28 Dec 2009

Song of the Day

DJ Earworm – United State of Pop 2009

Mainstream music listeners MEET YOUR JAM!

If you are insulted that you are being called mainstream…I’m sorry. What I mean to say is it’s okay that we all listen to the radio even if we don’t always admit it. Some people listen to it all the time and some only during special occasions – myself included. Anyways, DJ Earworm has produced a mash up of all of the most overplayed songs of 2009. Yes, overplayed – there’s no denying it. I actually really enjoy this mashup because it recaps the entire year of 2009 and is better than listening to a NOW That’s What I Call Music! CD. Are they up to 100 yet? I really believe they should stop making those…now.

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  1. Heather wrote:

    Awesome. I really love his stuff.

    Posted on 1.3.10 · Reply to comment

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  • Last weekend, @ameliabachtiar led our girl gang in a yoga session before our all day pool party! And though you can’t see it, i pregamed the yoga session with a slice of cold pizza. What more could you want in a day?
  • How was this already a week ago?
  • Tomorrow is my self-love Saturday 💕
  • Shapes, lines, palm trees, and things
  • I haven’t felt warmth for the last 5 days.
  • ✨✨✨
  • Arms.
  • Why can’t we vacation forever
  • Kneecaps.

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