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21 Dec 2015

Blog Roundup

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  • The top 10 Instagrammed restaurants in America [Cool Material]

  • Polly Pocket sets that every 90’s kid loved [BuzzfeedI owned 75% of all of the sets that were shown in these photos.

  • The 10 biggest trends in 2015 [High Snobiety]
  • The 41 most Instagrammed It Items of 2015 [Refinery29]
  • The 6 Shoes Every Grown Man Should Own [Cool Material]
  • Dropbox was given a Michelin Star [Medium]
  • Things that Pitchfork was disappointed about in 2015 [Pitchfork]

Also, just want to note that there will be many more round-up posts as we get closer to the end of the year! I just need to wrap everything up with work first before my focus shifts to Yow Yow! Don’t worry, we’ll do our usuals that we love to do every year and look forward to.

18 Jul 2013

Blog Roundup

I actually meant to post these articles a couple days ago, but was waiting for a few more interesting pieces to pop up before I clicked the “Publish” button. Now, I just don’t want to hold them back!

photo cred | Designer Fund

I love this “Day in a Life” series by Designer Fund that follows individuals working in startups within the Bay Area. Here is a profile on Rasmus Andersson who is a designer at Dropbox. Also the blog features so many more individuals and I’m still going through it because I find it to be fascinating. For the full archive, click here.

The 9 People You Meet in Every Photo Booth by The Bold Italic

I was absolutely floored by this article that Questlove wrote on Trayvon Martin. An incredible piece.

That’s all I got so far everyone! Hopefully it’s not too slow of a new day for us!

06 Jun 2013

Inside Dropbox’s San Francisco Office

If this article has proven anything, it is that we are far beyond the days of rows upon rows of cubicles. Modern companies these days and plenty of start-ups are renovating their offices  to reflect a number of things – the technology of their product, bringing the outdoors indoors, and inspiration from just about anywhere – like that “Challenge Accepted” conference room reference from one of my favorite television series “How I Met Your Mother.” I’m lucky to have experienced both. In my first job out of college, I had an open environment that was absolutely gorgeous and enabled me to have a 360-degree view of Seattle. There were rows of desks, but certainly no cubicles. “On the floor” as we would call it, there was no hierarchy. There weren’t very many offices and the CEO had a desk next to those that worked on his team and could even potentially just be randomly placed next to an intern. This idea and structure was meant to foster a collaborative environment. However, I’ve also been in a cubicle environment, which isn’t wrong, but it’s traditional. It’s what we thought we would be used to and what our parents are certainly used to. It’s a little bit more private, but I assume some people like this style since they can’t buckle down and get to work.

Whatever the case – more and more offices are transforming and Dropbox in San Francisco has created an amazing space as captured by Office Snapshots. Check out the photos published yesterday here.


  • Spent the afternoon today at @29rooms ❤️
  • Mine 😍
  • I own this pier. 💁🏻‍♀️
  • Garden of my dreams
  • When the outfit combo doesn’t work, but then it does?
  • Everlane bb
  • f r e s h
  • Santana Row’s instagrammable walls
  • I meaaaaaan how did everyone else feel about Monday? 🍷

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