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10 Oct 2015

Pharrell Gets Interviewed by British Kids

Is this not the most adorable thing you’ve seen in a long time? Can I have a British kid? Pharrell did a press conference for his new book “Happy” and was asked questions by the most darling batch of kids.


18 Jul 2013

Happy Thursday!


You’re welcome.

06 Jul 2013

A Collection Part 37

I love seeing the difference in A Collection posts between seasons. With summer, there is so much light in these photos, the idea that we have the capacity to do anything, and some weight lifted off our shoulders. I have so much hope for the rest of 2013 and my hope is that it will be better! I hope you all have a lovely weekend and that these photos can do their best to inspire beauty and life into you!

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07 Nov 2012

Yow Yow! Roundup

The “Boy Meets World” reboot “Girl Meets World” has some follow-up details! [Source] Hey Veronica, I know you’ve been wanting to learn more about this. 

Emma Watson met her long-time friend as a child on Halloween and this is what the caption read:

“Emma Watson to 5 year old boy: ‘Excuse me, are you Harry Potter? That’s great, because I’m Hermonie Granger and we’re best of friends.'”


Capitol Hill Seattle blog featured one of my favorite shops today – Remedy Teas [Source]

32 Signs You’re Living in a Hipster Apartment… now how do I  get my apartment this hipster?

05 Oct 2012

I Wanna Marry You Because…

Can anyone guess which one of my favorite movies this is from?

answer at the [Source] and in the tags.

I’m an idiot. The movie is at the bottom of this note. Why don’t you guys tell me these things…

28 Sep 2012



Patience is knowing that you are just one work day away from the weekend.

08 Sep 2012


[photo cred | inhabitat]

Japan has a new creation on their hands and it is called Babyloid. Babyloid is a robot baby that was designed to ease depression for the elderly by providing them company. Also, how can you even manage to stay sad when you’ve got an adorable “baby” in your hands.

Babyloid can produce more than 100 different sounds.

Watch a video of Babyloid in use here.

18 Mar 2012

Oh Weather…


This video titled “Cummulus & Nimbus” by We Think Things is adorable.



  • friday flirt 😘
  • We picked a destination! We’re headed to Calistoga this weekend and this is my actual face 😬
  • Tbt to that time that I would eat this same ramen once a week
  • This ruby red dress is quickly becoming a fave 💕
  • Where should we go for the long weekend?
  • There. The weekend! Almost.
  • When your retail goals are the same as your home goals
  • hair face
  • 👋🏽

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