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13 May 2017

Celebs @ Dior’s Cruise 2018 Show

Demi Moore

I missed a moment in fashion this week when celebrities and models attended the Western-inspired show presented by Dior’s 2018 Cruise collection. Everyone was dressed to the nines so we had to make this a post of its own instead of just featuring one person for a Snaps for a Snapshot. When you can’t pick just one – choose them all. Everyone wore Dior.

TK Quann and Cipriana Quann

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28 Feb 2017

The Closet: February 2017

Free People Come Around Cami – $38

Can you tell we’re having a little bit of a shoe moment right now? I usually refrain from buying new pairs until the summer when the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale rolls around, but we’ve already got these on the brain. Now, if only they’d get hit with a massive sale… 😉

And it looks like once again, we’re obsessed with the black and rose gold combination. They just look so great together!

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06 Feb 2017


Last year, we watched Rebecca Minkoff hold one of her fashion shows in the middle of SoHo. This past weekend, it was at The Grove shopping mall in Los Angeles. With New York Fashion Week just around the corner, I’m already finding myself getting giddy over the type of presentations and shows we’re anticipating to see. Minkoff’s show was no exception to that. Her show opened with one of our favorite LA-based bloggers – Aimee Song – of Song of Style, model Coco Rocha, and actresses Jamie Chung and Victoria Justice just to name a few. With that, here are our favorite looks!

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29 May 2013

Full Time Blogger Vs. Full Time Day Job

photo cred | Song of Style

As much as I have loved running Yow Yow! for the past four years, I must admit that it was challenging to juggle when I was a full-time student and then also when I decided to pursue a full-time career. Yow Yow! though near and dear to my heart has always taken a back seat, but hey! we made it work right? We’re still kicking. We’re still alive. And we’re still trying to make things better as time goes on. When I was in school, I would always be updating Yow Yow! in the evenings whenever I finished my homework. Now when I’m off from my day job, Yow Yow! becomes my second job. It’s an interesting situation, but “it is what it is.” Fashionista recently interviewed one of my favorite style bloggers Aimee Song of Song of Style who is just like me! She, too, has a day job as an interior designer and has expressed that balancing the two roles can sometimes pose a challenge especially when her day job prevents her from opportunities. I recently ran into the same issue when I kept missing out on lunches with potential clients, but as always – if the relationship is meant to be – it will be. Feel free to check out the interview and get an insider look at how the both of us overcome these challenges, but how at the end of the day it is all still worth it.


  • from where I stand
  • Just a girl on top of 🌎
  • Could snack on pieces of this halibut crudo 4ever! Strawberries with marcona almonds, serrano chili, nouc cham, and basil 🍓
  • Need a courtyard like this someday 🌿
  • In case @elisamigs and I ever decide to be a girl group, we’ll have lots of photo options
  • 〰️〰️
  • Don’t underestimate the duck liver toast
  • Was told to pack a swimsuit for my trip next week! 🤗
  • morning light ✨

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