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06 Jan 2017

All Nighter

This is a very random movie. It’s almost like “Taken” with a comedic twist. I might also be a little bit weary about the chemistry between J.K. Simmons and Emile Hirsch, but I’d be willing to give this a shot… as a film I’d watch at home. Not in theaters.

15 Jan 2012

Male Actors Walk the Runway

Jamie Bell

The shows of Fall 2012 Menswear have officially begun! Women, are you keeping up? Men, are you taking notes? If not, you probably should be – at least put in a little bit of effort maybe! Jokes. But seriously. If any of you were able to catch the photos from Prada’s show, you may have noticed a few familiar faces. Along with the models, Miuccia Prada hired on some well-known actors to strut their stuff down the cat walk. And they look pretty good! If by some chance, acting doesn’t work out for them, they may have another career to fall back on. That probably won’t happen though since they are already pretty established. Check out the pictures under the cut via or click here for the full show. For full coverage on the Fall 2012 Menswear shows, click here.

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