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Capitol Hill Block Party 2017 Lineup

This is a great lineup, but secondly – how great are the colors being used for this year’s festival?! Designgasm… I just made that word up. I hope that’s okay. As most of you know, Capitol Hill Block Party has always been very near and dear to my heart and this lineup looks SO good. Should we fly home for it? Answer y/n.

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Capitol Hill Block Party 2016

The initial lineup was just released yesterday, but as we all know – it only gets better as time goes on when it comes to CHBP. As always, I’m especially proud of the Pacific Northwest presence – Odesza, STRFKR, The Cave Singers. Capitol Hill Block Party is a festival that means so much to me and was a huge part of my upbringing in music. It’s hard to believe how many years I’ve been away from it now – just doesn’t seem normal, you know? And it’s not like I have a festival here in the Bay Area that I can call home quite yet. :(

Aw sad feels.

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Capitol Hill Block Party 2015

I looked at this and all I could get excited about what Jamie xx! AMAZING!

Also, I think I had the opportunity to see TV On The Radio and The Kills at CHBP a couple years ago, but great to hear that they’ll be back again.

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Serious FOMO


It pains me to have to miss Capitol Hill Block Party this year – the first in many years! It used to be the event that I looked forward to the most every summer not only because it was just so much fun, but because it took place in my neighborhood. I’m missing it this year (for a while I thought I was actually going to fly back for it) and while I’m disappointed I won’t be there, I know that the festival won’t disappoint. They’ve got such a great lineup and I wish I were there! My friend from back home, Lucas, sent this photo over to me last week from the Girl Talk set last summer on a flier promoting Capitol Hill Block Party.

Nailing it.

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Capitol Hill Block Party 2014 [Full Lineup]

We recently released the partial lineup for this year’s Capitol Hill Block Party featuring the headliners, but earlier this week the full lineup was announced and we’re still just as excited about the whole event.


A$AP Rocky // Spoon // Chromeo // Matt and Kim // The War on Drugs // ODESZA // Budos Band // A$AP Ferg // Dum Dum Girls // RAC // Beat Connection // The Julie Ruin // Star Slinger // Sol // Robert Delong // Tanlines // xxyyxx // Man or Astro-man? // Angel Olsen // Poolside // EMA // Cymbals // Slow Magic // Small Black // HOLYCHILD // Shy Girls // Hundred Waters // Pillar Point // Raz Simone // Iska Dhaaf  // The Chain Gang of 1974 // Wild Ones // Kithkin // Cataldo // Weed // Special Explosion // Childbirth // Katie Kate // Tangerine // Sandrider // Otieno Terry // Lemolo // Natasha Kimeto // Pollens // Ayron Jones & The Way // Constant Lovers // Shaprece // Gaytheist // Country Lips // Fox and the Law // Ricky and Mark // Dub  Thompson // Audacity // Manatee Commune // Hand of the Hills // Tennis Pro // Dude York // Tom Eddy // Wimps // Pony Time // The Pharmacy // Vox Mod // Deadkill  // Eternal Bad // Trash Fire // Grave Babies // Cabana // Tacos! // MonogamyParty // Theories // Sex Blister // Great Goddamn // Bad Motivators // The Beach Boy // Sashay // Blood Drugs // Power Bottom // Wolfgang Fuck // So Pitted // Stickers // Haunted Horses // The Dip // Paralyzer // Murmurs

Whoo! Those in bold are the acts I recommend checking out if you have the time!


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Capitol Hill Block Party 2014 Partial Lineup


When I learned that the partial lineup would be released this morning, I had my laptop in… lap at 8:55 AM ready to go and not willing to miss a thing. The partial lineup isn’t the entirety, but it’s enough to hold us over and give us a tease of what’s to come. By the looks of it, if these are the names they are releasing now, then the rest of the lineup will surely not disappoint. I saw both Chromeo and Matt and Kim at the former Street Scene San Diego Festival years ago and have been itching to catch a performance of theirs ever since. I also was able to catch Beat Connection at Bumbershoot this year as a last minute filler to their lineup and am so excited about all of their new material.

Not bad Capitol Hill… but don’t make us wait too much longer for the rest. We’ll be waiting.

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Yow Yow’s Yearly Recap

Wowowow. What a year it has been for Yow Yow!

I’m not all that sad to see 2013 go because I am so looking forward to what 2014 has in store for us. 2013 was a big transition year for Yow Yow! Postings became a little bit more consistent because I was no longer in school and it started to become predictable that I would just log on right after work. It’s nice to be able to have a set schedule to be honest. When I was in school, I would post any free moment I had, which was great because maybe sometimes I would be inclined to write a post about something because it was convenient. However, I appreciate now, that I get to wait until the end of the day to sort out my thoughts and to spend some time thinking a little bit more about what I am writing. Yow Yow! has turned 5-years old! It’s hard to believe that this blog has been with me for that long and that some of you have watched me transition, grow, and hopefully write better content in that time. Thank you x 23984298 to everyone who has supported the blog during this time. If I didn’t have that, I may not still be writing today. We know for sure though that Jennie and Ashley have at least helped me keep Wedding Mondays alive.

Stats from 2012 will be on the left and italicized while stats from 2013 will be right and bold.

1,130,911 total visits to Yow Yow! – – – – – – – – – – –  1,294,886 total visits to Yow Yow!

*In just 2013, there were 163,975 visits to Yow Yow!

7,067 Posts, 2,187 Comments 10,229 Tags – – – – –  9,167 Posts 3,152 Comments 12,122Tags (cumulative)

Top Post of 2013 – “Hipster Disney Princesses In Real Life” – 15,726 views (written in 2012)

Top Post Written in 2013 – “Meet: Hollis Wong-Wear” – 2,071 views

Busiest Month in Terms of Views – October 2012 (49,821 views) – – – – – January 2013 (24,905 views)

Highest Average Visits Per Day – October 2012 (1,607 views) – – – – –  – January 2013 (803 views)

*Busiest Day – October 5, 2010 (4,239 views)

Credits + References

Worked with

  • Gilt City
  • Postmates
  • Dry Soda
  • Gratify
  • Nordstrom Wedding Suite at the Seattle Nordstrom Flagship

“Women Who Are Making It” Series:

  • SuChin Pak
  • Molly Young
  • Kendall Herbst
  • Hollis Wong-Wear

Top Referring Sites in 2013 Were:

  • Pinterest.com
  • Facebook.com
  • Twitter.com
  • Android.pinterest.com
  • holliswongwear.com

Most of My Visitors Came From:

  • The United States
  • Canada
  • The United Kingdom

Music Festivals Covered:

  • Capitol Hill Block Party
  • Bumbershoot


*We started a new series on Fridays called “Take Me There” and “Truth and Words” Sundays

*We ended the series “Thought Catalog Roundup.”

*New graphics and headers by Leanna Robb! [Facebook, Twitter, Blog]

* We made a Facebook page! Like us.

*We packed up and moved to the Bay area! [Seattle, forever <3 – I promise]

*Veronica became an official part of Yow Yow!

*We received our very first press passes for Yow Yow!

*We started “Conversations From 20-Somethings.”

*We hit 1,000+ subscribers!

*We followed-up with some of our previous guest writers from a year ago:

*We made some videos! Like this unveiling video below:

and one last hoo-rah with Space Girl

*We had a memorable Twitter interaction:

Here’s to what we hope will be a very exciting 2014!

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Favorites of 2013

Favorite Style Icon: Alexa Chung

This should really come as no surprise. Since Alexa Chung came into my life, I have always been a fan of her outfit choices. I noticed last year, I selected Taylor Swift, but really – Alexa blew her and everyone else out of the water in 2013. With her new book that we are dying to read and collections of hers popping up all over the place, we are looking forward to what she’ll be bringing to the table in 2014.

Runner up: Kiernan Shipka

Continue reading

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Photo of the Day:

photo cred | Jim Bennett

Out of all of the photos that I have seen so far of Capitol Hill Block Party this year, this one is definitely my favorite! This was the crowd of thousands during Girl Talk’s Friday evening performance. From the stage, you can probably see about 50ft in front of you, but this is massive. I love this festival.

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See You Next Summer Capitol Hill Block Party!

the drainage

photo cred | The Drainage

It has been quite the weekend celebrating Capitol Hill Block Party ’13 this year, but I don’t think I would have wanted it any other way! Friday was completely sold out by about 6PM, but that’s no surprise considering that Dillon Francis, STRFKR, and Girl Talk being the major players of the night. I remember standing in line for my press pass that night when a young bro decided to swoop in front of me to ask the person behind the counter if there were “seriously no tickets left?” Um… yeah, that’s what sold out means. It amazes me that people still think it’s like some sort of a joke and that the girl behind the counter was magically going to say, “JUST KIDDING! I’ve got some extra tickets for you right here!”

Not real life bros.

On Friday night, I was able to check out the three popular main stage acts listed above and had a fantastic time with my friends! Earlier that week, Hannah and I debated as to whether or not we would try to get on stage for Girl Talk again after our stint at Showbox Sodo several years back, but by Friday – we had officially decided. Our game faces were on. My Keds were tied. And I was ready for just about anything.

Challenge accepted. Mission accomplished. Round two did, indeed, happen and it was so much better the second time around only because I was less dehydrated and knew exactly what to expect. I really couldn’t have asked for a better night.


photo cred | Sy Bean/SeattlePI.com


photo cred | Jim Bennett

We had an absolute blast dancing along to STRFKR Friday night and loved their costumes! Was this a shoutout to Space Girl? Probably not, but I do like the fact that we both own the same helmet.

After an exciting Friday night, I was relieved to find that Saturday had calmed down a bit. The two acts that I had wanted to see were The Flavr Blue – the group of our Yow Yow interviewee, Hollis, and Pickwick – a band that I have previously booked for! Because of my ties to both groups, Saturday was more personal for me and I wasn’t going to end the night without seeing the both of them.

the flavr blue

photo cred | Jim Bennett

Though I’ve listened to The Flavr Blue many times before, I had never actually seen them live  and after witnessing their performance – they were probably my favorite from the entire weekend. Everyone in the audience was engaged and energized with their enlarged glow sticks and the group made sure they did their part on involving the crowd. Hollis blew me away. Not only is she incredibly gorgeous and owning with her stage presence, she is also super talented.  I think for someone that has collaborated with Macklemore, it can  be easy to ride on the coattails of another artist, but Hollis has dispersed her attention evenly to all of her projects no matter how big or small the recognition for them is.


photo cred | Jim Bennett

Pickwick will always be a band that is near and dear to my heart. It was amazing to see them work their way up from festival to festival and then to taking the Main Stage! That is such a huge accomplishment for the group – for any group. With their Seattle fan base behind them and probably a few others, Pickwick was in good company yesterday evening. They played songs from their latest album and had everyone on their feet bobbing along to the songs and singing. Our dreamboat of a frontman Galen even referenced to the fact that Pickwick has been named a Seattle hipster band, but it didn’t seem like they minded. With songs that were versatile for just about anyone, Pickwick put on a solid show and I was pretty happy with ending my night with them.

Unfortunately, I was unable to make it to Sunday’s Capitol Hill Block Party, but I don’t think I would have survived if I did. I certainly don’t have the stamina that I used to in attending all three days of a festival! It was another great year, but as always, the music festival has taught me a few things that I thought I would share with you:

  • If you’re going to offer to buy a group of girls their first drink, follow through with it.
  • Don’t wear sandals.
  • When tickets are sold out, they’re sold out
  • If you’re wearing a backpack and going into the crowd; just know that no one likes you
  • Find out where the bathrooms are and how you can get access to them
  • The people working the festival should probably know where the press room is. Please and thank you from a press person!
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Arriving to the Capitol Hill Block Party

photo cred | Fiat of Kirkland

Traffic is about to be a hot mess tonight – and the parking? Even worse, I’m sure. To  avoid any incidents involving drinking and driving or the stress of finding parking on the hill tonight for the music festival, Uber is teaming up with Fiat of Kirkland to provide free rides to AND from the Block Party. Have we ever heard of such a thing? The only concern would be how many people will be using the service all weekend, but if you’re lucky to be selecting a ride at the right time, then why wouldn’t you take it?

To read up on the full details of how you can snag a free right all weekend long, click here.

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Cults New Album Teaser

As previously mentioned a few posts down, Cults will be performing at this year’s Capitol Hill Block Party and it’s perfect timing as they will be releasing their new album “Static” on October 15, 2013. The band released an album teaser today and though short, I am totally into it and am looking forward to hearing what they will be presenting for their sophomore album.

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Trails and Ways – 3:15-3:45PM – Neumos

I think I fell in love with Trails and Ways last year because they reminded me so much of one of my favorite  bands here in Seattle. Their upbeat sounds and catchy tunes are enough to make anyone like them. Even though I started listening to them last year, I’ve always been interested in seeing them live and now …I was going to say  that I get to, but unfortunately, I have to miss this set due to another commitment. Worst. News. Ever. However, Sunday is always one of my favorite days because it’s a great end to the festival, but also everyone is just winding down. The high schoolers are burnt out from the weekend and everyone can just relax. We’ll see you there.

Hey Marseilles – 3:45-4:30PM – Main Stage

This local band from Seattle has come such a long way! I am so lucky to have been able to work alongside their lead singer Matt Bishop and am even more proud to see him and his band thriving right now. Even though they’ve played in Seattle more than a few times, I have never had the chance to see them live! Good for them for being selected to perform on the main stage though. Their latest album, “Lines We Trace” is one of my favorites from the year and as we all know, the real thing in person is always 10x better.

Cults – 5:00-5:45PM – Main Stage

Seeing Cults two years ago was one of my favorite moments from the Capitol Hill Block Party. I had the chance to see them up front (which I never do anymore) with my two friends Max and Mathew who ended up surprising me with their autographs after the show. It was such a treat and a memory (like all my memories from this fest) that I’ll always hold near and dear to my heart especially because I also had a chance to review them back then. The members of this band seem like such a sweet bunch of people and I am thrilled to hear their new album Static when it is released this fall. Two years ago, I watched them inside of Neumos and I am excited that this time around they’ll be playing for the masses on the Main Stage! UPGRADE!

photo cred |

The Flaming Lips – 8:15-10 – Main Stage

I have never seen The Flaming Lips live, but I’ve heard that they put on quite a show. Kevin says that we can’t miss it so I guess we’re going!

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Blog Roundup

photo cred | Jonathan Cooper

-Seattle was named the hardest working city today in the United States. [Source]

-Even though they are our exes, they’re still alive when it comes to social media and technology [Source]

-An interview with Girl Talk’s Gregg Gillis before Capitol Hill Block Party this weekend. [Source]

-Men get self-conscious too, you know? They’re now injecting fat into their butts so that they can keep their pants up! [Source]

-Google gives back to San Francisco by paying $600k to give 31 parks in the city free Wi-Fi. [Source]

-A note on marketing and how Warby Parker gets called the “Ryan Gosling of brands at the moment.” [Source]

Time Waster! The News IQ Test. I may read blogs every day, but when it comes to news, I’ll admit that I’m not at the top of my game. I answered 6/13 questions correctly. That’s embarrassing. Curious to see how well you’d do? Click here to start the test.

-“They say you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Wouldn’t it make sense to intentionally surround yourself with people of great character and influence?” [Source]

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photo cred | 49st

The Flavr Blue – 9-9:45PM – Neumos

Sorry y’all I dropped the ball yesterday on posting this preview post as we were with Dry Soda on Tuesday evening! As some of you know, I conducted an interview earlier this month with Hollis Wong-Wear and her group The Flavr Blue will be performing. They’ve been hard at work producing new tracks – one of which was a Song of the Day this week – but we can only imagine that the performance will be 10x better. Hollis is a talented young woman who has had many projects under her belt. This is a huge performance for the group and will transition well for them as they hit the stage at Bumbershoot over Labor Day Weekend.

Wild Cub – 9:45-10:30PM – Vera Stage

I’m not sure when or how I stumbled upon Wild Cub, but I found them on my Spotify playlist the other day and have been listening to them on rotation with all of my other tracks. If you’re looking for the soundtrack to your summer, Wild Cub is the answer.  Their tracks are easy to listen to, catchy, and will have the audience bobbing their heads along to the beat. The track I’ve featured above is just a sample to get you started, but I’m confident that by the end of their set Saturday, you’ll be a fan.

Pickwick – 10:30-12AM – Main Stage

It is a proud moment when you can see a local band that you’ve previously booked make it to the Main Stage of a music festival. I’ve enjoyed listening to Pickwick since I learned about them and with the release of their album “Can’t Talk Medicine” earlier this year and their local fan base, it makes complete sense to have them close out Saturday night at Block Party. Seeing them perform live for the first time at Bumbershoot was an experience I’ll never forget  and booking them at the music festival that I helped organize and hearing my own mother tell me she was a converted fan meant some serious stuff. Pickwick is truly a Seattle “Hipster” band (catch the Mariners reference?) and a band with a sound that can be enjoyed by everyone.

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