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A Collection Part 33

Veronica told me just the other day that I was overdue for A Collection post. In looking through my archives, I see that it has only been TWO months. This is actually probably a new record for us. Like many “A Collection” posts, there is no theme. I wish I had something to say about how I’m feeling or why I chose the photographs that I did, but I choose them because at the time it is what is most pleasing to me!



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A Collection Part 32

This post is being released today because Veronica reminded me that I was overdue. Something you need to know: she asks for these posts often, but I usually don’t give in because I need to have a specific amount of photos for me to warrant a post. This time, she was right on the money hence…

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A Collection Part 31


Vacation time is great y’all! It allows me to get things done that I haven’t completed in 5 months like this post! Happy A Collection Day! and make the very most of your summer before it ends!

photo cred | Ren-Hang

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A Collection Part 30

A Softer World

Happy spring readers! We’re long overdue for a Collection post so I thought I would leave you with one before I embark on the rest of my spring break venturing for the week. It’s definitely shorter than usual, but still packed with pretty pictures. I wanted to kick off this collection post with a comic from one of my favorite sites, A Softer World. Together, they are the perfect combination of beautiful photography and witty thoughts.


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A Collection Part 28

The current season plays a huge role in these selection of photos this time around. It wasn’t until I finished that I noticed that there was a tinge of earthy colors transitioning from fall into winter. I hope you guys enjoy all of the photos! I also hope that you’ve all had a wonderfully relaxing Thanksgiving holiday.

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A Collection Part 27

Happy happy middle of October everyone! I hope you’ve all had a lovely and relaxing weekend so far. For the first time in my life yesterday, I spent the afternoon out on a boat in Puget Sound with some wonderful company. Hard to believe that I’ve never actually done that before – clearly I’m not getting the most out of Seattle by living here. There’s no theme to this collection post this time, but it’s been a month since we’ve last seen one and I like this group so much. I’m kind of in this limbo right now of college and the real  world that begins after college (that I thought began at college.) And I’m going to be here for a few months I’m sure so I’ve been attracted to photos recently that involve a single person. That’s really the only explanation I have for that.

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A Collection Part 26

As I was laying in my deathbed the other day recovering from Bumbershoot, five feet away from me Veronica shouted “KATIE! COLLECTION POST! When are you going to change your header?” I’m not sure if many of you realized this by now, but Veronica is one of the few people I listen to when it comes to Yow Yow. Oh and I also listened to Evan when he told me the other day that my Foster the People rant was “SO HIPSTER,” which made me so self-conscious that I decided to delete it altogether.

The road to recovering from Bumbershoot has been steady, but has obviously set me back a little bit. On top of that, I’ve also gotten some new hardware! YEAH! So I’m busy making transfers and starting fresh all over again. It’s safe to say that at this point, Yow Yow! will no longer be doing 17 posts a day as summer comes to an end. That’s right – it’s finally hitting me, but what an incredible last summer this has been for me. I am grateful to have had this opportunity to spend time with my family and friends and to actually have time to focus on myself more than ever. That’s not meant to sound selfish at all. Anyone that knows me will tell you that I am usually MIA throughout the school year (unless they work with me/have classes w/ me) because I am constantly on the go. For once, I got to experience what it was like to have absolutely nothing on my plate. I even got bored a few times – most likely during the time I spent writing those 17 posts.

Anyways, since I won’t be doing much posting over the next couple of days, I thought I would do a Collection post for all of you to enjoy!

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A Collection Part 24

Happy summer everyone! This collection post revolves around several themes this time around including youth and celebrating gay pride. Last week, we celebrated pride in Seattle and the rainbow flag is still hanging up in nearly every other business around here! Also – since it’s been three months since the last collection post, the pictures have accumulated so when I originally started working on this, I had close to 200 pictures in one post. Not wanting to freeze your computers from loading all of them, I’ve decided to split it. There are 100 pictures in this post and in another week I will post A Collection Part 25. Hopefully this is easier for all of you to see, but you’ll also be getting another one in a week as opposed to waiting three months again!

Have a happy Fourth of July everyone!

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A Collection Part 23

So it has been three months since my last “A Collection” post…These are my favorite posts and while they take forever to make, I honestly believe that the more time that goes by, the better these posts turn out to be. I made a promise to Veronica that I would have finished it three weeks ago and here it is. Better late than never.

This collection was created with the theme of being selfless. I never make up these themes beforehand. It is only when I can look through it as a whole that I begin to notice these patterns that arise out of the photographs. I am talking about the Japan Relief and TOMS’ One Day Without Shoes. Sometimes, giving back feels so much larger than us that we are overwhelmed by it, but there are much smaller ways to contribute. You can give back to the people you already know in even the simplest ways.

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A Collection Part 21

Slowing down your computers…one image at a time. I was planning on saving this post until next year, but it’s been 3 months since the last collection! I didn’t think it would be fair. Also, I’m pretty sure that these pictures sum up my last fall quarter perfectly. Enjoy!

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Sometimes, I get asked by my friends why I have a blog. If you say that you have a blog out loud, it can kind of sound silly. I’ve thought about my usual responses and I have narrowed it down to three – I typically respond with two out of the three.

1) For others: Everyday, I would read the news for hours, but I never had anyone to share it with. I started the blog because I wanted my friends to know what I was actually talking about for once instead of hearing me and then changing the subject because they couldn’t relate. Sometimes the content is stuff you will only find online and not in every day conversations or class.

2) For selfish reasons/myself: I wanted to have a blog so that I could look back on my year and remember the news of 2009. Initially, this was the number one reason. I never intended to share this blog with anyone and it was originally supposed to just be a yearly project.

In all honesty, it allows me the chance to unwind. There is nothing better than making my one concern be that I am behind on news for just a portion of the day. My life – our lives – are so chaotic. I like that I can keep this separate from my life. It’s not some hidden secret, but this isn’t my whole life. This isn’t my career nor would I ever want it to be.


I had a fantastic heart-to-heart the other night with my friend Bree. I mentioned to her that sometimes in life I feel like I am missing out on key experiences. I watch movies and I get these ideas that I am supposed to follow a standard – that these experiences are supposed to be milestones. Many of my “A Collection Part…” posts resemble images of things I have wanted or want in life. They may be little moments, feelings, emotions, travels, etc. I then said that some of these images pertain to various stages in life – different ages. What am I supposed to do when that age has passed?

I left our talk with that idea still lingering and wondering if we will ever fully be satisfied with not having these experiences – because I like to think that I’m not the only one that feels this way. As I was doing my news reading for that night, I stumbled upon a video called Words directed by Daniel Mercadante and Will Hoffman. The short film is a compilation of life sequences that connect each shot together. There is no normal reaction to watching it. There are always going to be things that I will never experience. It’s inevitable. There are, however, moments in my life that I have lived that no one will ever have. There is no standard when it comes to living your life and movies, society, even short films like this one sometimes give you the impression that your life needs to be this way or else you’re doing something wrong. It’s one of those things like “DUH!”  but it is normal to have these types of notions and I don’t find it necessarily naive of me to have believed in such a thing.

What kind of experiences do I mean? These are just four that I randomly picked out near the top of my folder.

– I take things for granted.

You should also check out their new video Re: WORDS, which follows the same direction as the video above, but pulled from YouTube clips.


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Do you remember this picture? I once used it to introduce one of my “Collection” series and it has remained a favorite ever since. I recently discovered that this was not just a one time photo that happened to be spectacular. In fact, there were many photos. Jason Lee is known as a wedding photographer, but he also has a blog site that features photo shoots of his daughters. Be careful because you might just pass out from all of the adorableness you are about to view. Kristen and Kayla are too precious.

Check out all of their adventures here!

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