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08 Nov 2010

Ben Gibbard at the Crocodile

Last week, Ben Gibbard performed at The Crocodile for a special benefit show for Teen Feed. Similar to the All-Ages Movement Project, Teen Feed also holds a special place in my heart. I used to work at a place back in high school that would host a Teen Feed every Friday evening. Typically, Teen Feed is focused on homeless youth, but at our location it was for all youth. It was a great event that brought out many kids every week whether they were able to afford a meal for themselves or not. The point was that we didn’t judge. We just wanted to make sure that you were fed.  It is wonderful to see someone like Ben Gibbard support this cause. I would have made a post about the show for “Out on the Town,” but the show had been sold out for months. I’m pretty sure that the show sold out soon after tickets were up for purchase. I didn’t know anyone that attended, but luckily 107.7 THE END was there to film some parts of his set. Above is potentially a new song that will maybe be released by Death Cab For Cutie or Ben Gibbard himself. Who knows? The video below is a special little duet with his wife Zooey Deschanel.


To learn more about Teen Feed, click here to visit their official site.

If you’re curious about the setlist, just click the cut!

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10 Sep 2010

EMP Sound Off! Now accepting applications

It’s that time again! EMP is beginning their round up for the best underage Seattle bands. For many, this could be the chance of a lifetime in starting off their musical career. It doesn’t matter what genre you specialize in whether it be hip hop, electronic, pop, etc – you just have to be under 21. Prizes include a spot on the Bumbershoot 2011 lineup, a live on-air performance on 107.7 THE END, epiphone gear and much much more.

This battle of the bands has done wonders for many local bands in the past. Previous winners include Dyme Def, The Lonely Forest now signed with Chris Walla’s label, Dyno Jamz, and Brite Futures formerly known as Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head. For more information and to submit an application – click here.

30 Aug 2010

Matt & Kim release new song “Cameras”

Today, Seattle radio station 107.7 THE END released Matt & Kim’s new song “Cameras.” It is the first single off of their third album “Sidewalks” due out Nov. 2nd. Listen to it here and if you love it you can buy it off iTunes tomorrow!

11 Nov 2009

Deck the Hall Ball 09

Thank you 107.7 THE END for reminding us that Seattle music festivals don’t have to suck and also don’t have to be super scene wannabe either (cough cough KISS 106.1)

Your lineup is amazing and I would like to applaud you.

Get ’em MUSE! (headliner) and who else…?

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08 Mar 2009

The winner of the 8th Annual Sound Off! Competition is…


Congratulations guys! I am such a fan, I’m actually sorry I haven’t listened to any of their stuff until now and even more disappointed in myself for not attending the finals last night at the EMP. My friend Nick who plays bass in Dyno Jamz is also a part of another band that I adore Man in the Blue Van.

Sound Off! is associated w/ the EMP, 107.7 THE END, The Old Redmond Fire House, Bumbershoot, Folk Life, The Vera Project, and The Stranger and previous winners include: Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head, The Lonely H, School Yard Heroes and Idiot Pilot.

Their stuff is really great, I’m quite impressed. Can’t wait to see them at Bumbershoot this year!!

Check them out.

and their myspace:

Source: Youtube, Flickr, Myspace,

Listening to: Dyno Jamz (duh!)


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