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27 May 2011

A Look Back on Seattle U Shows

This past school year, I have had the wonderful privilege of working with some incredible musicians and bands at Seattle University. Within just one school year, they are already making headlines, putting out new albums, headlining tours, and have found themselves on the lineups of music festivals.

I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with these eight very talented musicians and bands:

If there are any musicians and bands that you should be following from Seattle, it is them.

– My dearest friend Liz has relocated to the state of Colorado, but has been keeping busy with a string of shows. Please go out and support her because she is a wonderful and talented little lady. [Source]

Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground will be releasing their album “Introducing” on July 26, 2011 from Suburban Home Records. The band will host CD release shows in both Portland and Seattle, June 11th and 12th respectively. [Source]

– Almost immediately after my show with He Is We ended, the band hit the road to head East to begin their tour with The Rocket Summer. The band will be headlining their first tour beginning mid-June. Did I also mention that they will be performing at Bonnaroo 6/9 – 6/10? [Source]

– Two of my performers Robbie Christmas and Matt Bekker will actually be performing a show together tomorrow at the Crocodile Cafe! The show is 21+. My friend Matt Bekker also recently became a part of the Rocket Music Entertainment Group family, which is home to Elton John, James Blunt, Lily Allen, and Oh Land.

Champagne Champagne will be releasing a new album this summer and will be performing at the 2011 Capitol Hill Block Party, Bumbershoot Music Festival, and Doe Bay Fest!

– I am so excited to be working with Campfire OK for my last show of the year. This year, the band was voted by City Arts Magazine as one of the best new bands of 2011 and this summer, you will be able to catch the rustic-sounding band at both Capitol Hill Block Party, Bumbershoot and Doe Bay Fest! I would say that this band is going to be in a completely different place in the next year, but I know that things for them are moving fast and that the change will most likely occur within the next few months. Their CD “Strange Like We Are”  is definitely one of my favorites from the year. Expect to see them on the bill for various music festivals next year because that’s probably where they will be.

23 Feb 2011

The Painted Dead Trees

As a way to revive the dead trees dispersed in the mountains of Colorado, artist Curtis Killorn has painted them in bold and bright colors as a way to breathe life back in to them.

To view all of the designs, click here.

02 Dec 2010

Hangover Helpers

Some of the best memories from college will be the parties that you attend. It is the one thing that many high school students look forward to in their future. Films and television shows have completely glamorized college parties and for the most part, they are all right! College parties are  great!

Let me just tell you though, from a college student’s point of view, that while all the fun to be had will give you lasting memories of these so called “best four years of your life,” nothing can amount to the worst feeling in the world known as tomorrow’s hangover. That throbbing headache will last all of Sunday from morning until 8PM. No amount of aspirin or Tylenol will be able to save you. Multiple trips to the community bathroom on the floor of your dorm are not ideal. If you’re wise, you’ll take care of yourself the first thing in the morning. All you need is some gatorade, water, and a big bowl of pho.

Party throwers on the other hand don’t get off the hook so  easily. Instead of just taking care of themselves, they have a whole house to take care of. If you thought you were sloppy, imagine the house you just took part in destroying.

A new business called Hangover Helpers is a team that comes to your aid the day after your biggest rager to pick up the pieces. The business, based in Boulder, Colorado, will bring you breakfast burritos and Gatorade ($15 per housemate) the next morning to make sure you are taken care of before they get to work on putting your house back together. Hangover Helpers was created by a few University of Colorado grads who have definitely had experience in hard partying considering that the school is known for their infamous party scene. Founder Marc Simons decided to turn his side job into a full business after he began cleaning houses after parties for some extra cash.

PS the last two pictures in these posts are credited to The Cobra Snake.

Source // Source

06 Aug 2010

A Collection Part 18

It’s time to transition out of August and into the fall that is September. Back to school – back to reality – back to dreams. I am so much happier w/ this collection post than the last one. These photographs are not as sarcastic as the last, but instead beautiful, inspiring, and more genuine.

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14 Jul 2010

How Obese Is Your State?

I guess Washington isn’t so bad being somewhat in the middle, but Mississippi takes the cake [pun intended] for being the fattest state in America.

“Seventy percent of residents are overweight and more than 33 percent of Mississippians are obese. Colorado was deemed the skinniest state with more than 55 percent of Coloradans being overweight, and almost one in five being obese.”

Source: 1, 2

23 Jun 2009

It’s a music post!

My taste in music has gone through many phases. Let me just break it down for you.

Age 0 – 3 – – – – That Barney ish and the theme song to every children’s show. Let’s throw in.. Blossom. That’s not a kids’ show but it will do

Age 4-6 – – – – – Rap. I kid you not. My brother and I used to rap the songs to lyrics. Okay that’s a lie, maybe he rapped the songs and I was the chorus that the female usually sang. Mariah Carey, 112, Ginuwine, Tupac, Biggie, Mase, Blackstreet,

Age 7-9 – – – – – – Spice Girls and your typical pop, mainstream radio.

Age 10-13 – – – – – Britney, Christina, Mandy, Jessica, N’Sync, Backstreet Boys, M2M, BBMak lulz.

Age 14 — – – – – – –  John Mayer and the electronica phase of C89.5, Kaskade, ATB, Paul Van Dyke

Age 15-18 – – – – – – Indie and local Seattle bands – Danger Radio, The Scene Aesthetic, Daphne Loves Derby, This Providence, Gatsby’s American Dream, Forgive Durden

Age 19 – DJ’s and remixes as well as everything above.

Today, I wouldn’t really know what to call the music I listen to. I would say  I listen to a mixture of all of my previous phases, but that doesn’t mean I’m not expanding my library still because I am, so with that I’m going to introduce you to two different artists/dj’s who are both similar and different!

First is Pretty Lights.

Derek Vincent Smith, a producer from Colorado, combines electronic music and simple beats often times accompanied with a drummer to create “soulful music.” He juxtaposes collages of beautiful vintage samples against backdrops of futuristic synthesis and dirty broken beats, creating a sound that can snap your neck while simultaneously shedding your tears.

To listen to Pretty Lights, view his Myspace here

Second is The Twelves!

Yay! Thank you Hudson for introducing me 🙂

This dynamic duo pair from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil are receiving quite a bit of attention for their remixes! Word on the street is that they have amazing sets and currently their songs are playing all over the clubs in Brazil. I hope they come to the US soon cause I would love to see them!

To listen to them visit their MySpace!

Listen to Metric’s “Help, I’m Alive” remix first!


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