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01 Oct 2017

Things That Should Exist For Single People

I’ve been reading the blog A Cup of Jo since early college and recently (or at least within the last year or so) they’ve been highlighting the work of artist Mari Andrew. She does an illustration for the blog weekly and I find them to be so relatable and perfect for sharing! Here’s a little treat for you on this Sunday morning. <3


07 Mar 2015

Blog Roundup

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– 7 common reasons for why people are late [A Cup of Jo]

– Mindy Kaling gives an entire interview on happiness and we love it [Good Housekeeping]

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– How to care for introverts [Kottke]

24 Aug 2014

Goodbye Vs. Ghost

I run into this dilemma quite often. Every time I’m at a social gathering, a dinner party, a work event, etc. I never know when it’s appropriate to start making the rounds and saying goodbye or if I should just keep my head low and quietly duck out. I’ve done both and I’ve never quite perfected because each time I feel like I look like the most awkward turtle in the room. When I found this flowchart on A Cup of Jo this morning, I thought that I had struck gold! Finally – a chart for people like me who just don’t know what to do. Readers, what do you think? Do you agree? Would you make some changes to this chart?

26 Jun 2013

Currently Craving

photo cred | A Cup of Jo

For a couple of months now, I have been writing several posts the night before so that all of you can wake up to something you can read in the morning on Yow Yow! or in your inbox. It’s 11:10 PM right now and while it is much too late to be eating, all I crave is some comfort food. Everyone has their own vices, but for me, it has always been pasta at very odd times (mainly late at night) when I am too lazy to make it myself. This photo was taken by Jo Goddard when her and her husband went out for some Cacio e Pepe. Looks delicious! The best thing about this recipe (though I’ve never made it myself) is that it only involves three ingredients – spaghetti, pepper, and Pecorino cheese. I can’t mess that up, right?!

30 Aug 2011

A Lesson in Introductions

I can’t tell you how many little (but important) things I have learned from reading other people’s blogs. Joanna Goddard’sA Cup of Jo” is one of my favorites and since I was almost two months behind on her posts, I decided to play catch up today. I came across a short, but sweet post about the correct way to introduce people and now I’m pretty sure I’ll stick to this method every time now since I”m now aware of it.

“When you’re introducing someone, you should always say their name first and their relationship to you second.

Wrong: “This is my sister, Lucy.”
Right: “This is Lucy, my sister.”

That way, you spotlight the person–not their connection to you.

You might think that this is so small of a detail that it doesn’t even matter, but it’s because of the detail that it DOES matter.



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  • If I could go back and do another part of the trip again. THIS.
  • This one time I spent two weekends at Jackson Square
  • Dare you to find me an outdoor courtyard I wouldn’t like
  • Today my shoulders started peeling. While I was wearing a sleeveless blouse 😭 this vacation really IS over!
  • A week ago, we were HERE! Currently enjoying my last few moments of funemployment before heading into my first day back at work tomorrow. It feels exactly like going back to school ✏️📓
  • Just peering up from the prettiest courtyard

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