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17 Jan 2014

Adult World

If I’m not mistaken, I think this is the film where Emma Roberts and Evan Peters first met on the set, but I could be wrong. After watching Emma portray this darker character on American Horror Story, it’s a little bit difficult to believe her as the flighty manic pixie dream girl in Adult World. I’m not really sure if it’s convincing or even interesting watching a struggling poet work in an adult bookstore. I suppose I just had higher expectations for the film especially when I first heard about it, but I don’t feel the same way anymore.

18 Jul 2013

Emma Roberts x Nylon Aug. 2013

Earlier this week, Emma Roberts made headlines when TMZ broke the news that she had been arrested due to domestic violence…beating up her 26-year old boyfriend Evan Peters. It was surprising to say the least because that’s a side we never imagined the actress to have. I’ve been a fan of Emma’s ever since her Nickelodeon days on “Unfabulous,” but it must be hard to keep up this act of being a sweet former teenage actor and niece of Julia Roberts.

We hope things get better for you Emma. Please don’t turn into Amanda Bynes. I read reports that you and your boyfriend just have a passionate relationship and stuff so … just keep your fists to yourself.

Other than that, we love her photoshoot for Nylon’s latest denim issue and her interview with the magazine.

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