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October Favorites

Favorite TV Show – Riverdale

I’ve been hearing about this series for awhile now, but never saw myself as the kind of person that could binge watch a show. It is only in its second season though so you may have though “well, better to start now than when it is in its 4th, right?” When Kevin was in town, he set up my Netflix for me so that I could watch directly from my TV and that was life changing. After he left, this was the first show I turned on and within just a few days, I had finished the entire first season. I love a good CW series and didn’t find myself resonating too strongly with Dynasty (a new series from this past fall.) The show reminds me a little bit of Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars, but not complex enough that I get confused by all the story lines. I’m also particularly excited by this romance between Betty and Jughead. I’m familiar with the comics, but not the storyline from the comics so it’s almost like beginning this series with a fresh start!

Favorite Album – Odesza – A Moment Apart

In the years that they’ve been around, I had never gotten a chance to see Odesza live up until just last weekend! Obviously, I’m super biased towards any musician or band that comes out of Seattle, but there’s something special to see someone charge $5-8 for a ticket all the way up until now when they’ve sold out three nights in a city that isn’t their hometown and I’m forced to buy it on Stubhub. I’ve been listening to this album weekly since it came out and was even more excited when I found out I’d be seeing them in concert at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley – a first for me! There’s not one song that I don’t like. Listen to it from start to finish.

Everlane Pima Micro Rib Long-Sleeve Crew – $30

I was really lucky when I had the chance to buy this tee in stores last weekend because now it’s totally waitlisted. Bummer! I have a couple of simple black long-sleeve tees already at home, but it feels as though you can never have enough. There are so many fabrics to buy them in, fits, some can be a turtleneck. This one, in particular, I knew I didn’t have and needed to have. It’s ribbed material and completely fitted so when you wear it tucked into pants, it’s very chic and since it’s already in black, naturally slimming. Since I purchased it, I’ve already worn it three times and I’m glad I got it before having to wait until March. At just $30 a pop, I wish I would’ve known sooner so that I could buy this in all the colors.

Favorite Product – Malin + Goetz Detox Face Mask – $44

My collection of masks at home are growing! While I love trying new products, I started to have this inkling that the products I was receiving or being gifted with weren’t always the ones that were best for my skin. Were they for more general skin types? For those with dry or sensitive skin? I was using all different kinds, but I wasn’t sure if anything was actually happening so I decided to a store I trusted to find something that fit what I was looking for. I landed on this Malin + Goetz mask, which has been my favorite. I use it twice a week and for only five minutes, which means I don’t have to wait around for a long time for it to do its thing. As soon as it hits your skin, it begins to start foaming so make sure you put on a thick layer and get every inch of your skin for it to be in full effect. It’s still early and I’m not sure if I can pin point any differences yet, but my hope (or what I was promised) is that my skin will start to look brighter and break out less.

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Golden Globes 2015 Highlights

I may have missed the awards show, but I did get to catch Gina Rodriguez winning her Golden Globe for Jane the Virgin and it was amazing! I had heard that her speech was one of the best and lucky for me, it just happened to be the one I caught before I left. I also heard that George Clooney gave a great speech as well which I caught yesterday. Since they were the two that stood out to me the most, I thought that it would make sense to share them again with you all here just in case you missed it! Also, if you haven’t had a chance to watch Jane the Virgin yet, you should! CW made a great decision in picking that series up.

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Snaps for a Snapshot

photo cred | Nylon Mag

Who: Rachel Bilson

Wearing: 3.1 Phillip Lim

Where: CW, CBS and Showtime 2013 summer TCA party in Los Angeles, California

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The Carrie Diaries

For months, we’ve been seeing teaser photographs of AnnaSophia Robb playing a teenage Carrie Bradshaw all over New York for the new CW series “The Carrie Diaries.” Well, today we get to see a little more. Here’s the trailer! The show will premiere January 2013.


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In the News…


– Supermodel Agyness Deyn came forward earlier this week to announce that she is 29-years old, which is six years older than the age stated on her CV. [Source]

– Stefano Pilati has “left the YSL building.” Pilati has been the creative director over at YSL since 2004. [Source]

– Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast is designing a line for Urban Outfitters. [Source]


– Glee’s Idina Menzel will be going on tour. [Source]

– Warner Music has launched a YouTube channel. [Source]


– Despicable Me 2 teaser trailer

– Emma Watson will star in Sofia Coppola’s new film titled, “The Bling Ring” about a group of fashion-obsessed teenagers who break into the homes of celebrities and eventually get caught. It’s inspired by a true story…and Lifetime already did it…last year. [Source]


– Lindsay will make her 239479th comeback this weekend when she hosts Saturday Night Live.

– Jennifer Love Hewitt turned her Lifetime movie, The Client List into Lifetime television series, The Client List. [Source]

– Jessica Lange will be returning for American Horror Story in the fall, but will not be reprising her character from the first season. Zachary Quinto will also be back. [Source] [Source]

– Bristol Palin is getting a docuseries on Lifetime. “This show will reveal the real Bristol Palin and her journey as a daughter, a mother and a young woman making her way in the world.” Um…what?!

– Meet the newest contestants for Dancing With the Stars. [Source]

– Casting has begun for the new CW Sex and the City prequel pilot, The Carrie Diaries, and it looks like AnnaSophia Robb will play a young Carrie. [Source]

– Oprah Winfrey will interview the late Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s daughter Bobbi Kristina exclusively, which will air on Sunday, March 11th at 9PM on OWN. [Source]


– Top Pot Doughnuts are headed to Bellevue Square. [Source]

– Capitol Hill’s Molly Moon’s is taking over the old Flora & Henri shop to create a Willy Wonka-esque “kitchen on display” that will highlight their specialty ice cream and signature cones being made. The space is set to open in the summer. [Source]

– Skillet will call the Seattle Center home. [Source]

– EMP’s Sound Off! finals are tomorrow night and we’ve got a Seattle University band in the running: Feet. Check out the rest of the acts here. I like these guys a lot!


– Jan Berenstain passed away this week at 88. This one was my favorite because I went through a phase as a kid where I loved seeing pictures of illustrated food/candy. I kid you not, another one of my favorite books was a children’s book on the affects of diabetes.

– Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose are now engaged! The couple have been dating for over a year. [Source]

– Ke$ha turned 25 and Justin Bieber turned 18 this week.

– US Weekly shows the evolution of Lindsay Lohan’s face and it ain’t pretty. [Source]

– Lea Michele and Cory Monteith – romantically involved? US Weekly believes so. [Source]

– Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have announced the birth of their newborn son, Samuel Garner Affleck. [Source]

– …and Snooki is preggers. [Source]

– Lamar Odom has been dropped by the Dallas Mavericks and has been sent down to the NBA Development League. OH NO!! POOR LAM LAM :( [Source]

– Actress Kaley Cuoco has called off her engagement to Josh Resnik. [Source]

– Natalie Portman had a secret wedding and is already married to Benjamin Millipied. [Source]

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Louise Roe Named Editor-At-Large At Glamour

photo cred | InStyle

One of my favorite style icons (next to Alexa Chung of course) has been named the Fashion Editor-At-Large at Glamour Magazine. Louise Roe, who is originally from across the pond, has been making a name for herself in the last couple of years first appearing on The City as Olivia Palermo’s “nemesis” at Elle and then as the host of her own CW makeover television series, Plain Jane. I actually really loved Plain Jane when I caught up with the show earlier this year, but it didn’t pick up that much steam over here in the states. I hear that is is pretty successful in the UK though.

Congratulations Louise! I can’t wait to see how you put your own spin on things over at Glamour.


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Planets Are So Hot Right Now

When I was in fifth grade, we had a two-week long project in which we would spend some time learning about planets and deciphering their unique traits. Using the knowledge we had learned, we would watch these interactive videos of talking “probes” trying to discover which planets they had landed on. My group happened to get each probe problem correct so every day, I would come home and tell my mom that I was going to become an astronomer. That was that. I was like – “Yo. I know planets. I’m like super scientific now, can you send me to space camp stat”

When you’re a kid, you think you can have every career in the book. Little did I know… because you just can’t be a blogger/student AND an astronomer these days.

Anyways, long story short – mother never sent me to space camp. I lost interest in becoming an astronomer after the two weeks we spent studying planets were over. I did, however, continue to believe in aliens especially being obsessed with the WB (now CW) show Roswell since it came out around that time. I do sort of believe in UFO’s or that there’s life on other planets and I most definitely still have a little nerd love for the planets.

Stephen Di Donato is a graphic designer out of Montreal who recently created these series of minimalistic planet posters that I am asking for Christmas. View the entire collection here.

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I Like Your Style…

[in 3.1 Philip Lim.]

Rachel Bilson!

Now that she’s back on television with her new series Hart of Dixie, Rachel has been seen in the spotlight more frequently. Let’s take a look back at her winning outfits! She’s really come a long way, hasn’t she?

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In the News…


– Look at this random editorial with Chloe Moretz and Keanu Reeves for Harper’s Bazaar. [Source]

Miranda Kerr will model a $2.5m bejeweled bra at next month’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show. [Source]

Karl Lagerfeld shot Elizabeth Olsen in an exclusive photoshoot that will be featured in a new coffee table book. [Source]

The Gap will close 189 locations by the end of 2013. I don’t like the sound of this… [Source]

Adam Levine and model girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna have gone nude for Russian Vogue’s November 2011 cover. There’s some weird Photoshop done to Adam Levine’s torso though…see for yourself! [Source]


Rick Ross suffered multiple seizures today while flying. [Source]

Taylor Swift has already recorded 25 songs for her next album. [Source]

– Fans of Justin Bieber reacted negatively after hearing how he kissed another girl while filming his new music video “Mistletoe.” Oh hmm I thought music videos were real life. [Source]

Google is planning to open a music store. It is highly doubtful that it will be something better than iTunes, but who cares anyways because I just use Spotify. [Source]

Pitchfork will introduce a new music festival to New York this February and will be run by Bowery. This will be the first festival, I believe, to kick off all other spring music festivals. [Source]


ABC has cancelled Charlie’s Angels. I always wanted to catch an episode – guess I never will now! [Source]

Casey Anthony will be the next person to be highlighted in E!’s True Hollywood Story. Since when was she considered Hollywood? [Source]

– The cast of the new season for Celebrity Apprentice has just been announced. [Source]

HBO will be developing a one-hour long television series based on “The Kids Are All Right.” [Source]

– Beginning January 2012, Netflix will begin streaming CW shows. [Source]


– Plot details have been revealed for Taken 2. [Source]

Harry Potter’s “Crabbe” is a mean guy in real life! [Source]

Cam’ron and Queen Latifah are collaborating on a new film company. [Source]


– To celebrate University Village’s new Microsoft store opening, they are hosting a special event for the first 200 people to visit their store on Thursday, October 20th. Those 200 people will have the option of choosing a private performance from either The Black Keys or One Republic on Friday or Saturday respectively. [Source]

– Rumor has it that Starbucks will be unveiling a new line of cold pressed juices to sell in their stores. Um wut is a cold pressed juice. [Source]

– The incident of the tip stiffing that went down last weekend at Cha Cha’s has spiraled out of control. Turns out the guy that did it has a common name and everyone with his name is just getting the blame for it. The attempt at making one person look bad has actually backfired. [Source]

– 97 new restaurants have opened in Seattle in the last couple of weeks. The majority of them are on Capitol Hill. YES! [Source]


– Former Disney actress Brenda Song and former Metro Station frontman and Miley Cyrus’s brother Trace Cyrus are engaged. Spawn child here we come! [Source]

Maxim names Paula Deen as the ‘Hottest Female TV Chef’ [Source]

Hollywood homes have hit the market. [Source]

Hilary Duff is having a baby boy. Even though she’s 24, she’ll always be Lizzie McGuire to me. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan reportedly wants to have a baby by the end of next year. Yeah I don’t think things happen like that… [Source]

– The world is also terrified by her teeth. [Source]

Georgetown University will be offering a new 3-credit course called “Sociology of Hip-Hop: Jay-Z.” [Source]

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are having a boy. [Source]

– College admission officers are checking the Facebook profiles and other social media pages of their applicants. [Source]

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No Love For “H8R”

Another failed fall television series bites the dust! Following in the footsteps of NBC’s The Playboy Club and Free Agents, the CW Network has just announced that they will be officially pulling H8R off the air. The reality series, hosted by Mario Lopez, pairs together one reality star/celebrity with some random that just hates their guts entirely. Throughout the whole show – one long hour of awkwardness – the reality star tries to do everything they can to convince the person that they are really not as bad as they seem or appear to be.

I only watched the first episode because the fall television season had only just started and none of the shows I had wanted to watch were available yet. The episode I did watch though featured Bachelor star Jake Pavelka and some punk teenage girl and in the end she still pretty much hated him and the dating reality show altogether. I was pretty satisfied with that outcome. I’m confused; are both people supposed to hug it out in the end and claim that one doesn’t hate the other anymore? Was this show designed for happy endings? I guess I’ll never find out, but it’s okay. I’m sure I won’t lose sleep over this tonight.


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Hart of Dixie

I caved!

I couldn’t help myself! Once a Rachel Bilson fan always a Rachel Bilson fan. I told myself tonight that I would only be watching one hour of TV on Mondays for my fall lineup, but when nine o’clock came around and the homework was thrown aside, Hart of Dixie was all that was waiting for me.

To be honest, I got a little lost in the pilot episode because I was distracted and what not, but I watched the important stuff. You just can’t help, but like Rachel Bilson’s character “Zoe Hart.” In the first episode alone, she graduated from med school, drank wine out of a box (class!) hooked up with some guy in his car AND wait for it…delivered a baby. Now, that’s badass.

Even the two shows are totally unrelated, I like to imagine that Summer Roberts left Orange County for Alabama to run her own practice.

Also, whoever is styling Rachel for the show is a genius. Is the entire wardrobe MADEWELL?!

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Song of the Day

Lifehouse – Everything

You would think that for the first day of school, I would’ve chosen a song that was more upbeat, but…this isn’t my first day so…deal with it. [insert internet meme here]

In the last moments of watching Ringer last night, this song played in the background and for a second I experienced a little bit of deja vu. Where have I heard this song before? Why haven’t I listened to it in forever? The first time I heard it happened to be on another CW television show – that’s right – Smallville. The network is recycling songs, but great ones. In last night’s particular situation, the scene was highlighting Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character comforting her roofied stepdaughter after having a flashback to when her own twin sister (also played by Sarah Michelle Gellar) left her stranded and alone in a bar. I think I prefer the song in Smallville when Clark is the lonely neighbor boy lusting after Lana, but that’s just me.

Up until 3:35, this song would make a pretty great first dance song at a wedding, wouldn’t it? I’ve got weddings on my mind since my dear friend is getting married this weekend and I’m taking Cyril to his first wedding ever. He bought his first suit from Hugo Boss yesterday and I’m a little nervous that he’s going to look better than me. Must. Not. Let. That. Happen.


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In the News…

– The return of The Vampire Diaries and the premiere of The Secret Circle tonight were fantastic! Thursday’s fall TV lineup is officially secured!

ABC Family’s The Nine Lives of Chloe King has been cancelled. [Source]

Jessica Simpson has put her marriage with Eric Johnson on hold indefinitely. [Source]

Source Code will be turned into a CBS television series. [Source sans code]

Rihanna’s next album will be out this fall. [Source]

– It is predicted that Netflix will lose 600,000 of their customers at the end of the month as a result of their announcement to switch up and raise their subscription services. [Source]

Topman has removed sexist and offensive t-shirts off of their shelves. Retailers these days! [Source]

Neil Patrick Harris has earned his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. [Source]

CBS Television Studios is hoping to reboot a version of the classic “Beauty and the Beast” for the CW. Do not want. [Source]

Glee actress Heather Morris has revealed to Fitness Magazine in an interview that she would quit acting for the sake of her boyfriend and hopes to marry him someday. She also discusses that she has removed her breast implants because they were painful and interfered with her being active. [Source]

January Jones has given birth to a baby boy – Xander Dane Jones. [Source]

Lil Wayne takes the Kanye West-George Bush comment to the next level. [Source]

Justin Bieber is collaborating with Boyz II Men on his new Christmas album. [Source]

Broken Social Scene has announced that they will be going on a hiatus after their last few shows in South America. This band was incredible at Bumbershoot! It’s always a bummer to hear when bands go on hiatuses, but at least it allows members to pursue other passions and projects. [Source]

Capitol Hill’s favorite pizza place Big Mario’s will launch their delivery service beginning Monday. [Source]

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Seeing Double

The Lying Game

I had high hopes for Ringer, I really did. I’ve been a huge fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar since I was kid after watching her in every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer so I was thrilled to see her return to television once again. What I wasn’t excited about was the plot. Ringer is about a young woman named Bridget, a recovering alchy and former stripper/prostitute, who has a twin sister completely opposite of her – wealthy, not a hot mess, has a hot husband and a secret lover. Steamy. Near the beginning of the episode, the two sisters meet up and take a ride on Siobhan (the rich sister’s) boat in the Hamptons. This is the weirdest spelling I’ve ever seen for this name. Why didn’t they just name her “Shivan” so that the silent “b” and random “io” don’t have to confuse me? Anyways, Bridget somehow falls asleep on the boat and when she wakes up, Siobhan is gone. She drowned – so Bridget believes. Then Bridget decides to completely step in and take over her life. I know that CW doesn’t have a huge budget since they’re packing so many shows into their fall lineup, but the quality on this show just looks awful! There was a horribly obvious green screen behind the boat while they were on the water that made me cringe in my seat.

#awhellno they can’t be doing this to THE Sarah Michelle Gellar. She deserves to not be in front of a green screen. This hour was long. At times, it was unbearable and at this point I cannot see Ringer making it past more than one season. The only high point of the show was the ending because that’s when the twist actually takes place and not just because it was the end of the hour. I’m going to give it the benefit of the doubt and watch one more episode next week before I decide to let it stay in my fall lineup or give it the boot.

Has anyone been watching The Lying Game though? I didn’t realize until tonight after watching Ringer how much more I loved this show. It is essentially the same plot line except both twins are alive (except in the books, one is dead.) It’s interesting how similar these two shows are though because there is also a secret lover in The Lying Game and one sister comes from nothing and one is well-off. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think the young actress that plays both roles does a better job than Sarah Michelle Gellar. Who will win the battle in the same plot television series? My money’s on The Lying Game.

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Happy Birthday!

Happy 30th Birthday to Rachel Bilson and Happy 24th Birthday to Blake Lively!

Don’t they kind of seem like they’re around the same age to you? Rachel Bilson will return to television this fall with her new CW show “Hart of Dixie” while Blake Lively is still dating Leonardo DiCaprio.

I really wish she would just reprise her role as Summer Roberts though. Seth Cohen take her back.

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