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19 Dec 2012


Congratulations Cassadee Pope

Yesterday evening, Cassadee became the winner of the third season of The Voice! And I’m sure other former scene kids, like myself, were thrilled. She performed alongside friends of mine back in the day while she was a part of Hey Monday and while I never had the chance to meet her, I knew many people just like Cassadee.

It is always so exciting to see someone “make it.” And I flip flop back and forth on this argument because the music snob in me has definitely expressed negativity when I have seen bands sellout, but then you have a case like Cassadee. Someone who has worked her way up and further developed her sound over the years. She left a band and went solo – that alone is difficult, but what’s great about The Voice (and probably every other reality music television series – but mainly The Voice) is that she worked her way through each round continuously improving and impressing all of us. Because her path has been so similar to my friends, I know what she’s gone through. It is the shows at all of the local venues and teen centers in every state. It’s performing at music festivals like Warped Tour to hundreds and also to audiences of just ten people. We never forgot about you Cassadee and as a teenager who loved shows and was one of those ten, thank you for treating us like we were a crowd of a thousand. Here at Yow Yow! – we are so proud of Cassadee and even though Yow Yow! is just run by me – when I say we – I mean Veronica and I.


03 Dec 2012

In Quick Music News…

Let’s start with bad news.

RIP Das Racist.

I’ll never forget the time I almost worked with you for a show and you asked me for $10K  when my budget was $3K. That’s life. I do, however, want to thank you for giving me this gem.


There’s a video of me butchering this song, but out of love. I’m truly sorry about that.


In other news…

Every time I see Cassadee Pope perform on this season of The Voice, I am shaking and crying inside a little bit. The former scene kid in me loves her and is rooting for her to succeed. Hey Monday was glorious, but we all know that Cassadee was bringing something much more to the table and she is shining this season. No matter what happens in the end, I know she’ll be successful and I know that everyone else who used to watch her at the smaller venues and in local teen centers feel the same way.



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