05 Aug 2009

Seattle Magazine best neighborhoods 2009

See who made the cut beneath!

1. Kenmore (north of Seattle) With a 3 percent increase in home value, Kenmore is one
of only two suburban cities (Vashon Island is the other) showing positive
appreciation from 2007 to 2008. That, a modest median home price ($399,000)
and solid scores in all categories put it at the top for 2009. OH HAYYY HOMETOWN

2. Shoreline (north of Seattle) A great all-around neighborhood for families, singles and seniors, Shoreline has made multiple appearances in the Top 10 rankings of previous years, and does it again with scores in the top half in all categories and a median home price of $345,000.

3. Bellevue (Eastside) The Bellevue School District is considered one of the best in the state, and its 2,500-acre park system and vibrant downtown scene also make this urban Eastside neighborhood very attractive.

4. Mountlake Terrace (north of Seattle) The most affordable neighborhood in the Top 10 (median
home price is $249,500) offers lots of green space and easy commutes to either Seattle or the Eastside.

5. Mercer Island (Eastside) The top suburban neighborhood?it loses points only for
affordability, with a median home price of $928,000?is ahead of all others
in all quality-of-life categories (schools, crime, parks and commutes).

6. Redmond (Eastside) It’s home to bicycle trails, Microsoft, excellent schools and
plenty of parkland, plus the median home price ($510,000) decreased by only
1 percent from 2007 to 2008.

7. Federal Way (south of Seattle) Being a little farther from Seattle and the Eastside also
means you get more for your money here (median home price is $270,000), and
some of the region¹s top attractions are also a little bit closer, such as
Mount Rainier and Tacoma¹s Point Defiance Park.

8. Des Moines
(south of Seattle) Affordability (median home price is $280,000) and minimal
loss in home value (1 percent from 2007 to 2008) are key factors in Des
Moines making the Top 10. It¹s also an attractive neighborhood for those
commuting to Tacoma.

9. Northgate (North Seattle) Northgate is an up-and-coming neighborhood with a strong
sense of community, affordable prices (median is $305,000) and an incredible
increase in appreciation of 20 percent from 2007 to 2008, despite the real
estate downturn.

10. Kent
(south of Seattle) Benefiting from major investments in the community, Kent
shines with its new ShoWare Center, the arrival of the Thunderbirds hockey
team, and a major shopping, entertainment and restaurant complex.

Published in the August 2009 issue of Seattle magazine

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