12 Mar 2010

Song of the Day

Chris Walla – Sing Again

Because I just spent my entire Friday night listening to Seattle music. This is actually my first time ever seeing this video and it’s so great! It was filmed in Seattle, the concept is fantastic, and I can’t remember if my old coworker was featured in this video or if it was his wife, but regardless, not knowing still doesn’t change the way I feel about this song or this video.

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  1. Hillary wrote:

    I’m pretty sure it was also shot in Portland, judging by the background in some shots.

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  • Last weekend, @ameliabachtiar led our girl gang in a yoga session before our all day pool party! And though you can’t see it, i pregamed the yoga session with a slice of cold pizza. What more could you want in a day?
  • How was this already a week ago?
  • Tomorrow is my self-love Saturday 💕
  • Shapes, lines, palm trees, and things
  • I haven’t felt warmth for the last 5 days.
  • ✨✨✨
  • Arms.
  • Why can’t we vacation forever
  • Kneecaps.

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