09 Mar 2019

The Jonas Brothers Takeover The Late Late Show

The comeback of The Jonas Brothers absolutely means the return of non-stop Jonas Brothers content on Yow Yow! This week, after the premiere of their latest single “Sucker,” the brothers took over the Late Late Show with James Corden for an entire week. In a combination of Carpool Karaoke, interviews, and games, the week ended with their first live performance of the song. In an effort to avoid inundating this post with all of the videos, here are my favorites:

09 Mar 2019

Happy International Women’s Day!

I’m a day late, but I have a perfect excuse! To celebrate International Women’s Day I went out to dinner with two of my favorite former colleagues – both of whom I’m extremely proud of. I met these two ladies at my first start up when they had joined right out of school. Today, they are both engineering managers at their respective companies.

It’s not like this was the first ever International Women’s Day, but the celebration itself felt more powerful than ever. It overtook my entire Instagram/Twitter/Facebook feeds and I couldn’t get enough of it. The recognition of women not only in tech, but in other industries across the nation and the world was overwhelming. It was inspiring.

At my current company, this is the first time that I’ve been a part of the Women’s Employee Resource Group. There were activities of course, to celebrate women, but that welcomed the men in who were there to show their support. And that support was resounding. When the work week felt a little blah this week, this was the kind of thing that lifted me up.

07 Mar 2019

Warped Tour’s 25th Anniversary

Are you all as confused as I am? I could’ve sworn I read that 2018 was Warped Tour’s last year, but as soon as we said goodbye, it returned. Warped Tour will occupy two weekends this summer in two different cities. There is some overlap in bands. This feels positive to me for two reasons. One, is that the bands actually want to be a part of this tour and community. The second is that there’s another opportunity to see your favorite band instead of just in one city. The downside? That it’s two weekends as opposed to what Warped Tour used to be: an actual tour. A part of me is very tempted to attend especially because the Mountain View weekend is within reach. I would be most excited to see Circa Survive, Taking Back Sunday and The Starting Line! Readers – are any of you considering attending?

06 Mar 2019

Someone Great

It’s true, Netflix can keep pumping out movies for 20 somethings and I’ll still continue to watch them. In “Something Great” Gina Rodriguez is a music journalist who just landed her dream job in San Francisco. Her boyfriend of nine years, however, isn’t ready to make the move from their home in New York. As a result, the two break up. To cure her heart break and get her ready for her big move, Gina sets out for the best night out on the town.

Something Great debuts on Netflix on April 19th.

05 Mar 2019

Snaps for a Snapshot

Who: Brie Larson

Wearing: Rodarte

Where: ‘Captain Marvel’ LA Premiere

We’re obsessed with Brie. It’s no secret. I’m now wondering how I ever missed this Rodarte dress in collections because on Brie, it is a banger! Even her accessories are exquisite.


  • I would eat 20 of these Toro pieces. Hold the gold flakes.
  • Had the most major craving for @roosterandrice today ☀️
  • Uni - do you loooove it or hate it?
  • ONLY Tuesday 😳
  • Haven’t decided yet if this is stressful or satisfying
  • Honestly 😬
  • Matcha 3 ways
  • I ❤️ u ☀️
  • This week’s dinner with @y_azeng was much yum. We kicked off our meal with the tastiest scallops!

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