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Saucy in Santa Cruz


Top – Brandy Melville / Shorts – Aritzia / Sunglasses – Kate Spade / Scarf – Forever 21 / Booties – Munro (Nordstrom)

Who dis?! We find out that we’re spending a day in Santa Cruz and of course we turned this into a whole outfit thing. In case any of you are wondering, Santa Cruz doesn’t exactly fit that bohemian vibe that we’re attempting here, but that didn’t matter to us, clearly. Over the summer, some of the employees at work wanted to treat our interns out to a fun afternoon in Santa Cruz. I hadn’t been back since winter 2012 so I was pretty excited to spend a hot summer day there. And okay, it’s no Disney Land, but the rides aren’t bad. More importantly, have we mentioned how much we LOVE Skeeball?!

I wasn’t planning on beaching while in Santa Cruz, but this was the perfect outfit for everything else we did that day. Aside from the fact… that we had to take our scarf off during the rollercoaster and my booties got sand in them. Other than that – 100%! I actually haven’t worn this scarf since I had been back in Seattle and even then I had just worn it pretty simply around my neck. Draping it like this was more fun!


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“You Look Very Coachella Today”

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

(ASTR dress, American Apparel pullover, mother’s belt, mother’s shoes, Forever21 headband)

It’s been awhile since we’ve had an outfit post sans Space Helmet, but we’re bringing it back! I don’t think I could have ever pulled this outfit off in Seattle during November, but luckily that’s just not an issue in the Bay. Inspired by an outfit I saw last night on Pinterest, I decided to pair together some of my favorite pieces, but that have never actually been worn together. The last time I wore this dress was when I was wine tasting up in Sonoma, but it’s a pretty perfect dress to wear for any summer wedding. Since I missed my chance, I was determined to find a way to make it into this season somehow. The story about how this dress came to be in my closet is quite interesting. I was shopping for a garden-party themed dress for my going-away, but I didn’t think that it was the most appropriate. While tribal boho chic, it didn’t scream garden party. I must have come back to this dress three-four times during my shopping trip because I couldn’t make up my mind, but ultimately I decided that if it didn’t work out for the party, it might for another occasion. I didn’t regret my decision!

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What We’d Wear To Ring In The New Year 2012

With the holiday parties coming in before New Year’s Eve, we often times forget about what we’re going to wear to the big event. Well, we either forget or it turns out to be a last minute buy and for an event this big, it deserves our attention doesn’t it. Who am I kidding? Even this post is a little bit late because you’re going to be a little bit scrapped for time purchasing a dress now – but hey – I’m here for you. And I’m a hypocrite because I bought my New Year’s Eve dress last Sunday.

I’m sorry.

Let’s get started – we can’t waste anymore time.

Zara Dress with Faux Leather Waist – $49.99

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Holiday Dress Season 2012

Free People Sleeveless Miles of Lace Dress – $128

It’s that time again y’all! Holiday Dress season! Get yourself ready for after Thanksgiving parties, Christmas, and any event in which you are meeting your significant others’ family. It’s a big deal – so your dress should be too.

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Wants: The Day-to-Evening Blouse

Lately, I’ve found myself to be in a slight dilemma. Hi! I’m living a double life! Not really, but I’ve got a day job and a night job (this one!) and that makes things difficult sometimes. Last week, I had two events that I was attending after work which meant that I needed to have outfits that would translate well in the office as well as for where I was headed to in the evening. Turns out, I don’t have a lot of those outfits so now I’m on the hunt – the hunt for something very specific. The appropriate day-to-night blouses!

Let’s go shopping y’all!

Zara Printed Blouse – $59.90

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Oh, So You’re On A Campus Tour?

Every time there is a campus tour going on, I happen to be involved in some activity that is not traditional at all for a normal college student. The first time, I played water wars with Veronica on the patio. Last weekend, we were filming a parody of Dollar Shave. This time…I posed in an outfit as Space Girl. The tour then watched me prance around doing various dance moves in the space helmet.

So here’s my justification in all of this. Yes, it’s a little strange, but if you want to understand in one tour what student life in the wild looks like, then this is it. By me behaving this way, you as the prospective student, can come to the realization that your future campus will let you just be who you are. It also says, “Hey, we breed students who do not care about their appearance/behavior in public.” Oh…just me?

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Easter Monday

Seattle blessed us with yet another sunny day so of course I decided to take advantage of it because who knows how long this will last! Since I was a kid, pink and purple have always been two of my favorite color combinations. I’ve never actually paired these two pieces together until today, but somehow it ended up working out. Since I was worried that the pink and the purple might be a little bit overbearing, I decided to tie it all together with a pair of white denim pants and neutral colored flats borrowed from my mother that now pretty much belong to me.

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Proud Owner:

Spring has sprung in Seattle, therefore, I think that it is justified for me to be purchasing a new pair of shorts. Even though I’m not as much of a girly girl anymore as I was in high school ie) I don’t feel like being covered in pink everything, I still have a soft spot for the color. Every once in awhile, my weakness for it will make me break out the wallet and this time it was on a pair of pink pastel seersucker shorts. Yep, seersucker. The kind of fabric all babies wore in the 90’s. It’s a classic though! Pair it with a tank top, a button up shirt, or a cardigan and you’ve got the ideal outfit perfect for the season. I’m pretty happy with my purchase, but am quickly realizing that I am trying to convince all of you way more than I need to.

Forever21 Seersucker Trouser Shorts

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4 Spring Trends To Try

Smith Button-Front Denim Bustier

1. Bustier Top

Bustier tops have notoriously been known for being a little risque, but when paired with complimentary pieces, they have the ability to make an outfit ultra chic. Pair them with a high skirt for a spring day or shorts for an indie music festival. Denim is a classic piece that goes with just about everything and the same holds true for this denim bustier top.

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The Closet: Feb 2012

J. Crew Crinkle Chiffon Skirt – $118

Whoaaa sorry y’all! I really dropped the ball on this one in not publishing it before the new month, but I’m blaming it on the whole Leap Day thing.

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Dresses For Your Sweet Valentine’s Day Date

Forever 21 Sheer Sleeve Pleated Dress – $27.80

We are in the month of February and love, which means that for the next 13 days, you are going to see a lot of themed posts! I think I may have been the only one excited about Valentine’s today, but hopefully there’s a few of you out there who are on the same page as me. Are you gearing up for a very special evening this holiday and in need of a new dress? Here are some of my favorite picks!

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Ring In The New Year With These Dresses

Anytime alcohol is combined with evening wear, there is a chance of something going wrong. Your biggest concern should not be what you will be wearing the night of New Year’s Eve, but it should be to make sure that the dress is intact and shines throughout the entire night. We all know my personal stance on how alcohol can ruin a decent dress by making you look like a mess so I hope all of you will keep that in mind when you go out this holiday. And remember, the best accessory to wear with your dress is your confidence. A classy lady who knows how to have a good time without being too schwasted is a girl that will turn heads.

Milan Cutout Dress – $58

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Snaps for a Snapshot

Who: Selena Gomez

Wearing: White Moussy blouse top and Forever 21 high-waisted sequin hot pants. Could these be the ones she purchased when she was visiting the Forever 21 in Seattle recently? Need to have these now.

Where: “The Thing” premiere


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