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03 Oct 2013

Blog Roundup

The Dos and Don’ts of gaining blog traffic [WordPress]

Jet Blue launches a new premium brand called “Mint” [USA Today]

SF Startup HotelTonight on what they look for when they hire. [LinkedIn] As a recruiter, I can definitely attest to these

11 Super foods for your skin and your brain [Brit + Co]

The history of the word “cool” [Slate]

Why we cry on airplanes [Refinery29]

The power of side projects [Start Something]

29 May 2013

Full Time Blogger Vs. Full Time Day Job

photo cred | Song of Style

As much as I have loved running Yow Yow! for the past four years, I must admit that it was challenging to juggle when I was a full-time student and then also when I decided to pursue a full-time career. Yow Yow! though near and dear to my heart has always taken a back seat, but hey! we made it work right? We’re still kicking. We’re still alive. And we’re still trying to make things better as time goes on. When I was in school, I would always be updating Yow Yow! in the evenings whenever I finished my homework. Now when I’m off from my day job, Yow Yow! becomes my second job. It’s an interesting situation, but “it is what it is.” Fashionista recently interviewed one of my favorite style bloggers Aimee Song of Song of Style who is just like me! She, too, has a day job as an interior designer and has expressed that balancing the two roles can sometimes pose a challenge especially when her day job prevents her from opportunities. I recently ran into the same issue when I kept missing out on lunches with potential clients, but as always – if the relationship is meant to be – it will be. Feel free to check out the interview and get an insider look at how the both of us overcome these challenges, but how at the end of the day it is all still worth it.

13 Apr 2013

Los Angeles I’m Yours

I read a lot of blogs every day. Usually though, it’s just the same 20 blogs because that’s all the time I have for them. When I come across a new blog though, it kind of sucks you in! I find myself perusing through pages and pages and if it’s a great blog, I’ll go deep into the archives for it. I came across a blog today called Los Angeles I’m Yours and was instantly reminded of my bff Gelesia who currently resides there. I never have any idea where my readers are from except for Seattle – so LA readers if you’re out there, here’s a blog that you can check out with information on what’s going on in your neighborhood.

21 Oct 2011

Perfecting the Bitchface – Not As Easy As You Think

“STEP ONE: Look as much like you don’t care as possible. Remember, the opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference! So keep a straight face, and don’t flinch. (It always helps me to pretend I am a corpse.) If you’re one of those god-awful people who look all cheerful all the time, whose faces just naturally fall into a smile of any kind, you might have to use a little extra muscle to keep it looking like an emoticon.

Is it possible to adore Tavi anymore than we already do right now? I don’t think so. Tavi’s got a successful blog and an online ‘zine that oozes coolness. Have I mentioned that she’s only 15 years old? Practically in every post that I ever write about her. To read more about the steps in producing this “Unamused” bitchface look and other bitchfaces, click here.

20 Oct 2011

Lookbook Cookbook

Food and fashion collide in Jessica Milan’s adorable blog! Milan, who is a both a baker and a photographer is sharing some of her favorite vegan recipes on her new blog Lookbook Cookbook will recipes are accompanied by models eating some of her sweet treats!


12 Aug 2011

The One-Cent Wedding Dress

Earlier this summer, I believed that I had found the steal of the season when I purchased my first pair of Frye boots at Urban Outfitters for $40, but it seems as if another dating blogger has had the same luck – maybe even better luck than I did. Yue Xu of Singlefied was perusing the racks of Nordstrom Rack recently when she came across a true gem – a Jessica McClintock bridal gown for just $0.01. The dress has been marked down to a penny after having a retail price of $275. Sound too good to be true? Well Xu then had the manager double check on the dress for her by typing in the SKU into the register, but even after several times, the dress’s price was still just a penny. The retailer decided that they would honor the price, which isn’t too surprising to me because Nordstrom as a retailer has always had a great reputation of doing just that. Xu, however, didn’t need the wedding dress because she wasn’t engaged, but she couldn’t let the dress go to waste. She bought it for a penny and is now giving it away to one of her lucky readers. To read more about her story and enter the win the dress yourself, click here.


11 Aug 2011

The Importance of Partying Responsibly

I just realized that the headline may be a little misleading, but even if I decided to change it now, I wouldn’t know what to change it to. This post is not about the responsibilities of drinking or anything related to that at all. This post is actually inspired by a post I read on Hello Giggles a couple days ago called “Confessions of a Wannabe Party Girl.” So how exactly does that tie into partying responsibly?

During my stay in Seattle this summer, I have been tempted with the opportunities to go out with my friends. Unfortunately for some of my friends, I am the girl that makes excuses. I make excuses for my health, for my work, for my television schedule etc and because of that, I’ve missed out on some great nights. The nights that I have gone out though have been some of my favorite times from this past summer and a part of me wishes I had more of those. Going out should never be about the drinks that you consume, but about the company that you are with and Hello Giggles explains that perfectly along with other pieces of advice such as “Go home when you are still having fun” and How I Met Your Mother’s famous reference “Nothing good happens after 2AM.”

I don’t want to look back on my summer and remember myself as being a workaholic cause I’m pretty sure I have the rest of my life to do that. I was hesitant about going out often in the first place because I was worried about becoming like the bros at Seattle U that I didn’t want to become, but now that I know I won’t ever be I suppose I’m in the clear. I’m young. I like to go out. I like my friends. I sound like that little girl re-affirming myself in the mirror.

24 Aug 2009

Savage Love

Dan Savage is known for his racy sex columnist on the “Slog” blog produced by Seattle’s The Stranger. In fact, his “Savage Love” column is so popular, HBO is trying to get him his own show and they have begun shooting the pilot today. I doubt anyone is even thinking about this, but what come to mind is the kind of potential this creates for Seattle and even The Stranger

Apparently, if everything works out, it will become the next “Sex and the City.”

“The show will “focus on current events and cultural trends with sex as the filter.”

“I’m hoping to bring a new kind of conversation to TV about sex–an honest conversation, one that’s informed without being (too) wonky, funny without being (too) cruel, sexy without being (too) cheesy. Basically, my sex-advice column–but on the teevee!” Savage wrote on his blog, the Slog.”

09 Jul 2009

Metrodad gives necessary advice to his daughter and others.

This is probably one of my favorite blogs to read during my daily perusing. Metrodad recently did a post entitled “25 life lessons for my daughter,” but in fact these are life lessons that everyone should take to heart.

Therefore, I am passing it on to you in hopes that you will all enlighten yourself with something new today.



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