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Happiest of Birthdays

My older brother is celebrating his birthday tomorrow and this weekend I found a video that completely describes our relationship. What’s amazing about this video is that this guy knows such a vast library of music in different genres! Kevin used to drive me around. A lot. And almost always, you’d find me in the car singing loudly and horribly with dance moves to all of my favorite songs and Kevin just had to sit through it knowing that other drivers could see me. Yeah, can you believe it? I was worse than what this guy did to his sister on their road trip. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN! You’re so lucky to have a sister like me.

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Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen! My favorite twins turn 28 today and everyone seems to be celebrating their birthday all over the internet. Growing up, I always hoped I would be as cute as Michelle Tanner. I wanted to be the Asian Michelle Tanner, if you will. I felt like I was growing up with the twins. When they left Full House they become detectives that were solving crime before dinner time. I, too, wanted to be a detective. Then they graduated into another sitcom called Two of a Kind and then So Little Time. That one was kind of a bust so we don’t need to talk about that. Their careers and how they got there is kind of incredible. They were hits on the television and then became iconic in the fashion industry. Happy birthday ladies!

Here is a round-up of some of my favorite MK & A posts from today:

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Happy Belated Birthday!

We usually never do this, but for Alexa Chung, it’s a MUST.

Alexa celebrated her 30th birthday yesterday and continues to pave the way as an inspiring style icon for girls everywhere. We’re so excited for everything that is to come for her and especially her new book.

Happy Birthday A!

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to our favorite late night host Jimmy Fallon! The comedian and recent father turns 39 today!

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A Child’s Happiness And Birthdays

The next time it is one of your friend’s birthdays, just send them this video…because a child’s happiness is priceless – especially on a birthday.

What does this even mean, really? And why are there so many news anchors recycling this line?

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Andrew Garfield!

Our Hollywood hunk turns 30 today! We can’t wait to see him in the next Spiderman movie and we’re still pumped that he’s dating Emma stone. We couldn’t ask for a better pair, really. Happy birthday to you and here’s hoping for a longer-lasting and even more successful career than you have already built up for yourself.

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Happy Birthday SuChin!

Happy Birthday SuChin Pak! Our favorite former MTV VJ, Daily Candy correspondent, and previous Yow Yow! interviewee celebrated her special today. From Yow Yow! we’d like to wish her an especially happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday Mila!

Happy Birthday to our favorite swan!

Mila Kunis turns 30 today! Hard to believe that she was just a little pre-teen when she started on That 70’s Show.

Friends With Benefits will forever be one of my favorite movies and … takes the credit for getting me started on my career.

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Happy Birthday Cara D!

Today our favorite model and HBIC Cara Delevingne turns 21! 21. This girl doesn’t always make the most positive headlines, but she’s done more at her age than a lot of other people we know, right? Cough Cough Harry Styles’ gf. Regardless, we kind of love her and can’t wait to see more of her in our fashion editorials and on the runway. Do you Cara D.

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Happy Birthday Selena!

Happy Birthday Selena Gomez!

Our little Spring Breaker turns 21 today!!! Here’s hoping that she remains our little doll and doesn’t fall off the deep end :)

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The Weekend: 5 Things

Finally, summer is here!

Other than Sunday, I spent most of the weekend outdoors in the sweltering heat…too hot for Seattle? What would I have done if I had been raised in Arizona or California?! This weekend was so full of food, drinks, and birthdays! Hooray!

On Friday, we surprised my dear friend Jennie with a birthday party at Manhattan and the most beautiful pink ombre birthday cake. Unfortunately, I didn’t snap a photo of it, but it was definitely something that you would catch on Pinterest.


We kicked off Saturday with a fancy brunch at Daniel’s Broiler! Who can guess my meal?

It’s a veggie scramble of course.

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Happy Belated Birthday Scott Disick

Our favorite Kardashian Scott Disick turned 30 this weekend! And to celebrate, here is a fantastic photo-shopped photograph of Mason as Scott and vice-versa. I typically will post a picture of Scott Disick on the carousel for his related posts, but this one takes the cake. Actually, this just made my morning.


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Happy Saturday!


photo cred | The Cobrasnake

And so begins the first day of Birthday Week! Every year, my birthday to me has always been a celebration of life and joy with the people I love spending it with. But I’ve never celebrated my birthday just for me. I know it sounds a little bit selfish, but I believe that there comes a point in time in someone’s life where you need to be selfish – not entirely, but to an extent. I love looking back on my birthdays because it reminds me that I am surrounded by some truly astounding people. When I was a senior in high school, my best friend threw me a Hello Kitty themed birthday with all of my friends.  As the years went on, I turned one birthday into a blog project that is still one of my favorite memories of all time. I’ve done the huge house party. I’ve had my 21 run x3 and last year I took a road trip to San Francisco with my best friends and opened a new chapter. But chapters close and perspectives change and life throws you for a loop. I have no idea what this birthday week celebration will bring, but I hope always to be in good company no matter what situation I am in.

Happy Saturday everyone!

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Happy Birthday!

photo cred | Zooey Magazine

Happy Birthday Stephen Colletti!

You will always be my very first California dreamboat.

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Happy Birthday JT BB

Justin Timberlake turned 32 today and the best present that he could give us is his upcoming comeback.


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