06 Jul 2019

Blog Roundup

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  • Let Go of Your Grudges. They’re Doing You No Good [New York Times]
06 Jul 2019

What We’re Watching This Weekend: Ramy

I can’t even begin to tell you how relaxing this 4-day weekend has been for me. On top of that, I still have one more day! At the start of this week, I felt a bit of FOMO knowing that most of my friends would be out of town and that I would spend a pretty quiet long weekend at home. What it reminded me of was how a year ago, I kind of already did this. The only difference was that I had a month off. I committed this weekend to catching up on shows, running adult errands, and non-stop writing and content building. It turned out to be exactly what I needed.

Ramy (Hulu) was a show that had been on my list since April. I kept hearing about it sporadically and then decided to go for it on the 4th. The show follows Ramy – a 20-something Muslim man who is trying to figure out his life and identify. His life is a series of things he can’t get right: losing his job, dating, Ramadan, etc. The show also centers around those in his life as well, his sister who is a good daughter and listens to everything her parents say and his mother who out of loneliness becomes a Lyft driver.

Each episode is 30 minutes long and flies by. I couldn’t get enough, but didn’t want to binge the show in one sitting so I tossed in his HBO comedy special while I was at it. Ramy has already been picked up for a second season and I’m looking forward to it!

06 Jul 2019

Camel Colored Things

Denim Jacket – Gap / Top – Zara / Pants – Uniqlo / Booties – Munro by Nordstrom

Kevin hates being my photographer, but we have to admit – he does a pretty good job right? While I’m so grateful for everyone that I’ve ever had shoot for me, I’m lucky to have a brother that gets it on the very first take. And then produces the best shots even after that so that there are no bad takes! Earlier this fall, I had a strong craving for camel colored pieces. The perfect camel coat was everywhere this past season, but since I wasn’t ready to jump right into it, I settled for a simple sweater top from Zara. It pairs so nicely with my Uniqlo jeggings (surprise!) and my denim jacket.

06 Jul 2019

Song of the Day

Ralph – Gravity

I’ve only just recently started to listen to Ralph, but thought this was a great song mid-weekend!

05 Jul 2019

Line to Love: J. Hannah

[Stacked Form Ring]

I used to find that wearing jewelry would make me feel clunky or bogged down. It bothered me hearing my rings or bracelets knock against my laptop at work so I put the idea of any kind of jewelry out of my head for years. Then, I met Catbird. They were the makers of rings that were minimal, chic, and understated. I like to call them my gateway into everything else because that led me to Oak + Fort rings and now to J. Hannah jewelry.

They are the kind of pieces that you know will remain timeless. I’m excited to dig more into these as I know they’ll be regulars in my collection. Here are just a few of my favorites from every category.

[Glacé Drop Earrings]

[Mid Ear Cuff]

[Clara Necklace – $375]

05 Jul 2019

Benefit’s Hello Happy Foundation

The road to finding the right foundation is never an easy one. It took me a few years before I finally landed on Benefit after using Chanel, but even that was a fluke. I wasn’t really wearing foundation until I reached college and was introduced to Chanel after getting it done for prom. We stick to what we know. Now in my beauty regimen, I’m using a BareMineral BB Cream before using Benefit’s hello flawless oxygen wow!

In their latest release, Benefit is revealing [Hello Happy] in two forms – both a medium coverage liquid and a powder. The foundation promises to last 12 hours no matter which version you pick. Hello Happy’s Flawless Brightening Foundation (liquid) comes in two sizes with the full being $30 and the mini at $15. The powder will retail for $30 as well.


05 Jul 2019

SF Eats: Yin Du Wonton Noodle

The very first time Kevin introduced me to this spot, I was hooked. It actually works out nicely that him and I live in two different parts of the city because it means we are able to try more restaurants at a wider distance. Yin Du is a no-frills joint with an excellent selection of wonton noodle soups. For under $7, I get a bowl of noodles in soup with a meat of my choice and six or so wontons. On some occasions, I even consider ordering two bowls even though I know that’s pushing it.

You won’t find a website for Yin Du and the ratings on [Yelp] are so-so. When it comes to asian restaurants though, y’all know we can’t trust Yelp to do the right thing anyways. The restaurant fills up quickly and can sometimes be crowded, but the wait isn’t long because they’ll make you share tables with other guests. Don’t worry, you can deal with this for how good the price and the food is.

05 Jul 2019

Bumbershoot 2019 Lineup

We used to be so good at posting these lineups right after they came out! It just occurred to me that we hadn’t shared this one. When I was living in Seattle, there was never any question about whether or not I was going to Bumbershoot. It was a given. Whether or not I could last all three days of the festival was another question. That’s definitely something I couldn’t do now, but mostly because I’m old and I get tired. I see some outstanding headliners on this lineup though – more importantly: H.E.R., Alina Baraz and Taking Back Sunday!

05 Jul 2019

Molly Moon Neitzel Is Up Front About Her Team’s Pay

In my job, I am constantly thinking about compensation – mine as well as others. In recent months, I’m learning more about compensation and how the market rate can vastly change over the period of one year. Spoiler alert – it’s FASCINATING. I wanted to share this VICE video for two reasons: because I, too, have thoughts about compensation and transparency and secondly because Molly Moon Neitzel is allowing her team to see what everyone in the company is making. Including herself.

For years, I’ve read articles from folks who frowned upon this. In this day and age, it’s still taboo to even be talking about what you make with anyone. However, if you don’t talk to people about it, how do you actually know if what you’re asking for when you negotiate is fair. How do you know if you’re within range or at “market rate?” Conversations like these shouldn’t be discouraged in my opinion, but I want to understand the right and wrong way to do it. Is there even a wrong way and if so, who considers it wrong? What’s wrong about it?

While I’ve never personally met Molly, myself, I did have a chance to [collaborate] with her back in 2014 when she let my friends and I come to her shop and taste test some new flavors. It was literally all that I’ve ever dreamed of. I’m excited to see a woman CEO leading this charge in pay transparency in my hometown nonetheless. I realize not everyone agrees with it, but I’m excited about what this could mean for both small businesses and larger corporations with her paving the way in a major city like Seattle.


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