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26 Feb 2016

The Blind Leading the Blind

Let me tell you something about the way that I blog. There are blogs that I *try* to read every day. These show up as little icons on my bookmarks bar and while I wish I could get to them every day, it’s just impossible and I can accept reality. I at least get to them by the end of the week. Then, there are blogs that I love, but I can’t get to them every day sometimes not even every month. I go months and sometimes up to half-a-year before I read them again. But I’m OCD so trust that I will go back and read all the way up to the last piece of content that I left off of. I do that by writing the date in which I last checked that blog next to the URL of all blogs that I keep on a separate notepad on my laptop. It’s crazy, okay?

Anyways, the last time I posted about “The Blind Leading the Blind,” it was last June. What I love about Alexi Wasser is that she serves some healthy doses of realness. These are all the thoughts that I sometimes have, but can’t say out loud or in writing because my parents will be upset with me and like maybe I could potentially get in trouble somehow? or even scarier, my friends will never look at me the same again. What we do is we re-post and we let Alexi take the credit for all of these things because she’s a genius anyways. There have been several “The Blind Leading the Blind” posts since last June so here’s a round-up, but also here are some pieces of truth from those posts that we feel okay with summarizing for you here:

  • 1. let people miss you. give them that gift.
  • 2. hey stream of consciousness texters, how about you fit ALL the info you want to express in ONE chunky text! The beeps from you fucking texting me are making me hate you!
  • 6. you should never text someone if you can’t handle them NOT responding.
  • 1. don’t treat people like a priority who treat you like an option.


19 Jun 2014

The Blind Leading the Blind via IMBOYCRAZY

I am usually months behind on posts by IMBOYCRAZY, but her “Blind Leading the Blind” series is by far one of my favorite things to read across almost all of the blogs I follow. Yes, her website would be deemed “inappropriate” by my parents, but that’s entertaining writing for you, right? Actually this Blind Leading the Blind post was one of the less racier ones I’ve seen, but even still – I’m sure people can find themselves offended by it. Alexi Wasser actually writes all of the posts in this series, but this one time she decided to let her friend Jarrett Grode write it up and it’s a pretty enjoyable read. What I love about this series is that Alexi basically says all the things we can’t come to terms with ourselves even though we’re totally thinking it or are guilty of doing these things. Yes, I am guilty. So what. So are you.

The Blind Leading The Blind (by Jarrett Grode):

 1. Texting “here!” instead of calling when you’re outside to pick me up is just bizarre. If you want to avoid speaking to me that badly, don’t give me a ride.

 2. You sound weak when you say “my dog loves me unconditionally.”

 3. If your Facebook profile picture is anything other than a picture of you, it’s like saying you’re not interested in having sex with anyone on the site or couldn’t if you tried.

 4. Here’s a mnemonic device so you don’t embarrass yourself by confusing astronomy and astrology: ASTRONomy ASTRONaut ASTROLogy IS NOT SCIENCE.

 5. It’s okay when I call it the Jew York Times but you have to say Jewish.

 6. Play it safe: NEVER TEXT DRUG DEALS without writing “jk” at the end.

 7. An easy way to accurately determine someone’s height is ask then subtract an inch.

 8. Don’t look down at people who try to meet people online. You’re online right now.

 9. If you think Mad Men is boring DON’T ADMIT IT. (It means you’re stupid.)

 10. If you want to possess the single most attractive quality anyone can have, be passionate about working hard at something you love doing. This will allow you to afford your own place, which is the single most attractive quality anyone can have.

To read more from IMBOYCRAZY, click here. Mom and Dad don’t click that link!

03 Sep 2013

The Blind Leading The Blind

With over 8,500 posts written on Yow Yow! it can be easy to forget about some of the posts we’ve written in the past unless that is you’ve been keeping up with us every day from day one. That probably doesn’t happen though. I wanted to re-introduce to you one of my favorite blogs by Alexi Wasser. Every so often, she does a feature on her blog “IMBOYCRAZY” called “The Blind Leading the Blind” and I’m convinced that the material she comes up with are all things we find to be true, but just don’t say out loud. Ever. Thank goodness for Alexi, right?

1. be with someone who doesn’t make you want to check your phone.

2. today’s the day. be brave. tell your friend who posts too many Instagram photos back to back that they are clogging the feed and it’s not okay!

3. sometimes just having a 2 min chat with a guy you think is cute is enough to get over him.

4. it’s not the mean thing that the person said, it’s the fact that they would say something that they know could hurt your feelings.

5. people like lindsay lohan and paris hilton and reading tabloids in general taught me that it’s not out of the question and totally ok to have multiple outfit changes per day. and for that, i am forever thankful.

6. how about before you show people pictures on your phone, you delete some of your disgusting selfies, you  narcissistic fuck?

7. everyone who’s cool was probably at some point either emo or goth but are now past it but retain subtle fragments of it.

8.there’s nothing more passive aggressive than the ‘relax’ text response.

9. there’s nothing more passive aggressive than the ‘huh?’ text response.

10. this summer (and it’s slipping away quickly, so get on it!) is ALL ABOUT iced coffee with a shot of espresso (preferably from the coffee bean and tea leaf, cuz the ice is WAY more exciting).

Like what you just read? Be sure to follow her blog for more ridiculousness.

23 Jun 2011

Alexi Wasser Knows All

Everyone always tells me that half of what you learn is in school and the other half is through just living life. Somewhere in there is a percentage for what I learn through blogs. I don’t exactly remember when I started following blogs, but I do know that there are notable bloggers who I am drawn to for inspiration and wisdom. The first was Connie Wang. Connie used to intern over at Chictopia and now she’s the freakin’ global editor at Refinery 29. I’ve been a fan of hers since the early days and not so surprisingly – I have followed her to her new job to continue to read her articles every day. Although she was a fashion writer, she seemed to knowledgeable in a wide range of topics (none that I can remember at this time of course.) After Connie, there was Rumi Neely, Molly Young, Emily Schuman, Joanna Goddard, Noel Duan, and many more that I’m sure I have forgotten.

My new favorite is Alexi Wasser of IMBOYCRAZY. Now, don’t judge a blog by its name – Alexi Wasser blogs about relationships, sex, and overall life ventures that many of us seem to miss. I laugh because it’s the most honest piece of writing that I have seen in a while and now I would like to share with you all one of her posts!

The Blind Leading the Blind (part 63) – – > This is the title of the post, but really it’s just an advice post. Take note.

“1. summer 2011 is ALL about crop tops! YES, side boob is still WAY in.. but we’re giving ourselves the option of under boob!

2. wearing a heather gray tee out to a club, or any place sweating will definitely occur, is a rookie mistake. it’s amateur hour USA. Always think two steps ahead.

3. eliminate the word ‘buddy’ from your vocabulary.

4. aim higher. No dude, HIGHER!

5. even if you’re only going into the bathroom to look at your face, check your teeth and your nostrils, apply lipstick,  and/or wash your hands… always look at the toilet to make sure nothing embarrassing is going on in there- cuz even if it wasn’t you (and it totes WASN’T, cuz girls don’t do gross stuff), you’re the one who’s gonna be walking out of that room, and whatever embarrassing nonsense is leftover in there- you’ll be to blame. So fuckin’ check yo-self before you wreck yo-self bro.

6. if you notice that the bathrooms at clubs you frequent start to have attendants in them- it means your life is getting better… or worse, depending on how you look at it.

7. girls! Don’t send nude pix! ever! they always end up where they shouldn’t! yes, even with your head cut out of the pic!

8. whenever you text ‘what are you doing?’ you might as well be saying ‘I want you to fuck me right now’. That’s why I always text ‘what are you up to?’ MUCH CLASSIER!

9. you know it’s serious when you move your computer into your girlfriend’s house and it’s NOT a laptop!

10. whenever you text or email something that’s questionable, shit talky, or potentially sketchy… ALWAYS remember its subject to be read/shown to everyone you NEVER wanted to see it!”

Thanks Alexi!! For more hilarity, visit IMBOYCRAZY for gender neutral posts.



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  • I’m appreciating Kevin’s rooftop more than he is
  • Last night’s ramen gifted us with the thickest slice of pork ever and a side of butter corn 🤤
  • Weekend hangs at the shopping plazas
  • Had a craving for the sush last night 🍣
  • Dessert, always
  • Spread of my dreams ✨
  • Never have I ever done anything like this for the 4th of July
  • How does one even decide?! 🤷🏻‍♀️

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