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12 Mar 2011

In the News…

Gwen Stefani will be donating her custom-made John Galliano wedding gown to the Victoria and Albert Design Museum in London. [Source]

Emmanuel Alt has debuted her first cover for Paris Vogue featuring Gisele Bundchen. [Source]

Lady Gaga has designed a bracelet to support the relief efforts in Japan. [Source]

David and Victoria Beckham are expecting a little girl! Finally! [Source]

Olivia Wilde has filed for divorce from her husband Tao Ruspoli. The couple separated last month. [Source]

– The cast of Breaking Dawn have evacuated from their production set in Vancouver due to the tsunami warning. [Source]

Lauryn Hill announces spring tour. [Source]

– Canadian actors Jay Baruchel and Allison Pill are now engaged. [Source]

Ashlee Simpson was seen rebounding with soon-to-be ex-husband Pete Wentz’s friend. Sucha fail. [Source]

Friends will be joining Nick at Nite’s lineup. [Source]

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have broken up. I thought this would never happen. Justin and Mila please! [Source]

Isla Fischer and Sascha Baron Cohen have finally revealed the name of their second daughter born last August: Elula Lottie Miriam Cohen. [Source]

Greek actress Spencer Grammer is pregnant. Also, can we note that her father Kelsey Grammer’s new wife is just two years older than his daughter? Gross. [Source]

– A Mexican man has tattooed 82 images of Julia Roberts’ face onto his body. [Source]

Bath & Body Works have created a new line of lotions, shower gels, and and other products dedicated to the Twilight franchise. I swear, I have a lotion that looks exactly like the one above, but I promise it’s not called Twilight Woods. Dumb. [1 2]

– Inspired by Charlie Sheen…the Tiger Blood energy drink. [Source]

Ashley Olson and Justin Bartha have split. [Source]

American Apparel CEO Dov Charney has been slapped with a $260 million lawsuit. [Source]

Lilith Fair ends its run. [Source]

– 14-year old actress Chloe Moretz has admitted that she will probably have plastic surgery done someday by her plastic surgeon father. [Source]

Billy Ray Cyrus will appear on The View on March 18th against daughter Miley’s wishes. [Source]

09 Mar 2011

Team Sheen Needs an Intern…not really

As soon as I saw this internship inquiry to intern for Charlie Sheen yesterday, several thoughts came to mind:

1) This isn’t real.

2) Maybe this is real!

3) What parent would let their son or daughter intern for Charlie Sheen?

4) “Tell Charlie Why You’re #Winning” Too much lawls.

Sorry to get your hopes up, but it was all a publicity stunt! Are we surprised? Supposedly, was looking to increase their visitors and that is exactly what happened. Charlie Sheen was even paid up to five figures for simply tweeting the following statement: “I’m looking to hire a #winning INTERN with #TigerBlood. Apply here – #TigerBloodIntern #internship #ad.”

I can’t imagine being paid to tweet a sentence. What a job to have right? What are we all still doing in school? Oh, that’s right – we’re not all #winning like Charlie Sheen yet.

In case you were wondering, Charlie Sheen now has 2.2 million followers on Twitter. He launched his Twitter account on March 1st.

For more disgusting numbers, click here.

03 Mar 2011

If You’re Not Charlie Sheen then you are #notwinning

Am I the only one that is loving all of the attention Charlie Sheen is getting right now? When did he get so funny?! He has said a lot of riduculous things in the past week and done countless interviews with various press outlets adding to his list of mess-ups blunders and while I should maybe feel bad for him a little bit cause he clearly has a problem, I do not! Clearly, he loves the attention and if attention is what he wants, attention is what I will give. Keep it coming Charlie Sheen, you’re totally winning right now.

Also because I’m a huge fan as of last week and get such a laugh out of Hashtags, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite hashtags associated to #notwinning.

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