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01 Apr 2012

7×7 SEA

Over spring break, Samantha informed me of a website that she keeps tabs on pretty often that focuses mainly on cultural news and events in San Francisco. Just recently, she let slip to me that they have also branched off into a Seattle division as well. 7×7 SEA details what’s going on in the city, highlights an events calendar, and features guides to certain topics. My new favorite this morning? The 7 Best Neighborhoods in Seattle. And why is it on my radar? Because Capitol Hill was named the neighborhood with the Best Eats! That couldn’t be more true.

I’m happy to announce (but also stressed) that 7×7 SEA has now been added to my daily blog roll along with a couple of other websites that I peruse on the daily for my Seattle news including The Stranger blogs, Capitol Hill Seattle, and Seattle Met Blogs.

Welcome to the gang y’all!


  • Spontaneous sushi craving after work last night 👌🏽
  • Retired this sweater
  • The last of our travels are just around the corner and then we’ll be spending some quality time at home 💕
  • The appetizer to our brunch this morning at the newest @cafereveille
  • The countdown to my birthday is just 6 days away!🌟 and we’ve got butterflies!
  • The moment I realized I couldn’t move forward in my life without a trench @aritzia
  • watchin u grow
  • Having my favorite night in with candles and my space heater 😴
  • f o r w a r d

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