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04 Feb 2017

The Eve of the Super Bowl

This video needed more Marshawn. Of course we’ll be watching the Super Bowl tomorrow, but it’s always less fun for us when the Seahawks aren’t in it. In case anyone is wondering though…um, we’re rooting for the Falcons!

29 Aug 2013

A Child’s Happiness And Birthdays


The next time it is one of your friend’s birthdays, just send them this video…because a child’s happiness is priceless – especially on a birthday.

What does this even mean, really? And why are there so many news anchors recycling this line?

28 Aug 2013

Chloe Grace Moretz Has Skills


A clip of Chloe Grace Moretz showing off her butterfly knife skills on Conan. I remember seeing her do this in the original Kick-Ass movie.

11 Dec 2011

Song of the Day


Allen Stone – Unaware

There way a new issue of City Arts Magazine lying around my house today with Allen Stone on the cover. Have any of you heard of him? He’s a 24-year old singer from Seattle with this truly magnificent soulful sound. I’ve heard a lot about him for the past several months and have even had his album for awhile, but hadn’t really taken the time to listen to it. So after reading the article, I decided to YouTube his recent performance on Conan – (a huge deal!) – to which Conan told Stone afterwards that the performance was “fucking awesome” as mentioned in the cover story.

You can read the entire article here.



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