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19 Dec 2012

Christmas Wish List 2012

Every year, I always post a little Yow Yow! Christmas list. I thought I would have more “wants” this year, but I’ve got everything I need! It’s always just fun to have a little list of things that would be nice, but when it comes down to the holidays, good company is all I’m asking for.

Nordstrom Family Table Cookbook – $27.95

It’s been awhile since I’ve received another cookbook and I’m ready to do some work in the kitchen again!

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15 Nov 2012

Disney x Barney’s “Electric Holiday”

It wasn’t too long ago that a very controversial image of a very skinny Minnie Mouse was released. When that came out, everyone nearly threw their arms up in outrage. That’s not the Minnie we know. But for as long as we’ve all known Minnie, she’s has always been an individualist – a fashionista…an iconic cartoon character. Today, Barney’s and Disney released this video entitled “Electric Holiday” with some of our favorite fashion icons today as Disney characters. It’s actually pretty cute, but creepy at the same time when you see some of the characters like Goofy, Minnie, and Daffy as models.

Check it out for yourself!


01 Feb 2011

Shipley & Halmos “We’re An American _____”

This past summer, my best friend Jeanette and I ventured down to Barneys in Seattle for our chance to meet designers Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos of Shipley & Halmos. It was such a great experience! While it was exciting for us to meet the designers, the best part was actually getting photographed by them for a chance to be featured in their new book “We’re An American ______

Over the course of a few weeks, Shipley & Halmos embarked on a road trip visiting Seattle, Austin, Philly, DC, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Boston, Houston, Georgetown, and a whole slew of other cities along the way. Camera in hand, the two were out to capture character and personality. While this can typically be found instantly in someone’s outfit (from a fashion standpoint,) this was the opposite of what they were looking for. Instead, the 80-page book features only portraits.

The book is now available for $40 here.

26 Sep 2010

Shipley & Halmos

Earlier this summer, when I met designers Shipley & Halmos at Barneys during their photography slash book tour, I assumed that they would be too busy to produce a spring 2011 line. I was surprised to find their collection on this morning, but am so excited that they released one because it looks fantastic. Some of the shots feature mini props, but not all of them, so flipping through I braced myself for each shot that came next. Here are some of my favorites – as always!

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17 Sep 2010

Kanye’s stylist – Yale Undergrad

Cassius Marcellus Cornelius Clay is a man with impeccable style. He is part of the Clay dynasty and related to Henry Clay himself. Cassius was also a sophomore at Yale University, but he didn’t get in because of his name or good lucks. He was actually a hard working guy!

Rewind to earlier this summer. Cassius is doing what the does best: dropping tin at expensive, trendy designer stores. The lucky retailer of the day is Barney’s, New York. Today, his outfit is impeccable, topped off with high-end Italian designer shoes. In the midst of shopping, a man approaches Cassius, taps him on the shoulder, and tells him that he really, really loves the footwear. Cassius looks up; it’s Kanye West. Cassius keeps it cool, thanks him, and introduces himself. …

The two get to talking as they shop. Kanye loves Cassius’ style, his attitude, his patrician hipsterdom. They talk for over half an hour. Kanye begins to reveal a little more about himself, his reinvention in the wake of the Taylor Swift disaster, and his thoughts on life, art, philosophy, hos (maybe), etc. Cassius advises the rapper on his day’s purchases. Eventually the two leave the store, shopping bags in tow, and exchange phone-numbers and emails. Kanye promises to keep in touch. And oh, does he.

The next day, Cassius receives an email. Kanye has bought a controlling share in the company that designs Cassius’ sexy shoes, and wants to see his ideas for new designs. The Yalie mocks up some images, puts on his Sunday best, and heads to Kanye’s lavish Manhattan office to present seven-plus mockups. Kanye loves them, and the two hit it off even more. In the weeks that follow, Kanye and Cassius exchange emails almost daily, and the young Yalie is invited into the superstar’s inner-circle. There are lavish parties, industry introductions, and a grand tour of Ye’s social life. Cassius ingratiates himself with Kanye’s fashion team, and meets all sorts of high-rollers at Kanye’s shindigs.

Cassius is now Kanye’s right hand man and stylist and apparently has not been seen on Yale’s campus for this school year. What a story!


27 Aug 2010

The day I met the duo behind Shipley & Halmos

Today, New York based designers Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos of Shipley & Halmos came to the downtown Seattle Barneys location to shoot photos for an upcoming book to be published in November. The “Fill in the Blank” tour has given both Shipley and Halmos the opportunity to travel to 13 Barneys’ locations across the country to snap photos of what the people are wearing in their respective cities. I became interested in the project after hearing about it a couple weeks ago and thought that I would bring Jeanette down with me to the impromptu photo shoot being done right in the middle of the store.

Before we got in front of the camera, they had us fill out a sheet of paper with various questions such as “What is your favorite bone?” and “Name an animal in the zoo.” It was supposed to resemble a mini mad lib, but they didn’t give us too much information on it just that it would be included in the book that they would be publishing. In my conversation with Jeff Halmos, I learned that they have taken over a thousand photos at each of the 13 locations. They’re going to have to spend a lot of time on editing to pick the best photos, but when the process is all done, they will have a book available at every Barneys location. There will also be a website with all of the photos published online even for those that don’t make it into the book.

How do I feel about the whole experience? GREAT. I’m so glad that Sam and Jeff are taking the time with their project to showcase street style. Street style these days has become overly exaggerated by sites like chictopia and and even by some bloggers. I used to be a huge fan, but when I peruse through the pictures now, I’m  noticing that some of these outfits are not wearable. You wouldn’t really wear that outfit in public. It’s easy to take a picture of you in it at your home or something because it’s convenient and you have the time to style it slash pile on a million accessories and layers, but you’re only wearing it for the picture. You don’t have to actually walk around town to either school or work in that outfit.

With that being said, I will definitely be trying to get in contact with both Sam and Jeff in the near future to learn more about their plans for their upcoming collections and grab some more dirt on that book! Also after the less than one minute photo shoot, they provided all of us with Smart Water and Trophy Cupcakes. I was a happy girl.

09 Jan 2010

Cynthia Rowley collaborates w/ Roxy

I always find it interesting when well-known designers, musicians, actors, writers, etc have second hobbies that the world just doesn’t know about. Did you know that famous fashion designer Cynthia Rowley surfs? I didn’t! So in a way, her collaborative line w/ Roxy makes perfect sense.

I love that Cynthia has mixed her girly flair with the usual bright-popping colors that Roxy normally uses.

Barneys will kick off the collection first in April before the rest hits stores at Collette, Roxy, and Cynthia Rowley stores.

Here are just a few of my favorites:

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08 Nov 2009

Meet: Chet Cannon

Chet Sitting

You’ve seen him on MTV’s The Real World. You’ve watched him on The Ruins. Chet Cannon is known for his exquisite style, his friendship with housemate Ryan, and his individualistic personality. Seriously, I’ve never met anyone like him before in my life. I was curious in getting to know Chet a little bit better just to see if he was anything like he was on show. In fact, he’s better!

Q: Alright Chet, tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from, what do you do, what’s your sign? Etc

Chet: Well, first off, Chet is my nickname.  Chester is my real name…also the name of my Grandfather I might add.  Sadly, Chester rhymes with molester…the kids at school had a field day with that.  I’m still heartbroken. Right now, I am en route to LA.  Well, actually, I’m headed to Boston tomorrow for a week, then back to SLC for Thanksgiving, then Louisiana, then NYC, then PA, then Baltimore all before December 6th….I guess you could say travel a fair amount. I have lots on my plate right now.  I’ve been approached with ideas about new TV shows hosting gigs which influenced my trek from NYC to LA.  Personal endeavors would include YouTube (which I hope to more consistent with), writing a children’s book, inventing a bowless bow tie, chewable water.  In all seriousness, The Real World, for me, was like a small scale lottery….A lottery that can open many doors.  Now, what you do when the doors are opened is entirely up to you.  Mainly I’m just trying to hustle and stay focused.  There is a lot of easy money with hosting parties and what have you, but I am more than happy to forgo a few of those in my pursuit for elevated status in the television industry.  The end game for me is hosting a successful news show.

Q: Which do you prefer, being interviewed or doing the interviewing?

C: I’m impartial, to be honest.  I guess it depends on the people I’m interviewing, you know?  Sometimes you’ll get out there and throw the mic in someone’s face and instead of being unique, you receive some regurgitated, colorless rant.  I enjoy spontaneity…people who can shoot the proverbial shit.  When I happen upon those types, I enjoy conducting the interview.

Q: Chet, you happen to be one of my favorite Real Worlders ever. Just so you know, I don’t give out that title too often.  You made a brief appearance on The Ruins, would you ever do it again? What was that experience like for you?

C: Well, thank you, my lady!  You’re a peach.  Yes…brevity would be an accurate description of my time on The Ruins.  I loved it.  The format, in terms of filming is a bit more enjoyable than Real World.  There are so many people, so you can avoid the cameras if you feel the need.  Never say never.  I may do one again…depends on the location.  Phuket….obviously I wasn’t going to turn that down.  The Challenges aren’t a focus of mine at the moment, I will put it that way.

Q: Your friendship w/ Ryan and the song you guys made up in one of the early episodes. Inspiring. Are you guys still pretty close? How is he doing?

C: Ryan is doing very well.  He called me just days ago from IraqRyan and I have some projects in the works right now, which hopefully, will put both of us back on the tube…together.

Q: Your fashion sense is exquisite. Where do you prefer to shop and would you say you have more of a hipster or metro style?

C: Hipster or Metro….couldn’t tell you.  My friends from back home laugh at the way I dress.  They are the furthest thing from hipsters or metro.  I will leave that up to you guys to decide.  I really enjoy Ben Sherman and whenever I get a chance to visit SLC, I hit up the thrift stores.  SLC has great, cheap thrift stores.  You go to the thrift shop in NYC and the prices are comparable to those at Saks and Barneys…no joke.

Q: So are you still in Utah or have you relocated?

C: I stayed in NYC and only recently moved away, so I could pick up my car and make the trek to LA.  I hope to get back to NYC soon.

Q: What’s a typical day for Chet Cannon?

C: That’s a tough one.  They are so different.  Yesterday, I filmed some video for my YouTube channel, worked out, edited video, worked on a children’s book I’m writing, and then went to a party downtown for the Nitro Circus movie…dancing the night away.  It was brilliant.  After that, some mates and I went hot tubbing and I arrived home at 3 AM, where I then edited video again until 4 AM.  Tomorrow I hop on a flight to Boston.  I enjoy the inconsistency.

Q: If you could interview anyone, who would it be?

C: Dead or alive?  Let’s go with alive….hmm….maybe Pete Doherty.  He is my favorite rocker/fashion icon.

Q: My favorite episode was when you had the chance to meet and interview one of my friend’s bands while on the show, Danger Radio. Had you been listening to them prior to the show as well? And also, what kind of music are you listening to these days that you think my readers should be listening to?

C: Cool guys.  Love them.  The Danger Radio interview was offered to me and at that point I began listening to them (in preparation)….grew to enjoy it….and then we had the interview.  It was one of my favorites.  I just made this really awesome “love songs” mix.  I wish I could post a link to it.  My favorite band is The Sounds.  Easily.  At the moment, I’m stoked on Fun and Foxy Shazam (Check them out).  Amazing stage presence.

Q: There’s always talk that MTV’s editing portrays characters in a certain way for their audience to see them as. Do you feel as if you were portrayed correctly or incorrectly? Is Real World REALLY real?

C: You can’t deny anything that makes the air.  I believe they will heighten aspects of your personality, but each person has a lot more depth.  I’m not super bummed over my portrayal, but there are plenty of things I would have displaced with other moments from the 4 months in Brooklyn….had I been given the creative control.

Q: When I was younger, I used to want to be an MTV VJ, but first! I wanted to do Real World (like yourself) in hopes that it would lead me to becoming a VJ. This was before I knew TRL was going  to be canceled. Do you think MTV has contributed in helping you get to where you are today or did Chet Cannon conquer the world all on his own?

C: VJ’s don’t exist anymore…haha.  My stint on MTV has DEFINITELY given me more opportunities than I would have otherwise received.  Is it possible to make it without a reality show….ABSOLUTELY.  Reality TV can be scary.  You have to be very calculated about your decisions….which is very difficult considering the frequency with which you are filmed.

Q: I’ve seen some of your YouTube videos on your blog featuring your covers, is there a singing career in the works? Maybe you and Ryan can get together and start something!

C: Singing is just for fun…I’m not opposed to playing with Ryan when he returns.  I think we could form a pretty kick A duet.

Q: Jesse McCartney Pee Pee Hands story. Is it true?

C: Yes.  It is true.  Scott Herman and I walked into the bathroom and Jesse was on the phone, while peeing and didn’t wash his hands.  IT was disheartening.

Q: What are you up to and where can we see you next Chet?

C: You will see me again soon.  I hate to be the guy who says “it’s confidential,” but that’s how most of this stuff works.  Mums the word.


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