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The Closet: July 2017


Warehouse Ditsy Floral Ruffle Hem Midi Dress$105 – $42

The five pieces that stole my heart for July and the last five we’ll see before we head into a dreamy fall! I’ve got one more wedding this month so clearly, I’ve had wedding guest dresses on my mind and a lusting for some items from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale which I stayed very very far away from.

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Cinq à Sept

It’s here, it’s here! Fashion Week is here! Every year, Fashion Week coincides with my busiest season for work, but lucky for us, we’re not on the road quite yet so I’m trying to spend the last 30 minutes of my night this evening trying to catch up on shows before going to bed and restarting this entire day over again. Our first show is Cinq à Sept and I’m really excited to be sharing some photos from this very pretty and very feminine show. Can we just say one thing though? Instagram each year has been HUGE for Fashion Week. I love following designers, influencers, and Eva Chen as they galavant through all the shows and seeing things in Slow-Mo, but this year Instagram Stories is already taking things to another level and I don’t hate it. In fact, all my free time at work is spent catching up on Stories and it’s such a personalized and intimate way to sort of feel like you’re at show even if you will never ever receive an invite to the Yeezy show. It’s the next best thing, I think. I don’t know how we’re going to keep these up when we start flying out next week, but for now – let’s all just ENJOY this.

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