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Macklemore’s Mess Up

macklemore tweet1

Oh boy… America’s favorite and definitely Seattle’s favorite rapper Macklemore has done goofed. At a secret performance on Friday night at the Experience Music Project in Seattle, Macklemore donned an outfit resembling very closely to a Jewish caricature. For someone who cares so much about equality, you would think that an outfit like this would be completely out of the question for him. That’s why people are so confused! I don’t want to say right away that this is taking away his credibility for everything that he has started and preached, but it definitely doesn’t look good.

To make matters worse, Macklemore didn’t apologize. Upon being called out on it by actor Seth Rogen, Macklemore went on to further deny it and didn’t take responsibility for his actions.

mackelmore denial

How is he gonna get out of this one? Today, I found him on Instagram with Seattle Seahawks football player Russell Wilson visiting patients in the hospital (something Wilson regularly does.) Is this timing and appearance a coincidence to distract people from his very offensive costume?


Oh wait… we do have an apology! You can check it out here. Thoughts anyone?

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In the News…


– Supermodel Agyness Deyn came forward earlier this week to announce that she is 29-years old, which is six years older than the age stated on her CV. [Source]

– Stefano Pilati has “left the YSL building.” Pilati has been the creative director over at YSL since 2004. [Source]

– Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast is designing a line for Urban Outfitters. [Source]


– Glee’s Idina Menzel will be going on tour. [Source]

– Warner Music has launched a YouTube channel. [Source]


– Despicable Me 2 teaser trailer

– Emma Watson will star in Sofia Coppola’s new film titled, “The Bling Ring” about a group of fashion-obsessed teenagers who break into the homes of celebrities and eventually get caught. It’s inspired by a true story…and Lifetime already did it…last year. [Source]


– Lindsay will make her 239479th comeback this weekend when she hosts Saturday Night Live.

– Jennifer Love Hewitt turned her Lifetime movie, The Client List into Lifetime television series, The Client List. [Source]

– Jessica Lange will be returning for American Horror Story in the fall, but will not be reprising her character from the first season. Zachary Quinto will also be back. [Source] [Source]

– Bristol Palin is getting a docuseries on Lifetime. “This show will reveal the real Bristol Palin and her journey as a daughter, a mother and a young woman making her way in the world.” Um…what?!

– Meet the newest contestants for Dancing With the Stars. [Source]

– Casting has begun for the new CW Sex and the City prequel pilot, The Carrie Diaries, and it looks like AnnaSophia Robb will play a young Carrie. [Source]

– Oprah Winfrey will interview the late Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s daughter Bobbi Kristina exclusively, which will air on Sunday, March 11th at 9PM on OWN. [Source]


– Top Pot Doughnuts are headed to Bellevue Square. [Source]

– Capitol Hill’s Molly Moon’s is taking over the old Flora & Henri shop to create a Willy Wonka-esque “kitchen on display” that will highlight their specialty ice cream and signature cones being made. The space is set to open in the summer. [Source]

– Skillet will call the Seattle Center home. [Source]

– EMP’s Sound Off! finals are tomorrow night and we’ve got a Seattle University band in the running: Feet. Check out the rest of the acts here. I like these guys a lot!


– Jan Berenstain passed away this week at 88. This one was my favorite because I went through a phase as a kid where I loved seeing pictures of illustrated food/candy. I kid you not, another one of my favorite books was a children’s book on the affects of diabetes.

– Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose are now engaged! The couple have been dating for over a year. [Source]

– Ke$ha turned 25 and Justin Bieber turned 18 this week.

– US Weekly shows the evolution of Lindsay Lohan’s face and it ain’t pretty. [Source]

– Lea Michele and Cory Monteith – romantically involved? US Weekly believes so. [Source]

– Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have announced the birth of their newborn son, Samuel Garner Affleck. [Source]

– …and Snooki is preggers. [Source]

– Lamar Odom has been dropped by the Dallas Mavericks and has been sent down to the NBA Development League. OH NO!! POOR LAM LAM :( [Source]

– Actress Kaley Cuoco has called off her engagement to Josh Resnik. [Source]

– Natalie Portman had a secret wedding and is already married to Benjamin Millipied. [Source]

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In the News…


photo cred | Fashionista

– Kate Moss is the new face for Mango! [Source]

– The nominees for the 2012 Bloglovin’ Awards have been revealed. [Source]

– Alexa Chung will take on the role as creative director for Superga’s next campaign. [Source]

– Celine will not be showing at Fashion Week this year because Phoebe Philo is taking time off for her pregnancy. [Source]

– Victoria’s Secret is launching their new high-end lingerie line, “The Victoria’s Secret Designer Collection.” Some pieces were even featured in last year’s fashion show. [Source]

– Karl Lagerfeld’s capsule collection will debut tomorrow on Net-A-Porter. [Source]


– Prefix reveals their list of 100 Most Anticipated Albums for 2012! [Source]

– Katy Perry has launched a line of false eyelashes. [Source]

– iHeartRadio has chosen 14 colleges to represent their sponsored stations. Seattle is not on the list. [Source]

– 2012 exhibits at the EMP will include AC/DC and Jimi Hendrix. [Source]


– Jimmy Fallon is caught in a strange lawsuit involving female domination on his set. [Source]

– Summer Glau will join the cast of Grey’s Anatomy. [Source]

– ABC has ordered a pilot to reboot Beauty and the Beast. [Source]


– 2011 Sound Off! winners Tomten has just been signed to Flat Field Records. [Source]

– Everyone can breathe easy now – Everyday Music will be moving across the street in March where the Diamond Parking Service Garage currently lives. [Source]

– Sea-Tac Airport is partnering with PlayNetwork and the Seattle Music Commission to bring travelers in-terminal music. [Source]


– If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon for Facebook’s new Timeline format, you better act soon or else Facebook will do it FOR you. [Source]

– Demi Lovato has checked into rehab once again reportedly for addictions to alcohol, drugs, and cocaine use. Get well soon Demi :( [Source]

– Demi Moore has also been rushed to the hospital earlier today for substance abuse. [Source]

– Paula Deen’s publicist has quit! [Source]

– Four couples in London broke the record for the world’s longest hug. Awwww! [Source]

– Vimeo is on the verge of relaunching their new website and some pretty snazzy features. [Source]

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In the News…


– I love this shot of Chloe Sevigny impersonating photographer, Terry Richardson, on the cover of Candy Magazine. [Source]

Tom Ford will design the costumes for the next James Bond film. [Source]

Sarah Jessica Parker is trying too hard with this hat. [Source]

Prince and Nicki Minaj will perform at the H&M x Versace launch party. [Source]

Levi’s suggests that we freeze our jeans instead of washing them. [Source]

Kanye’s kilt causes a stir. [Source]


– Listen to The Flaming Lips‘ 24-hour song. [Source]

Franz Ferdinand will return in 2012. [Source]

– Former Quadstock performer, Dan Deacon, has signed to indie label Domino. [Source]


– What the series finale of Greek could have looked like with this alternate ending. [Source]

Lady Gaga will sit down w/ Katie Couric for a holiday special called, “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving.” [Source]

FOX has decided to renew The X Factor for a second season. [Source]

60 Minutes’ Andy Rooney passed away last night at age 92. [Source]


– Is “Project X” our modern day “Can’t Hardly Wait?” Ehhh probably not.


– Could a “Bruce Lee Action Museum” be moving into the International District sometime soon? [Source]

EMP’s Sound Off! entry deadline is Monday! [Source]

– Is anyone else aware of how many restaurants are popping up in Seattle recently? There’s way too many to count for me to post about all of them so just check out Seattle Met’s Nosh Pit blog for everything that you need and more.

Seattle rock group, Visqueen, will be playing their last show ever on Saturday, Nov. 26 at the Neptune Theater. [Source]


Beyonce and Jay-Z’s fetus is a girl! [Source]

The New York Daily News decided to place a media ban on The Kardashians. [Source] I’ve only had to do that for Heidi and Spencer and Jon and Kate, but I adore the Kardashians too much.

– On a related note – Kendall Jenner is getting a Sweet Sixteen special on E! Not shocked. Still excited. [Source]

Pippa Middleton is writing a book. [Source]

– Want your brown eyes to be blue? Want a laser to take care of that for you? [Source]

– One footballer decided to name his son “Trendy” because he loves Twitter. In the words of my friend Tina, “You F-A-I-L FAIL!” [Source]

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You Know What’s Cool?

live streaming concerts online.

You know what’s cooler than that?

My favorite advisor letting me know so that I could catch the last bit of my favorite local band Campfire OK covering Nirvana at the “Nevermind Live” Benefit Show for Susie Tennant.

STREAM NOW! (at least until it ends)

To learn more about what this event is all about, click here.

Ugh. Seattle music. I love this community and this sound so much.

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EMP Sound Off wants your application!

Starting tomorrow and through November 7th, EMP will begin accepting applications for EMP’s Sound Off competition! Sound Off! is known in the Pacific Northwest as the ultimate underage battle of the bands. All local bands from the area are invited to participate if at all members of your band are under the age of 21 or 21. This is such an incredible competition that has helped boost the careers of many notable bands that you may recognize: The Lonely Forest, Brite Futures, Dyme Def, and Dyno Jamz. This year’s winners – Tomten – also secured a slot on Bumbershoot’s lineup along with many other prizes.

Think your band can make the cut? Learn more information here.

Correction: Every band member must be 21 or under.

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EMP Sound Off! Results

Congratulations Tomten!

Looking forward to seeing you at this year’s Bumbershoot!


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Out on the Town: 2/19

This Saturday, Seattle University’s favorite new student band Chinook Jargon will be performing at the EMP for EMP’s Sound Off! This is the ultimate battle of the bands competition for local bands in the Pacific Northwest and every year the EMP has done a pretty great job of selecting the winner. Just a couple of years ago, my friend’s band Dyno Jamz won and went on to perform at Bumbershoot as one of the prizes.

Anyways, I’ve been a fan of Chinook Jargon since I watched them perform on campus just a couple months ago. I downloaded their EP for free from their Bandcamp account and it has been a part of my playlist ever since. If you’re not doing anything Saturday evening, I would recommend checking out the band as well as three other great bands in the area that will be performing that night. Tickets are $7 for students and $10 for the non. For more information on the event, click here.

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EMP Announces Sound Off! Finalists

SEMIFINAL ROUND ONE – Saturday, February 12 at EMP’s Level 3
Ambulance (Seattle, WA)
Northern Departure (Renton, WA)
Tomten (Seattle, WA)
Young Pacific (Vancouver, BC)

SEMIFINAL ROUND TWO – Saturday, February 19 at EMP’s Level 3
Chinook Jargon (Seattle, WA)
Electricity and its Double (Seattle, WA)
Fit For Hounds (Seattle, WA)
Kung Foo Grip (Kirkland, WA)

SEMIFINAL ROUND THREE – Saturday, February 26 at EMP’s Level 3
Kids and Animals (Seattle, WA)
Land of Pines (Seattle, WA)
Micah B. (Federal Way, WA)
The Oh Wells (Surrey, BC)

Congratulations to all of the bands selected as finalists for this year’s EMP Sound Off! The board received 136 entries this year, which is the most that they have ever had. I was actually invited to a Kids and Animals show last year where I had written a review for them and they were a great up-and-coming band. I also can’t deny that I do have a favorite among the finalists: Chinook Jargon. These group of guys are students at Seattle University and they are incredibly fun to watch live! They did a small performance last month and absolutely blew me away. It was the drums, the random screaming, the face paint, the props – it was quite the performance! They also remind me of one of favorite bands – Local Natives – formerly Cavil at Rest.


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EMP Sound Off! Now accepting applications

It’s that time again! EMP is beginning their round up for the best underage Seattle bands. For many, this could be the chance of a lifetime in starting off their musical career. It doesn’t matter what genre you specialize in whether it be hip hop, electronic, pop, etc – you just have to be under 21. Prizes include a spot on the Bumbershoot 2011 lineup, a live on-air performance on 107.7 THE END, epiphone gear and much much more.

This battle of the bands has done wonders for many local bands in the past. Previous winners include Dyme Def, The Lonely Forest now signed with Chris Walla’s label, Dyno Jamz, and Brite Futures formerly known as Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head. For more information and to submit an application – click here.

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The Supreme’s take stage at the EMP

Just kidding. But kinda!

The last time I was visiting the EMP, which was about two weeks ago, they were setting up their third floor exhibit. The exhibit they were getting ready for this time was a showcase of 50+ gowns and accessories worn by The Supreme’s. While they were preparing for the exhibit there was a blocked wall that stood in between, but that didn’t stop them from giving the outside world a little tease. Visitors of the museum were able to view the transformation through round peephole cut-outs in the wall as big as my face.

The gowns recently left their home in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London before settling in Seattle.

Now the exhibit is finally open and will be featured at the EMP through September 6th when the third floor closes again and prepares for the Battlestar Galactica exhibit.

For more information click here

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Things I learned today

  • The EMP is really freakin’ cool. I went there today for a site visit and the space is amazing and beautiful. If you haven’t been there recently, you might want to check it out.
  • Seattle University’s breakfast burrito…so good.
  • ZipCar – The world’s largest car sharing and car club service is on my campus. You basically have a car to use whenever you want and it’s not yours and all you have to do is reserve it for a certain time. There might be costs included, but I’m not looking that up for you.
  • Women in theology or writing about theology. Sometimes it doesn’t happen, get over it.
  • I really like the families I heard from today.
  • Finals are ready to eat me alive, maybe I’ll survive.

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Meet: Alex Day

I first came across Alex Day’s YouTube account, Nerimon, one day when I was searching for things to compile together into A Collection post. I thought about including his video, but then realized it was too good and too funny to be thrown into a mix. It needed its own post. What caught my attention was Alex’s narration of the Twilight series. He’s only reached Chapter 5-6 so far, but already I feel like he is giving me a better rendition than the book itself.

I had so much fun writing up this interview for him! So I hope you all enjoy it :)

Q: Alex, how old are you and where are you from?

Alex: HI Katie! I’m 20 and I’m from a little town called Hornchurch in the UK. (I now have more subscribers than the entire population of Hornchurch, which is weird.)

Q: Where did the term Nerimon come from and what does it mean?

A: Oh, this story will make me look so cool – I used to be into Digimon when I was way younger, and to that end wrote fan fiction in which I had my own Digimon who was called Nerimon. And because Nerimon was a word I made up myself, it was never taken as a username, so I just kept it as my online moniker long after I stopped caring about the show. (It was good though.)

Q: #16 – Most Subscribed (All Time) – United Kingdom

#4 – Most Subscribed (All Time) – Musicians – United Kingdom

#15 – Most Subscribed (All Time) – Partners – United Kingdom

So YouTube thinks you’re pretty popular. How do you feel about these rankings? Is it pretty surreal or just kinda no big deal?

A: I find that the more ‘success’ I get, the more I realize how little all of it matters. I’ve been to YouTube gatherings where – no joke – people have been shaking in tears because they actually can’t contain how excited they are to meet me. I’m not telling you this because I’m bragging, I’m telling you because the moment I leave that place to get food or go to the loo or go home, I’m just me again, and nobody else cares. That’s the point – you’re only as ‘famous’ as the number of people who know your name. It’s all relative.

Q: Why do people think you’re so funny, do you think?

A: Haha – I think the main thing is that I can find humor in things that other people just overlook. A newspaper article, a letter, an old item from my childhood … I’m generally a really positive person who just enjoys life and finds fun in most things.

Q: You have about 77,773 subscribers. Are you surprised, shocked, excited by this number? I mean over 77,000 people in this world follow your life on YouTube. Sometimes when I post on my blog, I worry about security and if my writing is too personal, do you ever feel that way or not?

Note: Alex now has 85,806 subscribers

A: Just before midnight on Christmas Eve, I went over the 80,000 mark, which is amazing. I’m actually incapable of imagining that many people all together with me standing in front of them, making jokes about Twilight. A few hundred would be enough, so this is just crazy. I always idly thought “I could get loads of subscribers!” because I knew that I’d be exposed to a lot of people and it was possible, but I never really expected or even believed it would happen. In terms of honesty, I’ve always been a very open person because I believe that the biggest problem in the world is miscommunication, and transparency is a good remedy to that, so I’ve been happy sharing my life with people. It’s come with its flaws though; I no longer talk about my romantic life on YouTube because people tend to go Brangelina and take sides if anything goes wrong, and in reality they (of course) don’t know the whole situation before involving themselves with their judgments. (Not that I’m bitter – it’s just a learning curve.)

Q: You’re just 20 years old. What is a typical day in a life for Alex Day?

A: Every night I set my alarm for around 7:30 and every morning I find myself unable to get up till about 9, silently cursing myself for sleeping in yet again. I’ll debate getting food, but end up reading Lost on-set reports and Dollhouse speculation forums for a couple hours. If it’s been a few days since my last YouTube video, I’ll start thinking of what one I wanna do next, which would require either psyching myself up to get through another godawful chapter of Stephanie Meyer fiction or putting some other plan in place (I have a folder with draft video ideas waiting to be filmed). And at some point I’ll pick up my guitar and warble my way through a cover of Paparazzi by Lady GaGa (which I’m sure thrills the neighbours more and more every time they hear it). I don’t have a job, I should point out, because there are enough kind people buying my album that I can literally just fill up the time, day after day, until the sweet release of death.

Q: In three words describe what Trock is?

A: Time Lord Rock.

Q: Okay, just kidding, tell us what it really means!

A: :D It’s music about Doctor Who. I was hoping to start a similar movement to the popular wizard rock fandom, but the only band who’s released anything is my band, Chameleon Circuit.

Q: Which one comes first – vlogging or your music? The hard hitting question…

A: If I had to just pick one, then it’d be music, because I can’t do vlogging as a career. But they both feed very well into each other; people who like my comedy videos will wanna support me, so they’ll check out my music and hopefully like what they hear enough to buy it (you can hear the whole CD for free on my website). And I can film music videos for uploading, so they’re nicely married to each other.

Q: I’ve heard that you’ve been to Seattle (my hometown) before. What was your favorite part about it? Would you come back?

A: I lived in Seattle for two months in the summer, and it was a joyful experience overall. I love the character of the city – all cities have their own identity, but Seattle seemed to have more personality, with little quirks like the troll and the Space Needle. The Space Needle is great because I love retro-future stuff; the idea that people are always trying to predict what the future will look like, and it always looks like the future if the future were 1950, or whatever year it was. Futuristic predictions are complete products of their time, and the inevitably of that is quite beautiful, in my opinion :) EMP was cool too.

Q: What would you say is the biggest difference between people in London and Seattle?

A: Everyone’s so very very green in Seattle. London’s a lot more like New York, very gritty and grey, Seattle’s very environmentally conscious and that’s nice. And the PEOPLE are so nice, too. Londoners keep very much to themselves. Seattle people are nearly always happy to chat to strangers, and it just makes for a happier place.

Q: Name one place you want to visit, but haven’t yet and why? Why do you want to visit this place and why haven’t you visited it yet?

A: I’m going to LA in the summer, and I’m excited about that cos I think that’s a place I should go to. I want to visit Tokyo for the same reason. The only reason I haven’t gone yet is because I usually travel for the people, not the place; I stayed in Seattle because my girlfriend at the time lives in Seattle.

Q: I stumbled upon your YouTube channel when I discovered your Twilight chapter readings. Tell me what you REALLY think about Twilight so far.

A: Haha, you ask this like you’re expecting me to say “Well I do kind of secretly like it but don’t tell anyone”, right? There’s no hidden agenda, I promise you. The book is awful. I have to force myself to get through each chapter. Every time I finish filming a Twilight video, I turn the camera off thinking “That was awful, this won’t be funny”, and only when I watch it back during editing do I start to see that it wasn’t as bad as it felt.

Q: You’re going to continue reading chapters right?

A: Yes, I am – I started this because I genuinely feel like I’m providing a public service. There are so many people who make fun of Twilight that don’t even know the story of what happens in the book – including myself – so I feel like this way, they’ll be able to understand the story in all its stupidity, but without having to go through the mental turmoil of slogging through it themselves. (I know it sounds like I’m exaggerating but YOU TRY READING IT.)

Q: Have you seen the movies?

A: I saw the first one only because I wanted to sleep with the girl I saw it with. I went into the film fully aware that it’d be really terrible, and it still bothers me now when I look at the Twilight box office sales that a few pounds of that used to be mine. I have no interest in seeing the second one or any of the others.


Q: If you ever came face-to-face with Robert Pattinson, what would you say to him?

A: I’d love to hang out with Robert Pattinson! I’m as much a fan boy of him as any other Twilight hardcore, I actually think he’s awesome. I’d probably just shake his hand and say “Dude you’re so cool” and then hide away somewhere and cry at my own pathetic life.

Q: As of right now, what is your number one ambition? Is it to become King of YouTube or something else?

A: Hahahaha – ‘King of YouTube‘ isn’t a title they give out, to my knowledge, but if they did it would SO be my answer. My main ambition right now is to bring exposure to my music; to keep planning and releasing good music videos and spreading the word about me so that I can continue living in the way that I do.

Q: I like your style sir! Where do you shop at?

A: Thank you! <3 Almost everything I wear is from Topman, because they do smaller sizes than other shops and I’m quite a thin guy. The smaller stuff suits me better

Q: What’s your New Year’s resolution?

A: Oooh, you know, I haven’t actually thought about it yet. I don’t know. In 2004, my resolution was to be more confident, which worked out very well. In 2006 it was to start using weights – that got old near the start of February. I don’t know if I’ve made any resolutions since then. Anything I say will instantly feel like a chore, and will put me off doing it. So let’s say – to be in YouTube’s Most Subscribed list by the end of the year. Tough works, I need over double the subscribers I have now, but it’ll motivate me to keep making great videos and earning those extra viewers.

Q: If you could have anyone guest spot on your show, who would it be?

A: Ha, my ‘show’. I guess it’s just me in my house so I don’t think of it that way. Well if I could have ANYONE on my show, then … I dunno, I’d have to find a good use for the person so they weren’t just there for the sake of it. I think I’ll have Robert Pattinson just walk in at the end of one of my Twilight videos, saying “Hey, you!” and having a go at me.

Q: Can that person be me someday? :) hahah

A: Aww, you charmer <3 Well, the question you’re really asking here is “am I better than Robert Pattinson?” and Katie, you know that’s gonna be tough for me to answer :p

Q: Where can we expect to see you next Alex?

A: There’s a wonderfully creepy subtext to that question. I go shopping in Hornchurch most days, so if you’re really committed … apart from that, I’m gonna do more gigs in the New Year, including (hopefully) a US tour in the summer, and of course I’ll be uploading videos every week or so.

hahah I always ask that question last and he’s probably the only person to ever call that a little creepy!

To listen to Alex’s music click here

To watch his YouTube channel click here

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EMP Sound Off 2010

The most coveted Battle of the Bands is back for another round in the Northwest. Last year, we saw Dyno Jamz take first place and this past weekend saw them dominating the stage at Bumbershoot. Who will be next year’s winners?

The EMP | SMF Sound Off! is  now taking entries for the 2010 competition via online here: www.empsfm.org/soundoff

Send in your apps by November 9, 2009 to enter. Every participant/member of your band must be 21 or  under as of March 6, 2010.

Previous bands that have been a part of this competition include: The Lonely Forest, New Faces, Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head, the Oregon Donor, Man Down Medic, Schoolard Heroes, Dyme Def

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Seattle bands you should know (or listen to)

I think Seattle music posts are my favorite to write. I was inspired to write this post when I heard a little snippet preview from Minus the Bear the other day. When I was fifteen years old, I threw myself in the local Seattle music scene and since then  I’ve watched favorite bands dissemble, migrate to other bands, or become incredibly successful.

The music scene is no longer what it used to be. The bands I grew up listening to are no longer really a part of that scene and neither am I, but that doesn’t mean that I ever stopped listening. This post embodies a part of my adolescence that most people never knew or could understand about me. Just so you know, this has taken me DAYS to write and perfect.

Here are a few of my local favorites:

This Providence

I recently caught their new music video for single, “Letdown” on MTV a couple weeks ago. Currently, they are on the bill for Warped Tour, but will be starting their own tour with Cartel beginning October 22nd in Raleigh, North Carolina. The guys will be playing in Seattle on November 10th at El Corazon.

Best Songs:

  • Well Versed in the Ways of the World
  • Certain Words in Uncertain Times
  • My Beautiful Rescue
  • Chasing the Wind
  • Letdown


Danger Radio

I was first introduced to Danger Radio four years ago at the first show I attended. I wasn’t even there to see them nor did I stay for their set. It wasn’t until after the night that I realized what a mistake that was. I make an effort to never miss one of their shows at home now, these guys are my favorite and as much as I like their new songs now, I love the old ones even more. The guys were recently in California writing their next album and were taking a break from touring this summer, but will be back on the road again come fall.They were also featured during the Real World Brooklyn season this past year.

Best Songs:

  • Slow
  • Sparkle Baby Shine
  • Groovin’
  • Kiss N’ Tell
  • Slow Dance With A Stranger


The Scene Aesthetic

I wouldn’t know about Seattle music if it weren’t for these two fools. They were my first show and first favorites. After creating the hit song, “Beauty in the Breakdown,” the dynamic duo continued to take over MySpace music putting out a series of cd’s and popular singles and even a DVD. After a two year hiatus – the guys have come back together with full force. The two recently spent nearly a month in California recording their new album and just began their new tour. They will be performing in Seattle at Neumos on October 16th.

Best Songs:

  • Beauty in the Breakdown
  • Alvin Maker’s Greensong
  • Don’t Be That Note I Can’t Hold
  • Come What May
  • It’s A Promise, Like A Song


Letters & Lights

Letters & Lights is a new band in Seattle, but if I’m assuming correctly Erik and Ethan have been around Seattle for quite some time. Erik (left) and I used to go to all the same shows! He was actually very well known (and liked) in the Seattle music scene so I was excited when I heard he had been making music himself. Their EP was just released on iTunes and they recently played a Santa Monica show with The Scene Aesthetic.

Best Songs

  • Smile Bright
  • In Love and Outdone
  • Pretty Letdown


Dyno Jamz

They are your perfect mix of hip-hop and jazz. I’ve never heard anything like it and I LOVE it. And I promise I’m not biased just because my friend Nick is in the band hahah These guys dominated the EMP Sound Off! competition earlier this year, which has earned them a well-deservesd slot at Seattle’s largest and most anticipated music festival, Bumbershoot.

Best Songs:

  • Universal Love
  • Footprints
  • Come Out and Play


Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground

I’ve been talking a lot about this band lately! They recently finished their sophomore album and it is fantastic. Other than that, I don’t really have anything else to say except that I adore this band, enjoyed working with them for the short evening that I did and am never disappointed by their shows. These guys are true characters, but very talented musicians.

Best Songs:

  • Hey Momma’
  • Birds on a Day Like Today
  • Bowie the Desert Pea
  • Santa Cruz Lined Pockets


Lizzie Huffman

Lizzie has been performing since she was fourteen years old at local teen centers. She has worked with both Danger Radio and Thomas Dutton of Forgive Durden and Matt Bekker. Watching Lizzie perform is always a treat for me. Her voice is so refreshing and her shows are always personal. She is currently performing in and around the greater Northwest area including at my school, Seattle University, on September 19th! You should all come out and see her!

Best Songs:

  • Heavy Hearts
  • Country Song
  • Country Song Number 2
  • Oh My Sweet Carolina (Cover)




When Matt first started out, it was just him and his guitar. He has since collaborated with a number of other people around Seattle including singer Lizzie Huffman, and now has a full band to back him up. I’ve watched Matt grow into a very talented and dedicated musician. Now signed with Sound Records and Entertainment, Matt Bekker and Bryan Watson are continuing to record their next full length album and touring the states.

Best Songs:

  • All Tied Up
  • Empty
  • Deep
  • Let’s Get Away
  • Donovin


Also visit my YouTube page to watch some of my recorded videos of Matt’s performances here

Minus The Bear

Minus the Bear IS Seattle music. (Excluding Death Cab) Their single, “Pachuca Sunrise,” is what defines every one of my summers. Whenever I was planning a show, they were always at the top of my list. They still ARE at the top of my list and I’m so determined to have them someday. Not only are they amazing musicians they have given me some great memories. Currently, the band is getting ready for the release of their new album! Here’s a snippet, too excited!

Best Songs:

  • Pachuca Sunrise
  • Knights
  • The Ice Monster
  • This Ain’t A Surfin’ Movie
  • Drilling
  • The Pig War


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