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10 Jun 2014

Song of the Day


Barcelona – OnOff

The best moments are when you re-discover songs that you loved and realized you haven’t featured it as a “Song of the Day.”

03 Jan 2013

Primavera Sound 2013

This might be the first time that I have ever posted about this music festival, but WOW look at the lineup! I have to admit though – what drew me in was the music festival poster alone.

Hi, how can I get to this?

Also…let the music festival lineups ROLL IN!

Congrats to Seattle’s very own THEEsatisfaction!

Update: A Yow Yow reader brought to my attention that I had a completely different lineup poster than the actual one. I’m not exactly sure how that happened, but my apologies!


18 Nov 2011

Pizza Is The Food Of The Week – Why?

It was a big week for pizza, you guys! First off, Congress decided that pizza had to stay on the school lunch menus because pizzas are considered “vegetables.” I don’t know about you guys, but my favorite kind is pineapple and Canadian bacon – both of which are not considered vegetables at all. On another note, I really love this sleeping bag for kids created by Remember Woouf, a company based out of Barcelona.


17 Sep 2011

Live the Language

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know someone in college that wasn’t studying abroad. People choose where they go to college for a number of reasons and though it wasn’t mine, a huge deciding factor is study abroad opportunities. I never studied abroad while in college and sometimes I kind of wish I had. Traveling, new experiences, meeting new people aren’t exactly things that scare me, but it wasn’t meant to be for me to go abroad while in school so I’m going to save some time for it when I finish…going abroad that is sans the studying.

This week, I came across a program called Education First. The program has been promoting themselves with a series of “Live the Language” short films that follow study abroad students as they embark on their travels in Vancouver, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Paris and a few other cities. The videos highlight some of the things a study abroad student might go through such as having a class, trying new food and experiencing the culture of the city.

My favorite below is Los Angeles.


Check out more videos and learn more about the program here.

07 Mar 2010

Song of the Day

Barcelona – Get Up


05 Jan 2010

Out on the Town: 1/8

Barcelona, The Pale Pacific and Conservative Dad

When: Fri Jan 8 at 9 pm.
Price: $15/$18

Chop Suey on Capitol Hill

Go see Barcelona!! They are one of my favorite local bands and so amazing.

01 Jan 2010

20 Favorite Posts!

It is a tedious and challenging task having to go through all of your posts in one year to weed out your favorites. Something… I don’t really want to ever do it again. BUT it’s important that I share with you my favorite 20. Over the course of this year, some posts have made it to the top [or the front page of WordPress] that I really don’t think are all that deserving of that title. I like all my posts of course, but there are some that I believe, have a larger message. There are some that I put a lot of time into working on that receive no attention at all. Yet, the whole world cares more about Dora the Explorer, Megan Fox, and the new Tinkerbell. So I’m allowing you all to see my favorite posts again resurfaced! These are for the most part in no order – I don’t have time to truly give them a number ranking.

20. New Directions

Why: If you don’t know where to look, you will never find it. Believe it or not, men care about their appearances just as much as women. Maybe they won’t admit, but that’s okay. I’m not asking you to. I wanted to highlight some well made websites and blogs  for men that focus on dress and lifestyle. It’s okay to want to look good. 🙂

19. Life as a Seattlelite

Why: One of my best friends Jeanette reminded me this past summer that it is always important to explore where you are from. I’ve lived in and around Seattle my entire life and I can safely say that no experience is the same. People from Seattle don’t know this, but there is so much more  than downtown and the Space Needle and Seattle Center. There are various neighborhoods – each a part of the city, but with its own individual personality. That day, we explored three prominent locations in the Seattle area: Pike Place Market, Gasworks, and the Fremont Troll.

Read more “20 Favorite Posts!”

29 Nov 2009

Song of the Day

Barcelona – First Floor People


It’s just one of those days. If the pictures are too much, just don’t look at them 🙂 But they are awfully pleasant.

21 Oct 2009

Song of the Day

Barcelona – The Takers



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  • I meaaaaaan how did everyone else feel about Monday? 🍷

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