is still as bad as it was years ago. He further explained to me that “just the other day, he was walking down the street and saw a homeless man digging out of the trash with his pants down at his ankles.” He took a photo of that moment and offered to show me. I could’ve died. The conversation and that evening needed to end right then and there.

In this day and age, I get it. The lines are blurry. Things on the internet are funny, but not at the expense of others. I’m not saying I have always gotten this right. I learned tough lessons about this in the internet age a long time ago and even before the internet was more of a thing. This is a friendly reminder to all of you to think before you post and to not film or take photos unless you’ve asked for permission. If you don’t feel comfortable asking permission, then you probably shouldn’t be doing what you are doing.

06 Oct 2018

Snaps for a Snapshot

Who: Meghan Markle

Where: a visit to Sussex

Wearing: Green leather pencil skirt by Boss, blouse by & Other Stories



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