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08 Aug 2018

Snaps for a Snapshot

Who: Constance Wu

Wearing: Ralph & Russo

Where: Crazy Rich Asians Los Angeles premiere


It’s almost here! Who’s excited to see this film?! We’re going the night it opens and I’m very ready to laugh and cry.

30 Jul 2018

Blog Roundup

  • Seattle’s Pike Place Fish Market Sold to Fish-Throwing Employees [The Seattle Times]
  • The world’s most Instagrammable sneakers [forward2me]
  • The horror film, The Purge, is being turned into a television series for USA Network and it looks just as terrifying as the films.
  • Mara Wilson’s thoughts on how Allison Mack got roped into NXIVM [Elle]
  • An interview with Stripe’s CEO, Patrick Collison on culture and growing startups [High Growth Handbook – Elad Gil]
  • How an ex-cop rigged McDonald’s Monopoly game and stole millions [The Daily Beast]
  • The bowling mechanic keeping America’s favorite pastime alive
  • The legacy of Benihana [The Ringer]
  • Being 30 in Seattle: It’s a lot harder today than it was for your parents [The Seattle Times]

  • How Marie Kondo Created a Decluttering Empire [The Every Girl]
  • He Kissed Me…and then Unmatched Me [The Every Girl] – just a funny take on online dating in 2018

  • Giant NASA Space Blanket Will Cover This Year’s Burning Man [Hypebeast]
  • The 18 Best New Restaurants in America [Eater]
  • Lyft Announces New Subscription Plan [Refinery29]
23 Jul 2018

Does A High School Reunion Make Sense in 2018?

I recently got a text from Sasha asking me if I would be attending our high school reunion this coming September. Had it really been 10 years already? In all honesty, once I left that place I might have done everything that I could to scrub that part of life out of my history. I walked away with a handful of friends that are still my friends to this day and that was all I needed. If this information showed me anything, it’s that high school reunions in 2018 are not what they were 20 years ago. It’s no “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion” that’s for sure.

First off, how are people even contacted about this? How do people learn that an event like this is even happening? Those were my first questions to Sasha. “You’re not a part of the Facebook group?” There it was. Of course in 2018 there would be a Facebook group that would bind us all together, but let’s be real, that’s the actual high school reunion in itself, isn’t it? After looking up the Facebook group, it turns out I’m probably the last person in my class of 600+ people to join it. Mission accomplished – I wanted to try and go unnoticed and that happened. Let me tell you how long I got lost in that rabbit hole that was the Facebook group though – hours. Hours of looking up my former classmates and seeing if I knew a person only to realize that their last name has changed because they had gotten married. Hours of seeing default profile pics crammed with five people instead of just the one because people my age have families.

It’s amazing how much you can actually achieve in 10 years. What’s also astonishing is how you can do the opposite and diminish your own accomplishments to feel like you haven’t done nearly enough in 10 years. The concept of a high school reunion is fascinating to me. I imagine this is something that I thought about after leaving high school. I don’t think that this is something I looked forward to, but I assume I had an idea about what I wanted to wear, how I would talk about myself and who I wanted to see.

The other question I have about my reunion is wondering why there are tickets – even pre-sale tickets. Why is there a cost associated to this at all and why do our alma maters always try and suck the money out of us? Don’t y’all know that I’m still paying off my own student loans for college? Two years after I graduated, I found myself at a bar with many of my classmates that I hadn’t expected to see. It was wild and a shit show and unless my high school reunion gets to that level, I’m not sure I see a point of going to an event where everyone has to pretend like they are their button-up perfect selves. Who knew I would have so many feelings about an event? I certainly didn’t. Readers, have you attended your high school reunion and did you enjoy it? If you missed it, do you regret it?

19 Jul 2018

Blog Roundup

  • A Spice Girls Exhibit Is Coming This Summer [Nylon]
  • The Emojis We Don’t Need [Vice]
  • Aly Raisman Takes The Floor [ESPN]
  • America’s Ramen Obsession, Explained – I don’t know if I agree with how yummy all these creations are supposed to be! [The New Yorker]
  • ‘Sister Survivors’ and victims of Larry Nassar Accept the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYS last night [Vogue]
17 Jul 2018

Snaps for a Snapshot

Who: Lily James

Wearing: Oscar de la Renta

Where: London premiere of “Mamma Mia!”


Normally, pouffy dresses like these are not a style that I resonate with, but it’s also another reason I gravitate towards them. I love the idea of pulling something off that I think I may not be able to. In other photos, Lily looks like she’s having the best time wearing it and she accessorized this look perfectly with hair that is effortlessly styled and simple heels.

16 Jun 2018

2018 MTV Movie and TV Awards

Madelaine Petsch in Prada

I’m so old that I completely forgot that this was happening tonight and that the award show has changed its name to “MTV Movie and Television Awards.” We’re not sure when that happened, but we do appreciate the inclusivity for television series. Next up? All of our favorite looks and nothing about the award show itself because we’re not watching it this year.

Katherine Langford in custom Giorgio Armani

Read more “2018 MTV Movie and TV Awards”


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