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07 Nov 2015

Welcome to Seattle, Uniqlo!

Uniqlo finally opened their first location in Seattle yesterday (well specifically Bellevue!) Of course, everything exciting happens when I leave for California. They had our girl Hollis Wong-Wear in their campaigns and isn’t she the most darling thing ever?! I hope all of my friends back home are enjoying the opening of the store. We…

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15 Jul 2015

The Best Time to Visit Seattle

It’s actually been a few weeks since I returned from my trip back home! It almost feels a bit outdated to write this post now, but then I remembered that I couldn’t not share all of the photos of everything that I ate while I was in Seattle. It just seemed like the wrong thing to…

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15 Apr 2014

Ziplining Comes to Bellevue

photo cred | Seattle Times Most people like to believe that ziplining is something that you can only do in Costa Rica or some other exotic location. Bellevue, WA is squashing that rumor and even moreso because Bellevue in itself is not an exotic location at all. As of last weekend, Bellevue Zip Tours is…

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10 Sep 2013

Let’s Lunch!

I know I always talk about my favorite places to eat at in Capitol Hill, but there’s another area that deserves some recognition as well. For my last lunch today, Toby and I went to Gilberts on Main in Bellevue – a place that I have never tried before, but am now in love with.…

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27 Jul 2013

Drive Thru Boba

When I was living in Capitol Hill, there was no shortage of getting bubble tea. In the International District, you could find it everywhere whether it was in a specialty store or a restaurant. Here in Bellevue, the same cannot be said, which is why I am so excited to announce that Drive Thru Boba…

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10 Jul 2013

Blog Roundup

We’ve typically done Blog Roundup posts in the evening, but I thought it would be nice if you all had something to wake up to this morning! Are you using hashtags wrong? Make sure you’re not one of these seven abusers. [Source] Don’t worry 20-somethings! A winding career path is just A-okay! [Source] A very…

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19 May 2013

The Weekend: 5 Things

The weekend isn’t over yet, but Sundays are usually saved for rest and relaxation anyways. I’m okay with that because this weekend was packed with catch-ups and good food – lots of it. Now it’s time to prepare myself for Memorial Day Weekend and even though I think I have an idea of what I…

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05 May 2013

In Quick Seattle News…

photo cred | Seattle Met – Din Tai Fung will be opening a Seattle location at University Village this coming fall. The restaurant’s Bellevue location is already a huge hit, but will probably spread their customers out a little bit more with a Seattle spot as well. The new space which is currently being constructed…

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07 Apr 2013

Seattle Restaurant Week 2013

I’ve always loved participating in this every year! Seattle food and Seattle restaurants never cease to amaze me. Start making dinner plans and making dinner dates  now! For the full list, click here.

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26 Dec 2012

Restaurant Review: Kukai Ramen

The first time Kevin and I learned that there would be a new ramen joint opening up near us, we were ecstatic. Aside from the fact that we love ramen, the last time we had it was at our favorite place in Vancouver B.C. and uh…yeah we can’t just grab that every time we want…

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  • Current status: living here and lounging for the weekend #ashssexybach
  • This look of pure joy that @chenxleslie captured also looks like I’m really scared 😬
  • There will be many more palms in Palm Springs today!
  • Could live in this shade of dusty rose 4ever
  • We just missed the timeframe for brunch at @lemaraisbakery this weekend so that means we have to come back
  • Just enough sheer
  • How do you pick just one?
  • Back to our winter ways
  • You are what you eat... so I’m an egg in a hole? 🍳

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