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15 Sep 2012

Tavi Gevinson Schools Jimmy Fallon on the Bitchface

My teenage fashion icon Tavi Gevinson stopped by Jimmy Fallon earlier this week to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Rookie. During the interview, she also teaches him  how to perfect the bitch face and it is pretty silly. Watch the entire clip here on Late Night!

07 Dec 2011

Time Waster of the Year

More like the Buzzfeed’s 90 Best Tumblr’s of the year. Your productivity ends now.

and on an entirely non-related note: Science shows that swearing makes you feel better. No surprise here, but I’m glad to hear that there is some support behind it now other than my other justifications. [Source]

And on another Buzzfeed note – here are the 45 Things We’d Like To Forget About in 2011…like

the Vancouver riots or Justin Bieber’s mustache. Both are terrifying.

16 Sep 2011

Cork Grips

Bob Myaing was announced yesterday on the Urban Outfitters Blog as a new contributor to the website so I decided to check out his personal blog cork grips, which I think will be a blog that some of my male readers might enjoy! Myaing covers a wide variety of topics including fashion, art, design, photography, etc. Often times, it’s difficult for me to publish posts that are more geared towards male readers on Yow Yow! because I am unable to read these types of blogs on a regular basis. It can especially seem more biased during fashion week. Even though I can’t focus on material for men frequently, I’m going to make an effort to at least direct you to other blogs that I admire and that will provide you the content that you are interested in.

23 Aug 2011

Nerd Herd

On the season finale of The Glee Project, my favorite contestant Cameron returned for the final episode. While I was extremely happy that Damien took home the win, I don’t think I paid that much attention to him as much as I focused on the scenes Cameron was actually in. Bree and I agreed last night that while it is obvious that he is talented, there is definitely something that draws our eye towards him throughout the entire episode. Sure, it’s his voice and the hipster attire, but another part of me thinks that it is because he represents a group of people  that has never been a part of the in crowd: the nerds. There’s no one like him on Glee or even on television right now.

As we all know, I’ve got a pretty sweet spot for the nerds – as do many girls. Can you really find a reason to not like one? I mean, have you ever seen a douchey nerd? And I’m not talking about those pretentious characters in television shows, I mean in real life. They don’t exist! They never cheat, except for that one episode of Saved By the Bell. They are known for being the shy smart types. They’ve got a type of style that isn’t mainstream and they always seem to know what’s going on before everyone else. A blogger’s dream right? Today, I learned from HelloGiggles that there’s actually a distinction between geek, nerd and dork. Who knew, right?

In short:

“Geek- Smart but not awkward
Nerd- Smart and awkward
Dork- Smart in less useful areas, awkward but proud regardless”

Feel free to read the rest of the article here:

What I also recognized today was the similarities between a nerd and a hipster. The same transition process occurs when scenesters become hipster. In this case, you start out being a nerd and develop into a full-grown adult-sized hipster. I’ve decided to highlight some of my favorite nerds in this post, but I’ll let you be the judge as to whether or not they are really as hip as they appear to be.

[Cameron Mitchell – The Glee Project right]


I think I’ve talked enough about Cameron in the text above so I won’t exhaust you anymore. He is basically the proudest nerd I have ever seen promoting the “Nerd Herd” in his YouTube videos, on the television series, and even in his music.

[Michael Cera]


Read more “Nerd Herd”

22 Aug 2011

10 Families on Television You Wish You Could Call Your Own

[The Banks Family]

Did you ever wish your life were more like a sitcom? Growing up, I did. I questioned why my parents didn’t invite an Uncle Jesse and a comedic Joey into our family.  I wondered why my jokes were never followed by random laughter and applause in the background. All I wanted was someone who I could banter back and forth with in a town called Stars Hollow. Life in a sitcom seemed so much more interesting than real life, didn’t it? So what families made BuzzFeed’s list of “10 Families You Wish You Were Part Of?” Click here for the rankings.

My pick is above 🙂

22 Aug 2011

WhoWhatWear’s New Makeover

One of my favorite fashion blogs and daily reads has gotten a makeover! Co-founders Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr revealed their brand new layout today packed with fashion news, a weekly feature with Rachel Zoe and a giveaway that lets you enter to win a trip to New York Fashion Week!

Check out the beautiful website here.

22 Aug 2011

Refinery 29’s Street Style

This post from Refinery 29 doesn’t have much to do with anything really except for THAT is my sweater. Refinery 29 caught Megan on the street and photographed her for their street style segment because her outfit is kind of awesome. Yes, that sweater looks just as good in real life. I love.

In case you’re wondering, it’s Urban Outfitters and was on sale last month for just $20 bucks.


18 Aug 2011

WordPress – Freshly Pressed

Typically when I log into WordPress – I go straight to the Login page and go about my routine as usual. It’s been a bad habit of mine because when I go directly to instead of logging in right away, I miss out on all of the Freshly Pressed posts of the day. Freshly Pressed features the best posts for the day out of all of the blogs that they host and most of time, the posts are pretty interesting. Today, my favorite is Sharing Food in Public!

11 Aug 2011

The Importance of Partying Responsibly

I just realized that the headline may be a little misleading, but even if I decided to change it now, I wouldn’t know what to change it to. This post is not about the responsibilities of drinking or anything related to that at all. This post is actually inspired by a post I read on Hello Giggles a couple days ago called “Confessions of a Wannabe Party Girl.” So how exactly does that tie into partying responsibly?

During my stay in Seattle this summer, I have been tempted with the opportunities to go out with my friends. Unfortunately for some of my friends, I am the girl that makes excuses. I make excuses for my health, for my work, for my television schedule etc and because of that, I’ve missed out on some great nights. The nights that I have gone out though have been some of my favorite times from this past summer and a part of me wishes I had more of those. Going out should never be about the drinks that you consume, but about the company that you are with and Hello Giggles explains that perfectly along with other pieces of advice such as “Go home when you are still having fun” and How I Met Your Mother’s famous reference “Nothing good happens after 2AM.”

I don’t want to look back on my summer and remember myself as being a workaholic cause I’m pretty sure I have the rest of my life to do that. I was hesitant about going out often in the first place because I was worried about becoming like the bros at Seattle U that I didn’t want to become, but now that I know I won’t ever be I suppose I’m in the clear. I’m young. I like to go out. I like my friends. I sound like that little girl re-affirming myself in the mirror.

09 Aug 2011

Holiday Matinee Mix Tapes

While there are a handful of original posts that I actually write and research myself, much of my inspiration comes from the blogs I read on a daily basis. For one, writing an original post can take me all day sometimes ie) My Favorite Hipsters or My Seattle: Fave Local Hot Spots, but the blogs I read daily offer a variety selection of news and material that allows me to play around with it. I’ve featured the blogs I read pretty often on here – The Frisky, Flavorwire, etc and today is no different, really. Today, I’m highlighting one of my favorite posts from Holiday Matinee!

I cannot get enough of this blog and I don’t consider the day isn’t over unless I’ve made my daily visit to it. Holiday Matinee publishes a monthly mix tape for their readers and this month’s theme is dedicated to the Outside Lands music festival going down next weekend in San Francisco. This mix is fantastic and the perfect background noise to my work this morning so check it out right now on their website! I wouldn’t consider these musicians and bands emerging, but if you’ve been in dire need of new music – they totally get the job done.


  • Santa Clara if it were in the desert
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  • Current worry: how my sleep schedule tonight will be affected by the royal wedding
  • Perfect end to a Friday night waiting for me at the end of this day
  • Refills?
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