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Blog Roundup

  • How to spend time alone with yourself [Refinery29]
  • Tinashe talks music industry prejudice [The Fader]
  • 26 bad workplace habits to kick in 2016 [Refinery29]
  • Start saying “Thank You” Instead of “Sorry” [Medium]

  • 20 U.S. breweries you should visit for your bucket list [Cool Material]

  • Vintage and contemporary photos of Playboy Bunnies [Flavorwire]
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Blog Roundup

– 10 Things We Learned at Fashion Week. 1. In America, we plan on having a summer. [GQ]

– 10 Dangerous Works of Architecture [Flavorwire]

– What’s it like to be a bike messenger in NYC? [BuzzFeed]

– Burger King Japan made something called a black burger and we don’t think cheese should be that color. [Grubstreet]

– F**ktionary – the new Cards Against Humanity that everyone will be talking about [Cool Material]

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Return to Sender

photo cred | Tommy Kha

It’s been awhile since we have covered an interesting project on Yow Yow! and this one is a little bit silly and a whole lot of strange, but we like it all the same. In his series, Return to Sender, Memphis-based photographer Tommy Kha investigates a stereotype that Asian men are typically more submissive. For his project, he does just that by allowing strangers to plant one on him while he basically has no reaction at all.

To view more shots of the project, click here.

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Trendy Animals In Hip Clothing

art cred | Yago Partal

I know this looks a little bit ridiculous, but think of how rad this would be framed in your own home. It’s such a stand out piece on its own – I love it so much. Designed by Yago Partal, his new series Zoo Portraits highlights some of your favorite animals wearing trendy human clothes. It’s pretty clever and it kind of makes you think…what if, right? Maybe that’s just me though. Check out the entire series here courtesy of Flavorwire.

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75 Years of Manic Pixie Dream Girls

I know people like to believe that this doesn’t work, but it totally does. I don’t know so just because I’ve seen it in movies, but because I have pulled a few Manic Pixie card tricks up my sleeve as well.

Heck, I pulled one last night – totally unintentionally. Flavorwire’s mashup of Manic Pixie Dream Girls is fantastic and highlights that this began way before Zooey Deschanel came onto the scene.


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Blog Posts Roundup 1/9/13

1. What “Girls” has taught us about fashion and dressing appropriate for every occasion – courtesy of Flavorwire.

2. Seattle, you are the best city that I have ever lived in and here’s why – – – – (Seattle Times)

photo cred | Chelsea Improvement Co.

3. Google provides free WiFi for the entire Chelsea neighborhood. [Source]

4. 72 Style Resolutions for 2013 from 72 fashionable Seattleites courtesy of Seattle Met

5. To make one of their most popular flavors, “Scout Mint,” Molly Moon’s ice cream shop needs a LOT of cookies – specifically the thin mints HOBviously. This Friday at 3PM, Molly Moon Neitzel along with other managers will be posted up at the Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, and Wallingford shops ready to purchase 84,000 cookies from quite a few eager Girl Scouts. Looks like Neitzel is on her way towards molding some future saleswomen! [Source]

photo cred | Floor 13

6. Pioneer Square has opened up a new space in their neighborhood perfect for intimate weddings and small events. Floor 13 holds 75 to 100 people and is absolutely gorgeous. [Source]

7. Part of Urban Outfitters’ “Get It Together” series – Dressing Like A Grown Up

8. Nordstrom’s 2013 visual displays are now up at the flagship! Check out the full gallery here

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President Obama’s Four Years in Photographs

Photo Cred | Pete Souza

This apparently seems to be the photo of the day, but since I was away from Yow Yow! all day I am just now getting around to posting it. It’s appropriate because today President Obama was named Time’s Person of the Year 2012 and no one is more deserving enough for this title. It has been a difficult and challenging four years, but as a woman, a young adult, and a former college student, I am confident in saying that there is no one else that could have done this job better than him. He was the only candidate in my opinion that I believed had my best interests at heart. With that being said, this job and the person doing the job does not come without flaws.

Samantha and I once had a conversation about President Obama and the role of a President in general in which she had asked me if anyone has ever taken a before and after picture of a President at the start and end of his term.

“I bet you’d be able to see how much a President has aged in those four years due to all of the stress they’ve had and the responsibility they’ve taken on.”

And she’s right. There’s no before and after picture, but you can see it. You can even, at times, feel that President Obama has aged in the way he speaks. In addition to the interview and cover, TIME also featured 125 photographs of the President during his first term that Flavorwire has called both “adorable and heartbreaking.” You can view all of them here.


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Vintage Chinese Babies in Space

photo cred | Retronaut

This is probably the weirdest thing I’ve seen all week, but also the best thing I’ve seen all week. It combines just a couple of my favorite things: Asian babies and space. They are two things that I never would have imagined would work together, but these posters are completely “pulling it off.” [Ted Mosby style with the red cowboy boots] To view the rest, check the source.


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Empty Olympics

photo cred | Janie Airey

Earlier this summer, Flavorwire made a post showcasing some eerie photos of completely deserted Olympic arenas. It’s strange to think how so much hype and money can be thrown at one event for a short period of time. After it ends, it’s almost like it was never there or at least it is forgotten about for some time. It’s been a few months since the summer Olympic games ended in London and what’s left of it remains here in the evidence of these beautiful photographs. Check out the entire series by Janie Airey here.

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DIY Couple Costumes

Last year, I didn’t celebrate Halloween because I was on a retreat the entire weekend. This year, I just didn’t celebrate because I was simply tired. Do you know how much energy it takes to get dressed up and go out on any regular night? And now you have to throw in a costume?! Also, a night out is something I can no longer handle. Four months of being out of college can do that to you.

I promise I was all set to do Halloween this year, but when I gave up on my original costume, I pretty much gave up on the holiday altogether. I stumbled upon Flavorwire’s 13 Last-Minute DIY Couple Costumes. It’s another ‘why didn’t I think of this?’ moment.

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Politics & Pop Culture

President Obama | 1

Mitt Romney | 0

Mitt Romney has adopted a slogan from the hit television series “Friday Night Lights” for his campaigning, but the show’s creator is less than thrilled about it even accusing Romney of plagiarism. Well, yeah.

The slogan reads: “Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t Lose.”

Not only his show creator, Peter Berg, kind of livid about it, but he actually took matters into his own hands by writing a letter to Romney and he didn’t hold back.

Check out the full letter here.


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School Nostalgia

Today, the new freshmen students of my Alma mater are moving in. They will graduate as the class of 2016 and boy, you better believe that makes me feel old! Even though, I’ve graduated I still miss the type of posts I would write relating to school previously on Yow Yow! Like the new students and readers of Yow Yow I was advising, I, too was still taking my own advice. I was also getting just as excited for the start of the new school year. Each school year was always a form of re-invention. It was the fresh start. Most people would get into that mindset in January on the first day of the new year, but not me. That mindset started in September for me. New goals – new clothes – new perspective.

Now that I’m never going back, I won’t ever have that again, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still feel inspired by school related posts.

[photo cred | trendsnow]
  • The Most Beautiful College Dorms in the World [Flavorwire]
  • Savvy College Student Pays For His Tuition With Money from Rebates [GOOD]
  • Cleveland Honors Student Went from Homeless to Harvard [GOOD]
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Hipster Alphabet

When I was learning the alphabet as a small child, my parents purchased me a set of magnetic squares each with a letter written on them. I was probably obsessed with these letters. I would organize them by vowels, by colors sometimes even putting them into their own categories and sorting them by popularity. That’s right – the letter “K” is so much better than “F.”

That was then. My future artsy kids are going to have these hipster flashcards to play around with though designed by illustrator Emma Cook.


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Room Portraits

I always enjoy seeing the rooms or homes that others live in because I think they are a true reflection of who someone is without even getting to know them. I’ve definitely seen my fair share of them through blog projects, but German photographer Menno Aden has brought in a new perspective to mix things up a bit. His photographs documenting rooms are shot from an aerial point of view, but presented in a flat photograph as one. I love getting to see these shots of rooms, personal spaces, and work spaces from a different angle and being able to look into them rather than just at them.

Check out the rest of the shots here.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

It is a beautiful day in Seattle today and nothing could make my sweet little mother more happy! I hope all of you are having a lovely time with your mothers and enjoying their special day.

And for you: a compilation of advice from the best TV moms ever courtesy of Flavorwire.


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