01 Mar 2010

Song of the Day

B.o.B. – Nothin’ On You

I know what you’re thinking right now. What am I doing putting a mainstream song up on my blog right now? Especially since this one is all over the radio. Here’s the thing: I spent a large portion of the day searching for new music today on a site that throws at me all this new indie and hip hop etc. but nothing sat well with me. Then I remembered this song and I remembered how much I loved it when I was driving back to school a few weekends ago and here we are.

Yes, it’s mainstream. The beat is good and I like it. I’d like you to know that when I talk down mainstream music, it’s only for the terrible mainstream. Therefore…this works!

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  • When you heard it snowed today at home, but you’ve got a mild sunburn.
  • Pizza Parties 4ever. 🍕
  • Twins!
  • Current status: living here and lounging for the weekend #ashssexybach
  • This look of pure joy that @chenxleslie captured also looks like I’m really scared 😬
  • There will be many more palms in Palm Springs today!
  • Could live in this shade of dusty rose 4ever
  • We just missed the timeframe for brunch at @lemaraisbakery this weekend so that means we have to come back
  • Just enough sheer

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