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10 Mar 2009

Grecian Goddess Wannabe

WANT WANT WANT. I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of sandals since last summer and the ones I wanted from Aldo were gone by the time I found them. I guess I just waited too long but I didn’t want to buy them cause Gelesia had them too hahah Anyways dear god these sandals are going for $98 right now. I’m gonna wait till they go on sale I think but they are perf.

Source: Notcouture

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  • Coming soon: ☝🏽 sweater ✌🏽 ways
  • Crushing on these exteriors 💕
  • wrinkles on my skirt
  • I usually end the week with sushi because it’s a treat, but we’re having it tonight because TODAY has been a day.
  • Happiness fueled by midnight elote 🌽
  • Hi little babe @chessieandvalentina
  • Sometimes when the blanket is at the far end of the couch and out of reach, I just use this puffer. Substitute blanket.
  • I love a nearly empty restaurant all to myself
  • Can we just get to hometowns already on The Bachelor?! 🏡

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