15 Mar 2021

Song of the Day

It sort of felt like all eyes were on BTS during their Grammy weekend, but one big K-pop release was the anticipated 2-song album my BLACKPINK’s Rose. She had given a snippet of what we could expect during their virtual concert back in January, but the music video release on Friday was the first time we were ever hearing “On the Ground.” I actually quite like and it even reminds me of a Taylor Swift tune? Let me know if you catch that also!

15 Mar 2021

2021 Grammys Red Carpet

Harry Styles in Gucci

I can’t tell if I’m being too harsh on award shows during a pandemic, but did anyone else find the Grammys to be particularly boring this year? Also, why didn’t I laugh at anything Trevor Noah said? The highlight of this show was less than a handful of performance and three outfit changes by Harry Styles.

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15 Mar 2021

Taking Your Birthday Off

For the first time ever, I’m taking my birthday off. In previous years, I’ve always loved celebrating my day with my friends and coworkers. What’s the fun in taking the day off (on your birthday) if no one else can spend it with you? Even while I’ve taken trips or celebrated on the weekends, I never took the work day off. That is, until this year.

I’d be lying to you if I said I had a particular joyous birthday last year in the pandemic. My birthday happened to fall at the beginning of it as in, the period of time where no one left their house, saw each other, and San Francisco neighborhoods were a ghost town outside. Despite gifts and multiple video chats that day, it wasn’t the same. I knew this year a birthday would also feel like every other work day so how do we solve for it? Try something different.

Not only am I taking my birthday off, but I’m taking a whole four work days off! In pandemic times, it isn’t easy to take time off because nothing seems worthy of doing so. And honestly, staycations don’t hit the same. While I may not be doing much, it’s totally beats having a normal work day and I’d rather be spending time doing what I want. Even though it’s completely approved by my manager, we still feel like we’re playing adult hooky.

14 Mar 2021

Blog Roundup

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  • A Thailand Mall Has Two San Francisco-Themed Floors [SF Gate]
  • This Is Our Asian-American Experience [Byrdie]
  • Korean TV’s Unlikely Star: Subway Sandwiches [NY Times]
12 Mar 2021

BTS – “Dynamite” – Music On A Mission

It’s a big weekend for now Grammy-nominated group, BTS. This isn’t their first appearance at the award show, but it is the first time they are nominated and it feels like everyone is rooting for them to win. In 2019, they appeared as presenters and in 2020 one of their last international appearances before the pandemic, they performed a modified version of Old Town Road with Lil Nas X and company.

Their moment on stage was brief, but somehow I think they knew they would be back. It has been a goal of theirs to not only be nominated, but to return and perform their own music. The award they are nominated for will be announced before the main show, but as told in interviews they gave this week, the guys are more excited about their performance. It’s still unclear whether or not the guys made it to LA for this Sunday’s show, but as we know, they love surprises. In tonight’s performance for MusiCares, the guys performed their hit “Dynamite” and with a surprise appearance of Jungkook on drums!

08 Mar 2021

2021 Critics Choice Awards

Zendaya in Valentino Haute Couture

The awards show last night was a bit overshadowed by the Oprah interview with formal royals so unfortunately I didn’t get to watch any part of it. I will say, however, that this was the first look that I saw and the photograph that let me know these two events were happening the same night. I knew from the start that this was going to be my favorite look and sure enough as I prepared to write this post, it was the first look at the top of my source.

Typically, we’d be introduced to all of these looks via the red carpet, but I actually am loving this new format. It’s very cool to see these in portrait style and seeing how celebrities are highlighting their looks with different backdrops. This might be something I want to stay post-pandemic.

Vanessa Kirby in Saint Laurent

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