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Blanket Scarves in Boston

Dress – Azalea / Cardigan and Scarf – Aritzia

I knew I was really pushing my limits when I decided to take these boots with me to Boston. For the most part, I can last a whole day in these, but if I’m forced to walk a city for an entire day? Not so much. I was exploring Boston with a friend of mine and we did my “perfect” day – starting with brunch, shopping, and a stroll among a row of brownstones. There’s something about them that I find to be very magical and charming. Maybe it’s because growing up in Seattle, we just didn’t have anything quite like that. In a previous post, I already talked about the Boston Public Library and here’s the outfit we wore to check it out! I truly did not know how amazing it would be until I saw it in person with my own eyes. It’s the place that you know you could probably sit at for hours and be completely content. When it comes to dressing up in different cities, I’m usually a hit or miss. For a fall day and a week that had been mostly filled with showers, wearing this without a jacket was a gamble. I can admit that I haven’t quite nailed the game of layering. I’ve had this blanket scarf for a couple of years now and it’s one of my favorite fall staples. The larger one I have is from Oak + Fort, but I like having two that are in different colors and two different sizes because it means that sometimes one makes more sense for an outing than the other.

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Boston Bundled

Sweater – Madewell / Denim – Forever21 / Scarf – Aritzia

I could never be the girl that could be content in a t-shirt and jeans. Believe me, I’ve tried. I would probably be able to cut my daily routine by 65% if I could just throw on that kind of an outfit every day. However, just when I think it’s possible, I look in the mirror and always find that something is missing. In personality, I’m not a very girly girl, but in terms of style and what my closet looks like, I am very much a girly girl. So yes, I could have paired this sweater and jeans with a pair of sneakers or flats, but then I wouldn’t have felt like myself. Instead, if I’m going to wear a pretty basic outfit, there needs to be a bit of a statement piece with it. Instead of one, I chose two. I wanted these boots that you’ve all seen me wear a lot, but are a little bit pointy and suede, which adds more texture to this look. Secondly, I added in my Aritzia diamond blanket scarf – functional, chic, still in the same color family as the sweater, and adding just enough warmth for a fall day in Cambridge. I didn’t need to go on a shopping trip while I was on a work trip in Cambridge, but the opportunity presented itself and that’s where I picked up this adorable sweater. I actually don’t have very many pieces in pink and I was worried that this wouldn’t work with the rest of my closet, but it’s a piece that I get quite a few compliments on. Apparently, it works really well with my skin tone? Additionally, it’s also just very cozy and great for layering. This sweater was already on sale and I was able to get a “student” discount on it. Wins all around!

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From Pacific Northwest to New England


Chambray Shirt – Madewell / Skirt – Brandy Melville / Vest – Uniqlo

I felt like I was really trying something different with this outfit when I decided to pack it with me to Boston. And I was on the fence – is this an outfit that makes more sense for the Pacific Northwest or for the East Coast? I wasn’t sure! Even as I’m looking at this now, I think the color palette works, but I still have my reservations. I will say that though that this was my first time being in Boston during the fall and I hadn’t worn this vest for like a year. The fact that I chose to bring this with me means that I was making a statement about the purpose it would be serving. Actually, I do love this vest though. I think there are a lot of vests that you could be buying at different retailers, but not only is this one from Uniqlo very functional and warm, it’s also very affordable. Highly recommend.



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Fall Travel Diary


Looking back on last fall, I feel pretty fortunate that I had a chance to travel to so many cities in one run with a career that I really enjoy. Growing up, I never traveled very extensively, but I always wanted a job that would not only take me to places, but allow me to see the cities that I was traveling to. When you’re thinking about a career before you even have one, you envision what your life might be like to have one of these jobs. Luckily, my busy travel season is just that – a season. Last year, I met someone who was previously a consultant and spent 4-5 days out of the week traveling for work. No, thank you. :)

This past fall, I spent nearly two and a half months “on the road” visiting Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Houston, and Boston (twice!) Here are some of the photos I took from these trips; most of them just include the things that I ate, which as you can imagine…were a lot of carbs!


Philly was just the most darling. I really only got two days here, but I wish I could’ve stayed longer! What an incredibly beautiful city with so much charm to it.


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Yow Yow! Takes the East Coast!

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

We survived Boston! That’s not the first thing I thought would come out of my mouth, but after two long flights and one switchblade scare leaving the train, we are very happy to be home and writing this post :)

I had a chance to visit Boston for a work trip this past weekend and I was so so very excited for it especially since I hadn’t been back since I was 14 years old. The work trip included me bringing along three of my co-workers (all previous Harvard alumni) including one of my good friends who happens to be a local from the city so we were in good hands! I don’t think I’ve visited as many cities as most of my friends, but I find that I’m always kind of in lust with every city that I get to see. Boston was incredibly charming with the old buildings, agressive people, and refreshing cold weather. I was nervous that it was going to be something worse than Seattle, but it was right in that wheelhouse!

We stayed in Harvard Square which was perfect! It kind of reminds me of a more upscale and cleaned up Capitol Hill. Even though we had three days there, it still didn’t feel like we had enough time to do everything we wanted!

I bet you’re wanting to know what we ate though…

  • Tasty Burger (the first meal we had getting off our flight at midnight in Boston)
  • Crema Cafe
  • Lo Cante’s for Italian in the North End
  • Neptune Oyster
  • Russell House Tavern
  • Clover (for their breakfast sandwiches)
  • Bon Me (food truck on Harvard’s campus for a quick eat)

Processed with VSCOcam with acg preset

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Yow Yow! In Boston!

We are headed to Boston this weekend! It’s a work trip, of course, but lucky for me I’m headed east with one of my best friends from work! Words cannot even contain my excitement. I haven’t been back to Boston since I was 14 and back then, I was there for school on a class trip performing at the Symphony Hall and surrounded by chaperones. We did all of your standard touristy things – visiting Harvard, seeing that Paul Revere statue, doing a lot of history, and visiting Fenway Park. This time around though, I’m really excited to see the things I want to see and eat EVERYTHING. Tommy is also from Boston so I’m very much looking forward to seeing it all from a local’s point of view. If I had to rank my excitement though, I think having a lobster roll for the first time is the number one thing on my list. Tommy and I will also be going to Neptune Oyster to indulge in all of our seafood cravings that we don’t have in California. Truth. *shrugs*

We won’t be blogging this weekend cause we’ll be out exploring, but I can’t wait to share with you all of the things we’ll be doing! If anyone has any recommendations, I’d love to hear them! For now, I’m just perusing Pinterest.

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Boston Calling Music Festival

What a great lineup! And of course we’re always a bit partial when our hometown heroes are on the bill. We’re looking at you Death Cab For Cutie and The Head & The Heart!

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One Day At Fenway

I haven’t been to many baseball parks, but of the few that I have visited – Fenway is my favorite! I had the opportunity to visit Fenway when I was in middle school for a class trip and my fondest memories from that trip are me with my best friends at the time running around the outside of the perimeter of the filed and taking as many photographs as we can. Watching the Red Sox win the World Series this year after the year that the city has had was overwhelming and much deserved! I love this video “One Day At Fenway” which captures both slow motion photography and time lapses of Game Six.

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Boston Calling Music Festival

How did we almost miss this? This is a pretty stellar lineup for such a few handfuls of bands, but I think it’s pretty great! You done good, Boston. For more info, check the source below.


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Boston Marathon

My heart goes out to all those affected by the Boston Marathon today on what should have been a wonderful memory for many. Please keep everyone impacted in your thoughts and prayers. This tragedy is both devastating and heartbreaking.

*Out of respect for today’s tragedy, Yow Yow will not post the rest of the day – please just spend the day reaching out to your loved ones.

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Based out of Boston, the Drinkify website pairs the best drinks for whatever suits your mood and compliments the music you are listening to.

It’s actually really fun to see all of the variations!

This site is really just perfect for the indecisive crowd.

Start your weekend off right here!

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Nerds Just Want to Express Themselves Too

I love nerds. I love nerd boyfriends. I love these graphic posters of nerds expressing their love. Nicole Martinez, a Boston art director and graphic designer is allowing nerds everywhere to vom out their feelings in the only way they know how – adorably, intelligently and scientifically. Cause…you know, they’re good at all that stuff.

“My boyfriend and I came up with the phrase ‘nerdy dirty’ a while ago because we would say such nerdy things when we were trying to be romantic,” Martinez explained.

For more cuteness, click here. If you’re going to make a purchase, visit her Etsy page.

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In the News…

Glee actress Dianna Agron recently tested for the reboot of the new Spiderman starring Andrew Garfield.

Pacific Coast News reported that they saw Miley Cyrus out last night at Voyeur Nightclub in Hollywood. The club is 21+ and themed around sex. Miley is 17.[Source]

Jersey Shore’s Snooki was unable to find herself a gorilla juicehead on the most recent season of MTV’s Jersey Shore so the network will be giving Snooks her very own reality dating show. [Source]

– Fashion stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe may possibly be pregnant. If true, this news is coming in at a good time since she recently had a mutual breakup with assistant Brad Goreski and there has not been any word on whether or not her show The Rachel Zoe Project will be renewed. [Source]

– The Power Rangers are returning to the tube with Power Rangers Samurai! The site was recently launched this week and features the characters in the show. They finally cast an Asian actress for the part of the pink ranger and not the yellow ranger. [Source]

– After 13 years, Heidi Klum has decided to hang up her wings from Victoria’s Secret. [Source]

Baby Paris Hilton running away from Nancy Reagan. Oh the good ‘ol days…

Rick Sanchez has been fired from CNN [Source]

Kings of Leon will play three US tour dates in Boston, East Rutherford – New Jersey, and New York. [Source]

The Rocket Summer will be releasing a new EP entitled Of Men and Angels: The B-Sides which will include five tracks that did not make the cut for Of Men and Angels released earlier this year. [Source]

E! host Giuliana and Bill Rancic have opened up about their miscarriage on The View for the first time. [Source]

ABC has already decided to cancel their new series “My Generation” after two episodes. [Source] That sucks… maybe that means Wren can finally come back to Pretty Little Liars.

In Seattle news…

Cupcake Royale’s new cupcake of the month is pumpkin maple! [Source]

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Secret Generator Series Concludes

Today, Neon Trees closed out the Urban Outfitters + Levis collaboration of the secret shows in South Boston at the Power Plant. Did anyone make it there?

Also, I wanted to post some pictures of the first secret show that happened with Deerhunter in Chicago last week underneath a random overpass. Would you believe that some people still don’t know what secret shows are? I think they’ll be receiving a lot more attention now that they are popping up everywhere.

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Secret Shows – Deerhunter and Neon Indian

Beginning last week, the Urban Outfitters blog has been releasing clues for the upcoming secret shows for Deerhunter and Neon Indian. So far all we know is that Deerhunter will be playing a set in Chicago on Sept. 25th and Neon Indian will be in Boston on Oct. 3. The precise location of the venues will not be released until 48 hours prior. I love that that Urban Outfitters and Levis are sponsoring these secret shows as part of the Secret Generator Concert Series.

Why you should be a part of this?

1. It’s an adventure! You get to play Nick and Norah as you race around the city putting clues together trying to figure out the puzzle.

2. You weed out all the posers. Only legitimate fans will be at these shows. Wannabes can stay home.

Want to play? Gather all of your clues here

Seattle University students – you won’t believe what I have in store for you this year…just you wait.

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