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03 Dec 2012

In Quick Music News…

Let’s start with bad news.

RIP Das Racist.

I’ll never forget the time I almost worked with you for a show and you asked me for $10K  when my budget was $3K. That’s life. I do, however, want to thank you for giving me this gem.


There’s a video of me butchering this song, but out of love. I’m truly sorry about that.


In other news…

Every time I see Cassadee Pope perform on this season of The Voice, I am shaking and crying inside a little bit. The former scene kid in me loves her and is rooting for her to succeed. Hey Monday was glorious, but we all know that Cassadee was bringing something much more to the table and she is shining this season. No matter what happens in the end, I know she’ll be successful and I know that everyone else who used to watch her at the smaller venues and in local teen centers feel the same way.


09 Nov 2011

Parental Career Involvement

In the new cover story for SPIN, hip hop group member, Ashok “Dap” Kondabolu of Das Racist, recalls the story of how he brought along his two parents to this year’s Sasquatch Music Festival in Washington where he was performing. When Kondabolu realized that he would not be able to celebrate his father’s birthday because of this performance, he brought the party to him. So did the parents get down in George, Washington. You know it.

Read the rest of the cover story here.

Well, this story is kind of precious. I briefly skimmed it, but am loving the fact that these two artists were able to share this experience with their parents. This is something that I kind of love doing with my own parents even though I’m sure they don’t enjoy my concerts or the music I listen to – it’s still important to me that they understand what it is that I do or why I love doing it. Someday, they’ll be able to take advantage of those benefits, but for now I’ll just string them along like Das Racist does with theirs.

25 Jan 2011

Out on the Town: 2/6

It’s Coming!

On February 6th 2011, Sasquatch will be hosting their launch party and lineup reveal! This year the party will be at Showbox at the Market and will include performances by The Thermals, Das Racist, Mad Rad, and comedian Todd Barry. The event is 21+ but sure to be a great time. Free tickets will be distributed beginning Thursday, February 3rd on a first come first serve basis. Click here to find out how you can snag some!


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