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I Like Your Style…

Nina Dobrev in Alex Perry

Since 2010, Nina has been on my radar as the one to watch. And now, not only is she on a hit CW television series – Vampire Diaries – she is also making the lists for being a best dressed celebrity. Newly single and with the world ahead of her and her blossoming career, I am excited to see how far she’ll push the boundaries with her red carpet looks.

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Fashion’s Night Out TOMORROW!

Happy Fashion Week everyone! Tomorrow is the big day and I couldn’t be more excited for the event. Thank you so much to Pacific Place and the Downtown Seattle Association for including me in the festivities. Tomorrow I will be live tweeting all of the action so be sure to follow me here for constant updates.

To view the entire program hosted by these sponsors click here. Can’t make it to Seattle? Are you closer to Bellevue or University Village? Not from WA at all? Fashion’s Night Out is happening at retail stores all over. You’ve just gotta find out where and lucky for us – the official Fashion’s Night Out has a complete guide here.

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Fashion Week Salaries

I’m loving this infographic designed by PayScale. The fashion industry will probably be an industry that I will always be fascinated by.


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In the News…


photo cred | Fashionista

– Kate Moss is the new face for Mango! [Source]

– The nominees for the 2012 Bloglovin’ Awards have been revealed. [Source]

– Alexa Chung will take on the role as creative director for Superga’s next campaign. [Source]

– Celine will not be showing at Fashion Week this year because Phoebe Philo is taking time off for her pregnancy. [Source]

– Victoria’s Secret is launching their new high-end lingerie line, “The Victoria’s Secret Designer Collection.” Some pieces were even featured in last year’s fashion show. [Source]

– Karl Lagerfeld’s capsule collection will debut tomorrow on Net-A-Porter. [Source]


– Prefix reveals their list of 100 Most Anticipated Albums for 2012! [Source]

– Katy Perry has launched a line of false eyelashes. [Source]

– iHeartRadio has chosen 14 colleges to represent their sponsored stations. Seattle is not on the list. [Source]

– 2012 exhibits at the EMP will include AC/DC and Jimi Hendrix. [Source]


– Jimmy Fallon is caught in a strange lawsuit involving female domination on his set. [Source]

– Summer Glau will join the cast of Grey’s Anatomy. [Source]

– ABC has ordered a pilot to reboot Beauty and the Beast. [Source]


– 2011 Sound Off! winners Tomten has just been signed to Flat Field Records. [Source]

– Everyone can breathe easy now – Everyday Music will be moving across the street in March where the Diamond Parking Service Garage currently lives. [Source]

– Sea-Tac Airport is partnering with PlayNetwork and the Seattle Music Commission to bring travelers in-terminal music. [Source]


– If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon for Facebook’s new Timeline format, you better act soon or else Facebook will do it FOR you. [Source]

– Demi Lovato has checked into rehab once again reportedly for addictions to alcohol, drugs, and cocaine use. Get well soon Demi :( [Source]

– Demi Moore has also been rushed to the hospital earlier today for substance abuse. [Source]

– Paula Deen’s publicist has quit! [Source]

– Four couples in London broke the record for the world’s longest hug. Awwww! [Source]

– Vimeo is on the verge of relaunching their new website and some pretty snazzy features. [Source]

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KCD Introduces Digital Fashion Shows

image courtesy of KCD

Leading public relations and production agency, KCD, announced this morning that they will be revealing a new fashion platform during New York’s Fashion Week this February. Buyers and press will be able to exclusively view fashion shows only online. In the past, we have seen shows that were available for livestream, but KCD will take this one step further by releasing shows that are previously taped and scheduled to air at later times. The best part is that they can be viewed long after Fashion Week even ends!

Those that are invited by KCD to view the fashion shows will be given a username and password, but if we’re lucky, maybe they’ll choose to share them with us by embedding videos to their blog.

The first show to air will be on February 15 staring with Prabal Gurung’s ICB Collection for Onward Kashiyama.

What I would do to be able to be a part of this exclusive list…So jealous!


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The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is Seeking Volunteers

Since I can’t be in New York for this opp, I thought I would just pass along the details to some of you in case you were interested! Have you always dreamed of having the chance to attend the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, but never been able to snag yourself an invite? Do you want to be a part of seeing the inner workings backstage? Would you just die at the chance of being in the same room as high profile models, designers and celebrities?

The team at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week wants to give you the opportunity to volunteer for a few roles under and unpaid position and for a  gig like this, you really shouldn’t be expecting any pay at all.

Volunteer roles will include:

  • Runway Venue Preparation
  • Designer Guest Ushers
  • Backstage Assistance and Set Up
  • Assemble Gift Bags and Press Kits
  • Help maintain the main event Information Desk
  • Assist in the Volunteer Center
  • Various other tasks for the Mercedes-

Interested? Learn all of the details here! And good luck!

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The Battle For Fashion Week

[Source-Getty Images]

Fashion Week (or as like to call it – Fashion Month) is about to become much more pretentious than ever before. Fashion Month works because none of them overlap. First comes New York, then comes London. After that, we have Milan and Paris is last. Turns out, Milan is not happy with that arrangement.

Milan has reportedly decided to place their Fashion Week in dates that would conflict with both New York and London’s fashion weeks, which is going to send every fashion magazine into a frenzy. Milan is essentially giving them an ultimatum and trying to prove who is most powerful out of the fashion capitals.

Who will rise to the top? Only time will tell.


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Snaps for a Snapshot: Fashion Week

Who: Elizabeth Olson

Wearing: Missoni

Where: Target x Missoni at Milk


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Fashion Week’s Newest Style Icon

Meet Aila Wang.

She’s Alexander Wang’s niece and she is the most adorable little girl ever! Lucky her – getting to tag along with Uncle Alex to fashion week for two seasons now. This outfit is fierce to the max. Can’t wait to see what she bring out for the Fall 2012 RTW show.

This photograph was shot by Julia Chesky.


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Things that Make My Sunday

Dave Hill explores the absurdity of Fashion Week. As much as I love Fashion Week, even I can accept that there are some silly aspects to it. [Source]

Real life Mario in a box. I’m sure there’s a way for me to make this myself somewhere, but I would really love this as a gift. Hello distraction from school.  [Source]

Here is the official trailer for Martha Marcy May Marlene starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s younger sister Elizabeth Olsen. This film has been receiving at ton of buzz in the news lately for Olsen’s performance. I think I got some chills just from watching the trailer. In the film, Olsen plays Martha, a schizophrenic girl who has trouble trying to live a normal life after escaping from a cult. [Source]

Mischa Barton looking like Marissa Cooper again! [Source]

When Lucas Jatobá turned 30, he wanted to celebrate his birthday by giving back. He distributed 30 gifts to 30 strangers around Sydney, Australia. [Source]

McDonald’s is anti-coning.


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Fashion Week Photo of The Moment

It’s the HBIC Victoria Beckham carrying her daughter Harper in sky high heels during Fashion Week!


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Fashionista HBIC @ Fashion Week

Meet Alexander Wang’s niece!



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Fashion Week Essentials

I might just be the only one in my group of friends that looks forward to Fashion Week however many times a year it actually occurs. To those that actually attend, Fashion Week is serious business. Designers spend months sometimes up to a year+ creating collections for the right seasons. They envision the presentation, send out the invitations, and celebrate with the best parties. It’s exciting, but it’s no joke. Those that are invited don’t just attend one show a day, they attend multiple shows a day sometimes all across New York City.

So how do the attendees prepare for this marathon? They pack the essentials. In a post by Vogue Daily, The Coveteur has captured all of the necessities that the Fashion Week A-listers can’t leave home without.


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