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02 May 2012

Song of the Day

The Rocket Summer – So In This Hour… [live]

So ever since I heard that one of my favorite bands was going to be touring with my friends’ band and another new favorite band, I’ve been extremely giddy. This is one of my favorite songs, but it wasn’t a favorite of mine until I heard this version. Now, if you’re familiar with Bryce Avary, then you know that most of his songs are written about his wife. They are the sweetest couple I’ve ever heard of even though I’ve never met them in person. The second verse in this song was improvised and not featured in the original song, but it makes me swoon every time.

Bryce Avary, can you perform at my future wedding please?

29 May 2011

Blind Item Band Experiences

A smaller band tried to express me that they were anxious to work with Bryce Avary because they thought that he might be too pretentious.

Are you sure you weren’t talking about…yourself?


29 May 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Soundtrack

1. The Rocket Summer – Bryce Avary, His Instruments and Your Voices

Get it for free here

2. Cults (self-titled)

Stream it for free here

3. Death Cab For Cutie – Codes and Keys

Stream it for free here

4. Campfire OK – Strange Like We Are

5. The Head and the Heart (self-titled)

6. Foster the People – Torches

Stream it for free here

7. Minus the Bear – Hold Me Down EP

Get it for free here

Happy Sunday studying!

26 May 2011

Bryce Avary, His Instruments And Your Voices

It’s not “Study Music Sunday” yet, but let’s be real – I know I won’t be studying this Sunday. Since it is a long weekend, I thought I would give you all a little treat sure to last you the four days. Earlier this week, one of my favorite singers – Bryce Avary of The Rocket Summer released a new CD called His Instruments And Your Voices. The CD is a compilation of songs that Avary recorded while he was on the “His Instruments And Your Voice” tour this past fall and includes his fans’ favorite songs and them singing along with him.

I actually attended one of his shows in Seattle back in November after waiting five years to see him and it is probably included on my list of top five favorite concerts ever. You can read all about my fan girl night here.

Since this is gift from Avary to all of his fans, the CD is completely free! So kick off your wonderful Memorial Day weekend by downloading the CD here.

28 Aug 2010

Bryce Avary “His Instruments and Your Voices” Tour

I always feel a little awkward when I have to tell people that I have yet to see one of my favorite bands live in concert. I’ve been listening to The Rocket Summer ever since I was in middle school. Bryce’s songs were the background music to my teenage years. Somehow, in the span of seven years, I have found myself always missing his stops through Seattle. Our schedules just haven’t been in alignment, but this year is the year that it will all come to an end. I will see Bryce. I will finally get to see him perform live after all these years.

Yesterday, Bryce announced his new fall tour, “His Instruments and Your Voices.” Bryce plans to visit cities all over the country and a few in Canada for his most intimate tour yet. Bryce will also take along an acoustic guitar, a piano, and drums for this tour instead of venturing with his entire full band. He promises to explain the stories behind each song that he performs, take requests from fans, and maybe even record some of these shows for an upcoming live album.

Avary said, “I’ve never done anything like this before and I think it’s time to do something extra special for our core fans. I’m hoping each night has a rowdy, choir-like sing along vibe. The plan is to even record the shows with the hopes of putting out a live record of this special tour. I’m excited to tell stories, talk with fans, take requests and play some of the more obscure songs I’ve written, as well as the popular ones. I plan on playing a bunch of instruments and looping stuff as well. I’m going to make sure it’s an exciting show, and I’m purposely staking out smaller rooms than ever to keep it intimate. We’ve spent the whole year playing really big rooms with bigger bands, and it’s time do something intimate—just me and TRS fans. I really can’t wait for this.”

Dates announced so far:

10/12/10 Chapel Hill, NC Local 506
10/13/10 Atlanta, GA Smith’s Olde Bar
10/17/10 Annapolis, MD Rams Head
10/18/10 Hartford, CA Webster Underground
10/23/10 South Hackensack NJ School of Rock
10/24/10 Allston, MA Harpers Ferry
10/25/10 New York, NY The Studio at Webster Hall

Never been more excited. I am crossing my fingers for a Seattle date!



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