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06 Apr 2012


Remember when I wrote a post back in January about a new Tumblr that was created showing Skrillex cooking things? Well, it seems like the DJ has taken the idea more literally than we thought because he opened up the Grillex Food Truck earlier this week.

“I figured, why not? Y’know? I’ve gotta try a new challenge right now,” Skrillex said. “Growing up, I cooked a lot at home … I mean, I spent a lot of time with a spatula and grill tongs, almost as much time as I did with decks and records. I’ve got a real passion for it, y’know what I mean? I think, like, 60% of these things fail in the first few months … might as well give it a shot.”

The truck will be near Echo Park in Los Angeles for the next few nights, but for a more complete schedule, Skrillex plans to update everyone on the Grillex Twitter account.



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