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09 Sep 2018

Blog Roundup

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  • Second Life Podcast: Linda Wells on Founding Allure, Being Fired and Moving On [My Domaine]
  • 30 Days Inside Chinese Livestreaming [Beme News]
  • America’s Best New Restaurants of 2018 [Bon Appétit]
  • How the 1 Percent Do Burning Man [NY Post]
  • 50 Things Every Guy Should Know How to Cook [Cool Material]
  • How Heath Ledger’s Joker Was Born

  • Stretchy Ice Cream Is About To Be Your New Summer Obsession [Thrillist]
  • Constance Wu’s Beauty Picks [New York Times]
  • 8 Ways to Make Your Flight Better [New York Times]
  • Secrets of Las Vegas’s Exclusive High-Roller Cosmopolitan Suite [Bloomberg]
08 Aug 2018

Lucy Sparrow’s Felt Filled Supermarket

Lucy Sparrow may have just set up the cutest supermarket you’ve ever seen. After creating similar exhibits in both London and New York City, she brought her creative expertise to Los Angeles. At the Standard Hotel in downtown LA, you’ll find a market with some recognizable items and while none are edible, they are all available for purchase. All 31,000 pieces!

With every project, Lucy’s number of items have increasingly grown. When she first started out in London, she had 4,000 hand-sewn products. In New York, the number of items increased to 9,000 with items selling out in just a matter of days.

I’m obsessed with these qt pieces and wish I could see this myself! Readers, if you’re in LA – check out the pop-up at the hotel that is showing right now until August 31st.


08 Aug 2018

Currently Craving: Street Corn Lobster Roll

I have to make sure when I’m writing these posts that it is AFTER I’ve had a meal. While catching up on news last night, I came across this Street Corn Lobster Roll – hello! Two of my favorite things! I’ve got a love hate relationship with lobster rolls though and if you’re like me, then you know where I’m coming from. I never grew up eating a whole lot of lobster and didn’t have my first lobster roll until I was visiting Boston for work a couple years back. I love that you can eat it hot with butter or cold with mayo. My biggest qualm though? Why is it that when you order the lobster roll it comes with a mountain of fries that overtakes the entire meal?

No disrespect to fries, but the lobster roll always feels so small in comparison and it’s what I want more of. I love this take on a “street lobster roll” that features corn and a spicy kick with the jalapeños . Since I’m a little bit on the weaker side of spiciness, I’ll likely pick these off.

How good does this meal sound for the end of summer? For the full recipe and to have step-by-step instructions on how to make this yourself, visit the source below!


01 Aug 2018

Where the Scale Belongs

The scale in my bathroom appeared broken this morning and I had two choices to make. Do I throw it out or do I throw it out and replace it? The whole thought process went down in the shower. It made me think of a recent episode of “The Bold Type.” Sutton and Jane are best friends and roommates, but in a previous life, Sutton used to shoot recreationally. After discovering that her gun was in their apartment, Jane was naturally, uncomfortable and wanted it gone. The best friends go back and forth, but one thing Jane asks Sutton is “have you ever thought of why you’re trying so hard to keep it?”

About six months ago, Mandi was over and we had a chat about the scale. She encouraged me to get rid of it and while she didn’t ask me “why” I was trying so hard to keep it, I realized I didn’t have a good answer as to why I needed to. I’ve always grown up with having a scale in my bathroom; even in my family home. Because it’s something that I’m used to – is that a reason to keep it? If I’m being honest, I just wasn’t ready to let it go.

About ten years ago, I was in college and going in for a yearly checkup. The doctor told me that I was “severely underweight.” I didn’t bother to really look into what that meant, but I took it as I’m not where I’m supposed to be for my age range. What I know is that I was in another flight or fight situation. My reaction upon hearing that was to give myself a number. This was the number that I decided then that I would never go over for my weight. I never did. I embraced being small and enjoyed it.

Friends and family that spend time with me know that I love food, but sometimes this disorder isn’t just about food and pounds. It’s about control and it’s very much a mental thing. My scale was a part of my daily life and I held onto it for so long like a crutch. It wasn’t just a scale. It was the tool that let me know if I was right on track or not. I’ve been thinking about the scale all day and it’s still sitting in my bathroom awaiting its fate. I just thought of another option. Keep the broken scale exactly where it is.

30 Jul 2018

Blog Roundup

  • Seattle’s Pike Place Fish Market Sold to Fish-Throwing Employees [The Seattle Times]
  • The world’s most Instagrammable sneakers [forward2me]
  • The horror film, The Purge, is being turned into a television series for USA Network and it looks just as terrifying as the films.
  • Mara Wilson’s thoughts on how Allison Mack got roped into NXIVM [Elle]
  • An interview with Stripe’s CEO, Patrick Collison on culture and growing startups [High Growth Handbook – Elad Gil]
  • How an ex-cop rigged McDonald’s Monopoly game and stole millions [The Daily Beast]
  • The bowling mechanic keeping America’s favorite pastime alive
  • The legacy of Benihana [The Ringer]
  • Being 30 in Seattle: It’s a lot harder today than it was for your parents [The Seattle Times]

  • How Marie Kondo Created a Decluttering Empire [The Every Girl]
  • He Kissed Me…and then Unmatched Me [The Every Girl] – just a funny take on online dating in 2018

  • Giant NASA Space Blanket Will Cover This Year’s Burning Man [Hypebeast]
  • The 18 Best New Restaurants in America [Eater]
  • Lyft Announces New Subscription Plan [Refinery29]
28 Jul 2018

Linda Miller Nicholson’s Rainbow of Pastas

“Don’t play with your food.” Isn’t that what all parents say to kids growing up? Well, doesn’t it seem like in 2018, playing with your food is actually the thing to do?! I’m not just talking these beautifully colored pastas, but also things like Museum of Ice cream and even the strangest food combinations that exist today. “Don’t play with your food” can mean a lot of things, but I think playing with it makes eating it that much more enjoyable.

Linda Miller Nicholson starts with fresh from scratch pastas and then combines them with all natural ingredients to give them their vibrant colors. Purple comes from beets and blueberries, yellow from turmeric and green from parsley.

I can’t get enough of these photos and already found myself getting lost in her Instagram.


23 Jul 2018

A Collection Part 51

For those of you who have been following Yow Yow! for years now, you know that these are some of my most intimate posts. Often times, I’m saying more with the images that I select than in the paragraphs I’m writing ahead of the post. For the first time ever, I’ve selected images that come from only one source. I recently discovered a new Tumblr that has become a fast favorite. Worried at first that I wouldn’t have enough material to use or even that the post would be an inaccurate representation of what I was hoping to convey ended up not being a real concern after all.

It has been a week of being completely stress free and living in my moments without having a plan. I think these photos depict an image of that. I think this is what carefree-ness and whimsy looks like and it’s entirely how I’m feeling. In these photos, you’ll notice that there are some up-close shots of a part of a body or detail zoomed in. I may not have known it at the time when I was picking out the photo, but it ended up being more intentional than planned. I wanted to focus and hone in on one thing specifically as opposed to doing the whole “big picture” thing.

Read more “A Collection Part 51”

21 Jul 2018

Ice Cream Books

You can find an Instagram account for just about anything these days! If you’re interested, I’ll begin sharing with you more accounts that I follow! When I first joined Instagram, I loved following all of my favorite bloggers, but over time, there were a few other accounts that tapped into food and lifestyle in ways that I haven’t seen done before. There were accounts that had specific focuses and together – seeing them in my feed created a holistic viewing experience. Other times, there are just accounts that I find delightful. Ice Cream Books is one of them. The accounts features photos with scoops of ice cream smashed onto books which, oddly enough, is incredibly satisfying. Enjoy!

20 Jul 2018

SF Eats: Kama O Deli

If I’m a picky eater, it’s because ramen has made me this way. When it comes to food, I’m usually not that particular, but different kinds of ramen can make me feel some sort of way. If the broth is too creamy or too acidic, it can give me a case of acid reflux. If the egg is too undercooked, I get scared to eat it. And if the corn has to be ordered separately and isn’t included in my bowl or you don’t offer corn at all, expect me to give you the side eye.

Kama O Deli was just around the corner from my work and while people frequent this spot for their poke bowls, their ramen flies under the radar. I’m not sure why because I find it to be delicious and always hitting the spot, but it could also be the fact that it’s hard to find it on their menu. The egg is cooked just right. The broth isn’t too creamy and boasts just the right amount of sodium that I’m looking for. It comes with corn and the piece of pork satisfies the craving I’ve got in the middle of the day. If I’m being honest, I probably hit up Kama twice a week and get their ramen on one day and the poke bowl another. If you’re looking for a new ramen alternative that is somewhat considered a hole-in-the-wall, add Kama to the top of your list.

Beware of the weekday lunch rush though. Arriving at 11:30 or even 1PM will help you avoid some of the longer lines.

20 Jul 2018

Taco Bell Take Out

Top – Everlane / Skort and Coat – Aritzia

Would you believe that 2017 was the year that I had my first taste of Taco Bell?! We were celebrating our CEO’s birthday and what he wanted was a ton of Taco Bell tacos delivered to us. Not one to turn down food, I sampled the Soft Taco Supreme (ground beef) and found joy. For as long as I have grown up in the North West, I’ve been loyal to Taco Time. I still am to this day, but if Taco Time isn’t here, am I wrong for trying to find an alternative? I think not. I feel blessed that there was a Taco Bell located just around the corner from our office which made it a great option when I was in a pinch for lunch.

Was this Taco Bell bag prop intentional? You bet it was. Was my actual lunch in there? Two soft taco supremes and a side of chips and nacho cheese, jealous?



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