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08 Feb 2014

HBO’s “Silicon Valley” Teaser


30 seconds really wasn’t enough time for me to make my mind up about this show, but because of its title, I’ll probably watch it anyways. I was (embarrassingly) hooked on Start-Ups: Silicon Valley, but HBO does television differently than Bravo so I feel like the quality factor on this one will be much higher. I’m super interested to see also if it will be an accurate depiction, but what do I know – I’ve only been here for 5 months.

28 Nov 2012

Where To Launch A Business

I stumbled across an interesting article yesterday while at work titled “20 Best Places in the World to Launch a Business” and Silicon Valley was at the top of the list – no surprise there! Home base to Facebook, Google, and Apple it isn’t news to anyone that the area is full of geniuses and entrepreneurs.

To check out the full list click here.

This post is also another excuse for me to confess that  I am in likes with Silicon Valley Start-Ups. I’m sure it may not be the most accurate rendition of the area considering all the drama that is to be had in the show, but I still love it. Bravo shows…they are my weakness.

15 Nov 2012

In Case You Missed Last Night’s Episode of Top Chef Seattle…

I mean, how could you? You’ll never catch me missing an episode this season. I’ve even put MTV’s The Challenge on the back burner for the rest of the season and pushed my viewing until Thursday evenings for them. However, if you are in a situation where you are not in dire need of watching right away like myself, but still want the most solid recap you’ve ever seen… rely on Seattle Met Magazine’s blog because this is spot ON.

Read the full recap of the second episode here.

18 Oct 2012


While all of us were so excited about the filming of Top Chef in Seattle, we somehow forgot all about another new Bravo series that was here around the same time. LOLwork is an inside look into the blog that brings us We’ll see Ben Huh and the gang as they go about their day-to-day work. The show premieres November 7th on Bravo at 11pm ET/PT and you can check out a short preview here.

04 Oct 2012

So Long Gallery Girls!

This past Monday, we all watched the finale of Bravo’s recent hit series Gallery Girls and boy, was it depressing. Maggie thought she was going to get a job, but then she didn’t and AMY came in and snatched it. Ouch. Neglected Liz wasn’t featured as much, but that was probably because she was still brooding about Maggie and Ryan not tipping the waitress and being commoner creatures. Claudia cried. Chantal didn’t really care. Kerri, once again, said absolutely nothing. I was rooting for her throughout the whole season…it was disappointing.

I never thought that I would enjoy this series, but I did. It was the biggest surprise of the summer and now that it is over – can I share with you some of my favorite quotes?

1. “I woke up, I did some yoga, I had a French press coffee, and I’m ready for work!” — Chantal, two hours late for work.

2. “Coriander is my favorite herb.” — Angela, who pronounces the H.

3. “Are you really drinking Michelob Light? You’re the love of my life!” — Drunk Amy.

4. “There are so many trees.” — Maggie, describing Florida.

5. “I need some real coffee. This tastes like Folgers.” — Chantal.

6. “I’m really inspired by moroseness … and cinema?” — Angela, describing her photography.

7. “Everyone runs and hides here because everyone’s, like, quiet little Asian people and scared.” — Liz, describing her School of Visual Arts classmates.

8. “This event is supposed to make me buzz worthy!” — Angela.

9. “I don’t trust anything from someone who calls himself the Sucklord. His name is probably Steve.” — Claudia.

10. “[Crying.] You need to get off the Adderall or something.” — Chantal, to her “business partner” Claudia.

11. “My family will definitely be excited if I get a paying job; they’ve wanted me to have that forever.” — Maggie.

12. “Your friend is a disgusting vile commoner creature.” — Liz, to Maggie.

Oh Maggie, how you slay me.


19 Sep 2012

Let’s Talk Top Chef!

They were here. It’s happening. The new season in Seattle will be airing November 7th on Bravo!! Unfortunately, none of this season’s contestants are from the actual city itself (that’s a first, kind of!) but who cares. The season was filmed here, which means I get to point out all of my favorite places to eat excitedly to people around me who just don’t care.

So let’s talk details. They are calling this the “back to basics” season. There’s a new judge on the panel and he goes by the name of Wolfgang Puck. You can check out all of the contestants here. There will also be a few cameos from some of Seattle’s best chefs. Tom Douglas – iz you in the house?! Check out my source of information here.

16 Sep 2012

Thought Catalog Roundup

02 Sep 2012

Thought Catalog Roundup

20 Aug 2012

Summer Obsession: Gallery Girls

Summer may be coming to a near close, but that doesn’t mean that the television season ever has to stop. While starting my vacation this past weekend and indulging in too much food that my body couldn’t handle, I discovered a new series that was right up my alley. Bravo doesn’t disappoint with the reality series. Ever. Remember NYC Prep? Now, that was just gold. Whether or not Gallery Girls will fair the same, it may be too soon to tell – but I have high hopes.

Gallery Girls follows the lives of seven girls living in different New York neighborhoods all trying to make it in the art world. I don’t like to stereotype that much, but hey – the show has already laid it out this way. The blondes come from or live in the Upper East Side and typically have money handed to them. The brunettes are the real raw artsy folks. They’re hipster, wear black, and always have lipstick on their teeth. And if you’re caught with lipstick on your teeth, that is just the biggest fashion faux pas ever and the blondie Liz uses it as some way to make fun of them. SHE’S SO NICE, you guys!

From left to right – Amy, Angela, Maggie, Kerri, Liz, Claudia, Chantal

Amy is a little bit of a hoot! She’s loud and loves the booze naturally, but Liz has also proclaimed that she’s just an ass-kisser. And it’s true. At first I didn’t want to believe it because let’s be real – who wants to believe anything that mean Liz says, but thanks to Bravo’s amazing editing skills, you really get a feel for it. She’s a 24 year old intern or something like that, but shows no signs of slowing down in the party scene. Everything she has is paid for because of daddy, but later on in the previews I think she has to leave her pretty apartment because daddy goes on to sell it. I can’t wait for this moment.

I don’t care that much for Angela. She left California for New York because everyone over on the West Coast thought she was weird. Angela is extremely comfortable with her body and does the whole photography/modeling thing and…that’s about it.

Maggie is Maggie. She’s got a little bit of a problem with her communication skills in that she likes to “beat around the bush” and be vague about almost everything, but she’s pretty cute with her wavy brown hair! In the first episode, Maggie previously interned at the Eli Klein gallery and after taking a break from her internship, she decides she wants to come back. Like a lot of the girls in New York (says the show,) Maggie can afford to have unpaid internships because she’s got a trust fund. Why she took this break in the first place – we still don’t really know. Her boyfriend looks like a meat head though and that makes me giggle.

With one episode in, I’ve already deemed Kerri my favorite “character.” Kerri recently moved to New York after growing up middle class in Long Island and she believes in hard work to get to where she needs to be. In the first episode, she is aggressive in making connections at the first event taking place at the Eli Klein gallery and manages to land herself an internship at the same place where crazy Amy is interning at! Kerri wasn’t highlighted very much so we’re still getting to know her, but I pray that she remains neutral and a) doesn’t become Liz, b) doesn’t befriend Amy and c) continues to kick butt and get further than all of the other girls.

Liz is a mean girl. She comes from money and doesn’t believe in working for anything. Since her father is a notable figure in the art collection world, Liz believes that she should just receive top notch treatment everywhere she goes, but this doesn’t phase the hipster girls at all and they quickly dismiss her. I think her and Maggie are going to end up being friends maybe, but you just know that at some point Liz is going to stab her in the back when she doesn’t see it coming. She’s also got some great lines in the show that are simply jaw dropping. At the same time, you love her. I love Liz, but the world hates her just as much.

Claudia and Chantal are best friends and have recently decided to open up a new art space in the Lower East side where they will feature pieces of art and sell clothing. Claudia will deal with the arts and Chantal  the merchandise. They also have another co-owner named Lara, but no one really cares about her that much and when I say no one – I mean no one. There was one scene where Lara was  crying in the back of their shop before their opening and Chantal with her hipster ways just brushed it off. Zero f’s given from this chic. At the beginning of the episode when we are introduced to the two girls, I think to myself, “How cute! Best friends! I want that!” but at the end of the hour, I’m asking myself if these two girls have anything in common at all. It looks like they don’t. The big drama surrounding Claudia is that her parents gave her $15,000 to invest in their so-called shop and when she expresses some concern over this, her co-owners could care less. Chantal basically just does what she wants and is the manic indie pixie dream girl (it’s not a hipster show without one, right Bravo?) Chantal seems like she’s really going to mess things up for Claudia and that by the end of the season, their shop is going to be kaput and so is their friendship – but it’s cool because Chantal is so nuts and purses her lips all the time and talks exactly like Mary-Kate Olsen.

Gallery Girls is on Bravo tonight at 10PM. I’ve already set an appointment on my calendar for it. 


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