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29 Dec 2012

Yow Yow’s Yearly Recap

4 years. Can you believe it? It’s surreal to me that I’ve kept Yow Yow! going for this long, but at the same time having Yow Yow! is also kind of like my very own personal diary. It’s kind of cool! I get to look back on some bad writing, some bad photos (or photos that are no longer photos) and some really embarrassing moments in history.

At the same time, I’ve also had the opportunity to witness AMAZING things in history. This year, Yow Yow! didn’t change much, but I did. I graduated from college y’all! As a small child, that day seems so far away – light years away! I’ve got my degree. I found myself a big girl job. I fled from Seattle – never thought that would happen either, but it had to someday. 2012 was good to me and 2013 (I hope) will be even better for us – me and Yow Yow!

So let’s get to the numbers, shall we?

Stats from 2011 will be on the right and italicized while stats from 2012 will be left and bold.

750,119 total visits to Yow Yow! – – – – – – – – – – –  1,128,873+ (since the day isn’t over yet and this does not include up until New Year’s Eve) total visits to Yow Yow!

*In just 2012, there were 377,996+ visits to Yow Yow!

5,510 Posts, 1,153 Comments 8,763 Tags – – – – – – – – – – 7,067 Posts 2,187 Comments 10,229Tags (cumulative)

Top Post of 2012 – “Hipster Disney Princesses In Real Life” – 43,998

Top Post Written in 2012 – “Hipster Disney Princesses In Real Life” – 43,998

Busiest Month in Terms of Views – January 2011 (31,761 views) – – – – – – – — October 2012 (49,821 views)

Average Visits Per Day – February 20122 (1,060 views) – – – – –  – – – – October 2012 (1,607 views)

*Busiest Day – October 5, 2010 (4,239 views)

Credits + References

Worked with

  • Vue Society
  • Colangelo PR – Kusmi Tea
  • Downtown Seattle Association
  • Fashion’s Night Out
  • City Arts Fest
  • Ziibra
  • all my friends who collaborated for guest posts

Festivals Covered

  • Capitol Hill Block Party
  • Bumbershoot

*We hit 1 million hits y’all!

*And I finally got to meet one of my interviewees in person – Miss Euna Kho (Bearbot)

*Yow Yow! also participated in the blackout back in January for SOPA

21 Feb 2012

Review: Kusmi Tea

I never drank caffeine or tea until I came to college because I was definitely someone that preferred Jamba Juice smoothies or Starbucks frappuccinos in high school. Yes, Seattle University turned me into one classy college student. Of course, if I wanted to pull all-nighters, blended fruit juices and sugar just weren’t going to cut it. Since being here at school, I have moved on from vanilla chai frapps and graduated onto white mochas – thanks Bree for introducing them to me.

In addition to the caffeine, I was able to let my wall down with tea. Both my parents are huge fans of it so after some convincing, I finally gave in. When Colangelo PR reached out to me recently to ask me if I was interested in trying Kusmi Tea, I was -of course- excited! They sent me this Essentials packet above featuring 12 of their best selling flavors (two of each – ie) 24 tea bags) which then prompted me to call Veronica over so that we could have a night of tea sampling.

Kusmi tea is a brand known for its traditional Russian style teas for the last 140 years and apparently is a favorite for Hollywood IT couple Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom. Here he is below with Kusmi bag in hand after leaving their shop.

photo cred | Daily Mail

Katie’s Review:

Since I’m a huge fan of fruity flavors, I decided to try out the Prince Vladimir [citrus fruits, vanilla and spices.] What I loved about this flavor the most is that it was incredibly fragrant. The smell of it lingered the rest of the night and all I could think to myself was that I wish I had it in scent form. After finishing the tea, I felt at ease and calm. Some teas have been known to make me a little bit jittery, but this wasn’t the case at all with Kusmi. After splitting the flavors in half with my parents, I still have nine more left to try out on my own and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the flavors will bring to the table.

Veronica’s Review:

This past weekend, my dear friend Katie gave me the chance to try a classy new tea with her! Known as Kusmi Tea based in Paris and New York, we had a variety of flavors to choose from. While Katie tried “Prince Vladimir” I gave “Sweet Love” a shot. Meant to be a black tea with a kick, I was interested in the guarana that makes up the tea’s composition. To no surprise, I loved the subtlety of licorice and pink peppercorn that fit well with the hot beverage, giving it a kick. If anyone is looking for a new tea, I recommend looking for some Sweet Love.

To learn more about Kusmi Tea and to make a purchase, click here.


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