04 May 2019

Nerdwriter Talks The Florida Project

The Florida Project was one of my favorite films from 2017, but didn’t actually receive that much recognition or attention. I remember watching this in theaters without having known the premise. There was a lot to love and take in, but until watching this video, I didn’t know why these things pulled me in. If you have a chance to see it, you definitely should. But don’t watch this video until after.

04 May 2019

Opinion: Instagram Removing Like Counts

The first time I noticed “like” counts was when there was a shift in how it was displayed after you hit a certain threshold. It was years ago, but users remember this. In recent years, the pressures of even having an Instagram account have spiraled. As much as I love Instagram, I’m grateful the platform never existed when I was growing up. As a late 20’s person, I, too feel the pressures of FOMO and validation. I know that at 14, that feeling would have been 10x what it is today.

In a recent test, Instagram is removing the “like” count on photos publicly. As a user, you will still see the number of likes you have on a given photo, but no one else will. While I think this is an interesting move in a good direction, there’s still a long way to go. Validation also comes in the form of how many followers you have and engagement. How many comments do you receive per photo? These two things are not being adjusted at this point.

I think we can agree that this is a positive step towards a healthier wellbeing and mental state when dealing with Instagram. One criticism that I foresee is how this affects influencers and those that rely on likes as a metric for business. Without this, businesses and brands have to do more research on the types of individuals they partner with. It might mean taking a chance on how this reach affects them. If that’s the only downside, then I think I’m okay with it. It is something to consider especially for those that have quit their day jobs to pursue this as a full-time gig though.

Since this is still in exploratory stages, it’s too soon to tell what the impact will be. If this product change helps people feeling better about themselves, then I think it’s worth whatever risk there is to take. I’m looking forward to seeing how this change progresses, but curious to hear your thoughts! Is this move by Instagram a positive or a negative one for you? Do you care what happens to influencers? Should any of us consider how this affects influencers at all?

02 May 2019

SF Eats: Liholiho Yacht Club

[Liholiho Yacht Club] is the food darling of San Francisco. Even though I’ve lived in the SF Bay Area for years now, it took me nearly four years to actually eat at what most people consider their favorite restaurant in the city. The first time I had a bite here was actually in their basement bar – Louie’s Gen-Gen Room. If you’re ever in need of a spot for decent drinks and delicious snacks, make sure to make a reservation for Gen-Gen Room too. Snagging a reservation at Liholiho can be tricky. Sometimes, it can take months to grab dinner at a normal time. However, if you don’t mind an early dinner, I would recommend going on a weekend and lining up at 4:20 for the first wave when the restaurant opens at 5PM.

During our visit, Winny and I came hungry and ordered a number of plates (not all pictured here.)

  • Duck liver toast, jalapeno, pickled pineapple
  • Hopper shrimp, chicken fried broccolini, miso, satsuma mandarin, everything spice
  • Scallops, Misoyaki pork belly, napolitano squash, pecans, red flame grapes
  • Whole roasted cauliflower, bone marrow hollandaise, picked red onion, shoestring potatoes
  • (dessert) Baked Hawaii, caramelized pineapple ice cream, vanilla chiffon

There wasn’t anything that we didn’t love from our order. This also seems to be the same sentiment from everyone else – that you truly can’t go wrong.

02 May 2019

Artist Spotlight Stories – Shawn Mendes

I’ll never forget the first time I became a Shawn Mendes fan. I was back home in Seattle driving the family car when I started to notice every radio station playing “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back.” I didn’t want to like it, but this played out exactly like the scene in “Easy A.” Emma Stone hears that Natasha Bedingfield song for the first time until it becomes her favorite song!

Honestly though, loving Shawn Mendes isn’t a bad thing. I was pleasantly surprised watching this short doc. I also had no idea that he became famous through YouTube. He’s a Justin Bieber with a little less extra and we don’t mind it. Shawn seems like a kid with a good head on his shoulders. If you haven’t listened to his last two albums (my favorites!) you should definitely check them out.


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