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Kendall and Kylie Jenner for Teen Vogue

all photos via Teen Vogue

Hmmm what a coincidence…the day after the finale of Kim and Kourtney Take New York, it is revealed that the youngest sisters Kendall and Kylie are featured on the March 2012 cover of Teen Vogue.

It’s very interesting indeed, but Kris Jenner – the best “momager” in town clearly knows what she is doing.

Who am I kidding? I love Kendall and Kylie! It’s only a matter of time until they get their very own spinoff on E!

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The lovely Alexa Chung will be on Chelsea Lately tonight! I don’t usually watch Chelsea, but I will for Alexa!

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In Things That Could Grow On Me In 2012…

I can’t even believe that I am saying this, but Scott Disick could very well become my new favorite person in 2012. This year, one of my favorite blogs, Ohnotheydidnt, had their users vote in the “Best of ONTD” awards and Scott Disick won for being the celebrity users used to hate but now love because of ONTD. I don’t know about you guys, but I think I’m going to trust the masses on this one.

Also in the last few episodes of Kourtney and Kim take New York, Scott has really been stepping up his game in becoming a standout character. The Shabbat dinner that he organized for his family was so sweet and in the latest episode he made an impulse buy on a piano that he doesn’t even know how to play. Some may call that a little reckless, but I see it as being a hilariously grand gesture.

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In The News…

pic cred: Style Frizz

Victoria’s Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio is four months pregnant! That means that when she was walking in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last month, she was about two months along. This will be her second child with fiance Jamie Mazur. The couple already have a 3-year old daughter. [Source]

Sinhead O’Connor is ending her marriage after 16 days. That’s not nearly as long as Kim Kardashian’s, but then again she doesn’t have a show on E! so it’s not that big of a deal. [Source]

– Could Kanye be giving his career in fashion a second try? Rumor has it that the hip hop star will pack up and move to London to pursue a more serious career in fashion design. [Source]

Capitol Hill’s Skillet Diner made the list for the best top five restaurants that opened in 2011. [Source]

– Who knew? Fashion designer Vera Wang is also an ice  skater! As if she couldn’t look graceful enough… [Source]

Matthew McConaughey is engaged to Camila Alves. [Source]

Refinery 29 picks their 15 favorite albums of 2011. [Source]

pic cred: People

Hooray! My favorite Victoria’s Secret Angel Lily Aldridge and her husband Caleb Followill of Kings of Leon are expecting! [Source]

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One Year Ago Today…

I was definitely on my winter break because the amount of content I posted would not have been possible during finals week or even a regular week. Random fact – this was not exactly a year ago, but give or take a few days, the new Facebook layout was revealed and now that same thing is happening to us once again with the Timeline.

Well, back to what happened a year ago…

Mayor Mike McGinn announced that the Dale Chihuly Museum and the KEXP headquarters will be moving into the Seattle Center.

– We learned about the Seattle music scene from 12 local bands in the short series $5 Cover.

– I made up my winter quarter television schedule. RIP Hellcats.

– The Kardashians got serious for the holidays.

E! never launched this show, thank goodness!

– We learned that a school’s library is a nice alternative for your own bed.

Flavorwire let us know what our favorite 2010 movies said about us.

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In the News…


[photo cred. Bon Appetit]

– I am crossing my fingers that one of my favorite labels, Vena Cava, will pull through their financial troubles. [Source]

– The Versace for H&M collection has caused the UK E-commerce site to crash. The US site will launch fall 2012. [Source]

Vera Wang is collaborating with Zales on a new engagement ring collection. [Source]

– Someone has stolen part of Marc Jacobs‘ collection! [Source]

James Franco continues to add to his resume – makes the entire world look bad. The actor will direct and photograph the upcoming campaign for Seven For All Mankind. [Source]


Mike Posner ruins “Wonderwall.” GAH!

Sufjan Stevens is collaborating with The Roots. [Source]

– The babies are not a fan of Lady Gaga’s! After the parents of this baby suggested Lady Gaga hold this little one, it made this face. [Source]


Scarlett Johansson will direct a film. [Source]

– The sequel to Star Trek will begin filming in January. [Source]


Taylor Swift is going to be on 60 Minutes this weekend. Not missing that. [Source]

– We say goodbye to One Tree Hill. [Source]

Steve Buscemi will host SNL on Dec. 3rd w/ The Black Keys as performers. [Source]

– The boycott petition to get the Kardashians off of the E! Network has reached 100K. [Source]

– The Ricki Lake Show will return in 2012. [Source]


– I don’t know about you guys, but the little chance of snow happening in Seattle this weekend is EXCITING! I hope it continues into next week too because having classes cancelled would really be the cherry on top of my fall quarter.

Bluebird’s new Fremont shop opens Friday. [Source]

– Housewares designer, Jonathan Adler, will stop by Nordstrom on Dec. 1st. [Source]


Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are no more. [Source]

Joe Paterno has a treatable form of lung cancer. [Source]

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In the News…


– I love this shot of Chloe Sevigny impersonating photographer, Terry Richardson, on the cover of Candy Magazine. [Source]

Tom Ford will design the costumes for the next James Bond film. [Source]

Sarah Jessica Parker is trying too hard with this hat. [Source]

Prince and Nicki Minaj will perform at the H&M x Versace launch party. [Source]

Levi’s suggests that we freeze our jeans instead of washing them. [Source]

Kanye’s kilt causes a stir. [Source]


– Listen to The Flaming Lips‘ 24-hour song. [Source]

Franz Ferdinand will return in 2012. [Source]

– Former Quadstock performer, Dan Deacon, has signed to indie label Domino. [Source]


– What the series finale of Greek could have looked like with this alternate ending. [Source]

Lady Gaga will sit down w/ Katie Couric for a holiday special called, “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving.” [Source]

FOX has decided to renew The X Factor for a second season. [Source]

60 Minutes’ Andy Rooney passed away last night at age 92. [Source]


– Is “Project X” our modern day “Can’t Hardly Wait?” Ehhh probably not.


– Could a “Bruce Lee Action Museum” be moving into the International District sometime soon? [Source]

EMP’s Sound Off! entry deadline is Monday! [Source]

– Is anyone else aware of how many restaurants are popping up in Seattle recently? There’s way too many to count for me to post about all of them so just check out Seattle Met’s Nosh Pit blog for everything that you need and more.

Seattle rock group, Visqueen, will be playing their last show ever on Saturday, Nov. 26 at the Neptune Theater. [Source]


Beyonce and Jay-Z’s fetus is a girl! [Source]

The New York Daily News decided to place a media ban on The Kardashians. [Source] I’ve only had to do that for Heidi and Spencer and Jon and Kate, but I adore the Kardashians too much.

– On a related note – Kendall Jenner is getting a Sweet Sixteen special on E! Not shocked. Still excited. [Source]

Pippa Middleton is writing a book. [Source]

– Want your brown eyes to be blue? Want a laser to take care of that for you? [Source]

– One footballer decided to name his son “Trendy” because he loves Twitter. In the words of my friend Tina, “You F-A-I-L FAIL!” [Source]

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How Does One Family Have So Many Series?

  • Keeping Up with the Kardashians
  • Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami
  • Kourtney & Kim Take New York
  • Khloe and Lamar
  • E! True Hollywood Story: The Kardashians
  • Khloe & Lamar wedding special
  • Kourtney & Scott – Delivering Baby Mason
  • Kim’s Fairytale Wedding Part 1 and Part 2

The only show I care about E! having next should just involve them:

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Kim Kardashian – DIVORCE

Our little Kimmie is filing for divorce from Kris Humphries after 72 days of marriage.

Welp. That’s unfortunate.

What a waste of a beautiful wedding!


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Giuliana Rancic Has Breast Cancer

When Giuliana Rancic sat down with Ann Curry this morning on the Today Show, we expected her to reveal that the IVF had worked and that she was indeed pregnant as she had always hoped. Unfortunately, Giuliana revealed to everyone that the IVF procedure had uncovered that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The E! television host is married to first season apprentice winner Bill Rancic. The couple also have a popularity reality series on the Style Network called Giuliana and Bill, which follows them as they juggle both their home life, careers, and attempting to get pregnant. In the season finale, Giuliana and Bill made a third attempt to use IVF in Denver, Colorado after previously not succeeding with IVF the first time and suffering a miscarriage the second try.

Giuliana will undergo surgery later on this week followed by six weeks of radiation, but she still has high hopes in getting pregnant after all of this is over.


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In the News…


– Look at this random editorial with Chloe Moretz and Keanu Reeves for Harper’s Bazaar. [Source]

Miranda Kerr will model a $2.5m bejeweled bra at next month’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show. [Source]

Karl Lagerfeld shot Elizabeth Olsen in an exclusive photoshoot that will be featured in a new coffee table book. [Source]

The Gap will close 189 locations by the end of 2013. I don’t like the sound of this… [Source]

Adam Levine and model girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna have gone nude for Russian Vogue’s November 2011 cover. There’s some weird Photoshop done to Adam Levine’s torso though…see for yourself! [Source]


Rick Ross suffered multiple seizures today while flying. [Source]

Taylor Swift has already recorded 25 songs for her next album. [Source]

– Fans of Justin Bieber reacted negatively after hearing how he kissed another girl while filming his new music video “Mistletoe.” Oh hmm I thought music videos were real life. [Source]

Google is planning to open a music store. It is highly doubtful that it will be something better than iTunes, but who cares anyways because I just use Spotify. [Source]

Pitchfork will introduce a new music festival to New York this February and will be run by Bowery. This will be the first festival, I believe, to kick off all other spring music festivals. [Source]


ABC has cancelled Charlie’s Angels. I always wanted to catch an episode – guess I never will now! [Source]

Casey Anthony will be the next person to be highlighted in E!’s True Hollywood Story. Since when was she considered Hollywood? [Source]

– The cast of the new season for Celebrity Apprentice has just been announced. [Source]

HBO will be developing a one-hour long television series based on “The Kids Are All Right.” [Source]

– Beginning January 2012, Netflix will begin streaming CW shows. [Source]


– Plot details have been revealed for Taken 2. [Source]

Harry Potter’s “Crabbe” is a mean guy in real life! [Source]

Cam’ron and Queen Latifah are collaborating on a new film company. [Source]


– To celebrate University Village’s new Microsoft store opening, they are hosting a special event for the first 200 people to visit their store on Thursday, October 20th. Those 200 people will have the option of choosing a private performance from either The Black Keys or One Republic on Friday or Saturday respectively. [Source]

– Rumor has it that Starbucks will be unveiling a new line of cold pressed juices to sell in their stores. Um wut is a cold pressed juice. [Source]

– The incident of the tip stiffing that went down last weekend at Cha Cha’s has spiraled out of control. Turns out the guy that did it has a common name and everyone with his name is just getting the blame for it. The attempt at making one person look bad has actually backfired. [Source]

– 97 new restaurants have opened in Seattle in the last couple of weeks. The majority of them are on Capitol Hill. YES! [Source]


– Former Disney actress Brenda Song and former Metro Station frontman and Miley Cyrus’s brother Trace Cyrus are engaged. Spawn child here we come! [Source]

Maxim names Paula Deen as the ‘Hottest Female TV Chef’ [Source]

Hollywood homes have hit the market. [Source]

Hilary Duff is having a baby boy. Even though she’s 24, she’ll always be Lizzie McGuire to me. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan reportedly wants to have a baby by the end of next year. Yeah I don’t think things happen like that… [Source]

– The world is also terrified by her teeth. [Source]

Georgetown University will be offering a new 3-credit course called “Sociology of Hip-Hop: Jay-Z.” [Source]

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are having a boy. [Source]

– College admission officers are checking the Facebook profiles and other social media pages of their applicants. [Source]

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Meet: Chris Smith

In the middle of finals week last quarter, I discovered a web series called “Dorm Life.” Not to be confused with MTV’s failed reality series, “College Life,” – Dorm Life is a fictional short series that revolves around a dorm floor and their crazy antics. You have the overly-excited about everything resident, the best friends from high school, the sheltered geek who hopes to branch out in college, the funny guy, and then there’s the dreaded RA that everyone can’t stand. Sound familiar? Maybe even like your own college experience? As soon as finals week was over, literally the first thing I did was catch up on this series. I spent the first week of my winter break watching both season 1 and 2. As soon as I had finished, I started researching when a third season would be in the works. I contacted a couple of the actors from the show, and managed to get in touch with the main character Mike Sanders played by former UCLA alum Chris Smith. Dorm Life is a refreshing series with a whole lot of wit, charm, silliness and nostalgia. I guess I can’t technically say nostalgia yet since I’m still in college, but hell – nostalgia for my older readers.

Q: Hi Chris! How old are you and where are you from?

Chris Smith: I’m 25 years old and grew up in South Lake Tahoe, CA.  I was born in Hillerod, Denmark.

Q: What was your major?

C: Theater Acting from UCLA and I graduated in 2007.

Q: Tell us a little bit about Dorm Life and how it was created.

C: “Dorm Life” came about pretty simply actually.  Me and six other friends who were part of an on-campus comedy troupe decided that we wanted to keep making funny videos together after graduating.  We brainstormed through a number of ideas, but “Dorm Life” kept sticking around and making us laugh.  We all had unique dorm experiences and we really bonded over that.  I had been in communication with the Social Media Studio “Attention Span Media” and we both partnered on the creation of the first season.  Attention Span served as the production company and the rest, as they say, is history!

Q: How did you come up with these characters? Were you imagining certain stereotypes of college students at all or were some of their traits based off of the actors or maybe even people you knew in college?

C: The characters in Dorm Life were like mosaics from our collective dorm experiences.  Early on in the writing process we brought in lists of our individual “Dorm-Lives” and basically sat around telling stories.  Naturally, certain common traits and characters started to rise from the crop.  From there, we decided on which characters we thought would be most fun to pair together in rooms and started to play in their interactions.  After we cast the show, the actors started to add their own layers and we found a fun rhythm through improvising on set.

Q: You play new freshmen Mike Sanders, were you anything like him at all in college? How were you similar or different?

C: Haha, truthfully I was similar to Mike as a freshman…but I think I had a twinge of Josh in me as well.  I was a theater major and was voted ‘floor entertainer’ in my floor government.  I drummed up a lot of adventure and pranks on the floor but I was much sillier than Mike I think. Mike is more ‘movies and TV’ where Chris is more ‘circus’.

Q: I read that all of you were students at UCLA, but assuming that the show was created after you guys were finished with school, how were you able to film it? You didn’t actually film on their campus did you? How were you able to film “the res hall” scenes?

C: Because it was way too expensive to film on UCLA’s campus, we started looking into hostels and welfare hotels (no joke!).  When that didn’t yield any results, we almost didn’t get to make the show!  We only had a small window of time where we could use all the actors and the opportunity was closing.  But at the last minute, Attention Span spoke with representatives from a small Buddhist college in Rosemead, CA that had a dorm wing available to film.  We checked it out and it was perfect.

Q: Were any of the storylines from the show based off of your own experiences?

C: Many of them were sparked by our experiences.  One of my favorite storylines was the ‘Mystery Hot Girl’ pursuit. My college roommate was a bit ‘new-to-everything’ and ended up falling for a girl down the hall.  He didn’t know how to tell her, so I devised that he write a note and we would attach it to his Roomba and send it to her.  I’ll never forget piloting the remote control vacuum with the fate of his love life on its back.  We smashed it a few times into her door, and when she opened it, we bolted.  I’d like to say that they ended up getting married….but it didn’t work out.  Instead, we used it as inspiration for one of the sequences in the show.

Q: Give us your craziest college story.

C: My craziest college story (or at least the one that comes to mind right now) actually happened my freshman year at UCSD.  (I was a sophomore transfer to UCLA).  Me and a buddy on my floor really wanted to explore the UCSD campus at night.  So we decked ourselves out in black and armed ourselves with flashlights to see what back alleys and secret passages we could find.  We ended up staying up all night and brought our exploration to the edge of campus near Blacks Beach where there is a long winding path that leads you down some cliffs to the ocean.  We decided to run down and catch the sunrise, but along the way, I saw this strange mass climbing up the path towards us.  It looked too big to be a person and was moving in a strange gait.  We were both convinced that we were approaching a strange ocean creature that had wandered up the path- a sea lion maybe?  We both got really freaked out and debated going back.  But after we decided that it was for the good of science that we document this creature, we pushed on.  We got closer and closer to the ‘thing’ and saw that it was black on both ends with a large white stripe in the middle, but it was still too dark to see clearly.  Finally, we got close enough to really see it and saw that the white stripe wasn’t a pattern of fur or anything, it was actually a bare butt.  The ‘creature’ was a super-drunk surfer who was wandering aimlessly up the path with his surfboard and his pants around his ankles.  We asked if he was okay, and all he could mutter was, ‘rough night’ and then kept walking.  I later found out that that person was Jim Brandon from Dorm Life.  (Okay, that last part is a lie).

Q: What was your favorite episode?

C: I think my favorite episode is ‘Pranks’.  Early on in the writing of that episode, I was a huge advocate for the ‘Window of Pane’ (the glass prank Mike pulls on Marshall).  A lot of other people thought we should come up with something a bit easier to do, but I fought tooth-and-nail for it.  We ended up finding a polycarbonate dealer who cut a piece to fit the doorframe perfectly.  It was our most expensive prop on the first season and we knew we were only going to get one take to pull it off.  While we were shooting it, we had all of the cast and crew gathered around to watch.  When it worked, everyone broke out into cheers.  I think that episode is a lot of fun, and also brings up one of my favorite on-set memories. [This is also one of my favorite episodes!]

Q: College is the best four years of your life. True/False?

C: Tralse.

Q: If you had to give advice to a new freshman student living in the dorms, what five things would you tell them?

C: 1) Hang out with your floor.

2) Play floor bowling as often as possible.

3) Don’t IM your roommate while they’re sitting across from you.

4) Bring a surprise pizza to one of your floor government meetings, even if you’re not in it.

5) Watch Dorm Life!

Q: What do you think college has REALLY taught you?

C: To be a sponge for new experiences and people.  Having an open mind in college sets a precedent that you can carry with you into the ‘real world’.

Q: I recently acted in a friend’s five-minute movie and until that experience, I never really understood how much work and time went into something like this. We spent about two days filming for a five minute short film. For Dorm Life, the episodes ranged from 5-14 minutes, about how much time did you actually spend filming per episode?

Both seasons of Dorm Life were shot like feature films- meaning that we shot most of the episodes and scenes out of sequence so that we could be most efficient with people’s schedules and each new location.  Season 1 was shot in 16 days (about 12 hour days with one day off) and season 2 was shot in 21 days.  After production, I spent about two months editing season 1 and about five months editing season 2.

Q: Can you tell us any behind-the-scenes secrets from Dorm Life? Any juicy gossip?

C: I’m pretty sure that every cast member in Dorm Life has, at one point, kissed each other.

Q: The show was incredibly popular on Hulu and it was even nominated for awards in which you had won a couple. Did you ever imagine Dorm Life to become this successful? What has the success done for you and all of the cast?

C: I think we all knew we were tapping into something special when we set out to make the series.  Not in a ‘let’s make this and get a bunch of awards!’ way, but rather, doing our best to make a college show from the college student point of view.  I think the success of Dorm Life stems from that sense of familiarity for people who went to college.

Q: This is off topic, but can you tell me a little bit about That Juggler Guy?

C: Haha!  Absolutely!  “That Juggler Guy” is my ‘juggling persona’.  Yes, I said that right.  I have been a juggler since I was twelve years old and started a juggling group with my brother and a friend called ‘The Tahoe Jugglers’.  We performed around town while I was at high school and did a bunch of charity events and street performing.  When I went to UCLA, I was ‘The UCLA Juggler’ (a position me and my friend came up with) and performed at the football and basketball games which got me to travel with the basketball team to three final four tournaments and a couple football bowl games.  I went on to juggle in Hong Kong, Beijing, Copenhagen, and just got into Cirque du Soleil as a physical actor.  Like I said before…I’m a bit more circus than Mike Sanders.


Q: Do you think the webisode could ever be turned into a television show? Would you push it if you had the chance to?

C: We’ve always considered pushing Dorm Life to TV and would love the opportunity.  Hopefully it comes sooner than later before we need to turn it into ‘Retirement Community Life.’

Q: I spent the first few days of my winter break off from college to watch both seasons of Dorm Life. I was so mad that the last season was actually released back in 2009 and that I was almost two years too late. Any chance of a third season?

C: It’s definitely possible!  I know the third season is still being pitched around.  It’s just a matter of the right pieces falling into place.

Q: Chris, what are all of you and the cast up to now? What can we expect from you in the future?

C: All of us dorm lifers are still pursuing careers in the arts.  Jim Brandon and Brian Singleton just finished the NBC Writers on the Verge’ program in hopes of getting staffed as TV writers.  Jessie Gaskell is the head writer for E!’s TV show “The Dish”.  And the rest of us are still pursuing various creative paths in acting, writing, and producing. [Note: You can also catch Nora Kirkpatrick on ABC Family’s Greek!]

I spent my 2010 getting agents for acting and writing and am excited to start creating again.   I’m going to be making a bunch of comedic shorts (with some Dorm Lifers) this year while writing a feature film to make next year.  My first feature film (which I made when I was 18 in tribute to my late father) just came out on iTunes last week.  It’s my first filmmaking attempt, so I still cringe a bit at it, but it’s a great feeling to get it distributed.  Plus all the proceeds go to a scholarship I set up at my old high school for kids who have overcome adversity and pursued a career in the arts.  You can rent or buy it here:

Beyond that, the Dorm Life group is still chugging away in LA.  After all, season 3 is always a possibility…

To watch every single Dorm Life episode, click HERE! Your ability to be unproductive begins now.

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E! – Can you please stop giving the Kardashian’s another television series?

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Real Teens of Hollywood

E! Entertainment has been working on a new show about celebrity offspring trying to make it in the entertainment business. The trailer-reel above is the most painful thing I have had to watch all week. These kids have the biggest egos and have the worst lines. I know this is supposed to be a “reality” show, but something tells me that the poor acting is one indicator that it is not. The show features basketball star Doug Christie’s daughter who seems like a menace and Brian McKnight’s douche-baggy son. I just heard this morning though that his son “Brian McKnight Jr.” has pulled out of the show due to unwanted advances from another cast member. No word yet on if the show will have to start over on filming or resume. I hope they just cancel it.


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